Youfit Prices 2022

As the name suggests, Youfit is health club which caters all the needs of the gym enthusiasts. So, the primary services offered by the Youfit health clubs are personal training with experts, who motivates you to run for extra five minutes on the tread-mill or inspires you to lift some extra weights thus building your strength a notch higher and making you flexible. For this you don’t have to make a hole in your pocket because Youfit prices are very affordable.In case personal training is not your thing, Youfit health club also provides training in group fitness sessions.

Youfit Prices and Service Menu 2022

Have a look at the table given below and get know about the prices for the different memberships at the Youfit health club.

Last Updated: 7 January 2022




Initiation Fee$19.49
Monthly Fee$10.99
Annual Fee$39.49


Initiation Fee$19.49
Monthly Fee$20.99
Annual Fee$79.49



Initiation Fee$0.00
Annual Fee$200.00
Cancellation Fee$10.00


Initiation Fee$0.00
Annual Fee$300.00
Cancellation Fee$10.99

Youfit Opening Hours

Be a member of the Youfit club and sync your schedule with the schedule of the club. You can have a look at the table below, in regards to the same.

Monday 8AM–8PM
Tuesday 8AM–8PM
Wednesday 8AM–8PM
Thursday 8AM–8PM
Friday 8AM–8PM
Saturday 8AM–8PM
Sunday 8AM–8PM

Specializations of YOUFIT

The Youfit health club is all about you, that is, all about looking after the needs of their members. With this philosophy the Youfit club aspires to attend all their members. Thus, a program named Youcoach is run by the club, under this program the member is made available a personal trainer. At the initial stage the member can take a sample workout and take advantage of their membership at Youfit club. The trainers at the Youfit club do not sit back and watch you work out, instead they help you in understanding your own body, and they help you know what’s good for you, what’s not. Motivation is the key to reach your fitness goal in the most effective way. When you train with trainers you can meticulously focus on that body part which is adamantly carrying lumps of calories. Focusing on particular parts of the body and learning the most effective ways of shedding that fat off, can help you get in shape at a very fast pace. Plus, under the prices of Youfit health club membership the trainers will help you in preparing the appropriate diet chart for every day or week in accordance to the workout schedule you are following. After all, intake of right food gives you desired fitness and body.

YouGX is the name of the class format fitness training available at all the centers of Youfit health Club. Under this format the members are indulged in the cardio, yoga, kickboxing, zumba, and weight-lifting, all this available according to the preference of the member without any compellation.

The Youfit health club is not just restricted to the personal training or group fitness sessions, there is much more. At Youfit health club fitness camps are organized, zumba days are celebrated on various occasions like mother’s day where you can gift your mother with a Zumba, earth day is celebrated where the members of Youfit learn to live in harmony with the mother earth. In case you were wondering, all this is available under the very reasonable prices of Youfit health club membership.

Besides all this, Youfit health club runs its own fitness blog under the name of Youniverse, where you can be the part of the fitness journey of the club by sharing your fitness story. At the blog, you can also have access to healthy recipes for fitness and a lot content based on motivation and inspiration, for examples the editorial columns.


When the word Youfit is broken down, the one will get ‘you’ and ‘fit’, that is from where the story of Youfit club started. When the club was started in 2008, the main motive was to develop a space for real people who aspire to be fit and health is their priority. All they need is little guidance and motivation to get back into the shape which was made available under the very genuine price of Youfit health club. So the Youfit genuinely stands out to make “you” “fit” and through this aim, the Youfit has reached out to total 14 states in the United States of America.

History of Youfit

The first Youfit club was opened in 2008, now after 9 years the Youfit health club has set up the chain of health clubs at more than 100+ locations across the United States of America. In the current scenario, the Youfit prices at all of its health clubs centers offer personal training which is available through the Youcoach program and class format fitness training. The class format fitness training namedYouGX is available with many preferences like zumba, kickboxing, yoga, weight-lifting, etc.

Youfit Customer Support

To know about any of our services or in case of any query contact us on the numbers given below.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 888.968.3481

Youfit Headquarter Address & Number

You can also contact us on the address mentioned below.

YOUFIT Health Clubs. 6161 9th Ave. North, St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Youfit Near Me

  • Refer to the map given below to know about the Youfit health club near your place.

Review of YOUFIT

As it is said that the well informed choice is the best choice; so in order to make a well-informed decision and chose Youfit prices for your health and fitness go through the following pros and cons:


Circuit Training is the best

Under the circuit training you learn to get fit with fun. It is about the resistance training with short intervals in order to get maximum effective results. The plus points of circuit training are development of endurance, increase in flow of blood, increase in flexibility, etc.

Choreographed dance heals it all

At Youfit health club you can recreate your day with the choreographed dancing, which not only does sound fun, but also helps in toning your sore muscles on the music beats. This also helps in bursting the stress and thus making you active and productive.

Power of Yoga

Doing the postures of yoga and learning the essence of yoga while making perfect postures are two different things, At Youfit health club you are not only taught how to make your postures better, but you’ll also be taught about the ill effects of making the wrong postures and the benefits of making the perfect posture. Yoga is the answer to the quest of all those who wants to be fit in utter peace with relaxed body and mind.

Friendly staff

At Youfit health club, the staff is not only professional but also friendly who truly renders themselves to the service of the members.


No individual assessment is offered at class format fitness training

At Youfit the personal assessment is only offered under the program of personal training, in class format training one need to look after his improvements, but can always seek assistance from the staff at Youfit.

Difficulty in scheduling the missed classes.