Yogaworks Prices 2022

It is rightly said that a healthy body can possess a healthy mind as the thinking power and job efficiency both increases if you maintain a healthy body and mind. With the progress of technology, these days we can avail different types of fitness facilities that not only make our body fit but also help in achieving a composed mind. Different exercises helps to make your heart strong and improves the blood circulation within our body. Immunity also gets a boost with regular exercises. Indigestion, stress, High sugar levels, blood pressure and more can be controlled with a proper fitness program. Moreover if you want to heal your body from within and want to eradicate the illness from the root then there is nothing better than yoga. Yoga is done not only for the sake of fitness but also increases the inert power of your mind along with relaxing your soul. Yoga is indeed the best remedy which can work incredibly for your holistic being. For better yoga classes from trained professionals you can join Yogaworks. Yogaworks Prices are also reasonable which will allow you to take up classes whenever you want.

Yogaworks Prices and Service Menu 2022

For the detailed pricing table consider this part so that you can easily get a look of the different prices before joining Yogaworks.

Last Updated: 7 January 2022




Initiation Fee$100.49
Monthly Fee$135.49
Per Class$15.49
Cancellation Fee$0.00


Initiation Fee$100.49
Monthly Fee$145.49
Per Class$16.99
Cancellation Fee$0.00


1 Class$28.99


Two Weeks of Unlimited Yoga$25.99

Yogaworks Opening Hours

The timings and slots of the fitness classes are mentioned below. Check them so that you can join Yogaworks according to your convenience.

Specialization of Yogaworks

Yogaworks has a variety of yoga classes that aim in solving health issues through the exercises. This centre also provides a lot of facilities related to health. They conduct various workshops and challenges throughout the year. For example their summer yoga challenge is excellent in providing lessons on yoga for 10 days. The best part of Yogaworks is that they provide both virtual and physical fitness classes to the students. The members can either practice in their studio or can even take help online. Integrated fitness is one of the best parts of this fitness studio. In this type of class, they make you perform yoga that will increase the strength and stamina within your body. Ultimate fitness goals with muscle burning and toning can be done with Bar Works which is a mixed yoga with ballet moves and encouraging music. This workout is best for increasing the flexibility. Pilates are also done in order to get a better body structure and it helps on reshaping your posture. They have trained and best Pilate professionals those who can help you to build strong muscle and can even work towards strengthening your core. For toning your body fully you need the classes related to core where they mostly work to make your core strong, besides maintaining the lower and upper body and that too with intense cardio. Costs of Yogaworks is not extremely high and hence you can choose any of the programs you want from their long list of different yoga. SculptWorks is made for resistance-training and TRX on the other hand is made for a more difficult level of strength training which involves suspension trainers who can always make your fitness a great way to develop strength within your body and courage within your mind. Prices of Yogaworks are great for beginners as well as the professionals.

About Yogaworks

Yogaworks are great for maintaining a healthy body with regular exercises. They conduct a number of workshops and each time attracts more students from their activities. In most of the cases, both the members of the studio as well as people who are interested in yoga come for the workshops. You can choose any location or instructor and time for attaining the workshops. They have also developed their own online App so that you can easily follow them for regular yoga. Prices of Yogaworks also allow you to enjoy different retreats at different exquisite locations. The retreats will allow you to indulge in different yoga and meditation experiences.

History of Yogaworks

Yogaworks believe that yoga can be done by anybody especially for personal growth. The founders of Yogaworks, Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller as well as Alan Finger are the most proficient yoga practitioners who brought their learning right from the places of ancient India. The first studio was opened at Montana Avenue in Santa Monica in the year 1987. From then onwards Yogaworks prices have helped many to join the yoga classes within this studio. With this, yoga gained much popularity through their fitness studio and now thousands of students practice yoga regularly at the different locations of their studio.

Yogaworks Customer Support

The customer support phone number is mentioned so that you can contact them for queries related to fees and timing.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 310-664-6470

Yogaworks Headquarter Address & Number

For the headquarter address of Yogaworks see below to know more.

5780 Uplander Way, Culver City, CA 90230, United States

Yogaworks Near Me

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Review Of Yogaworks

Yogaworks has got some excellent reviews from the customers. There are different clients those who visit the studio regularly in order to keep fit. They have some celebrity clients as well. Besides providing private yoga, they also provide corporate discounts in order to attract more people from the corporate world and help them to stay fit and relieve their stress caused due to work pressure. Yogaworks prices are excellent and thus a good number of new members join the studio every year.

The Pros of the studio are:

Different classes at different locations help people to take up classes at any time they want and hence people can join easily. They can continue the classes as well.

There are some really great trainers who can make you realize the goodness of yoga. They can even heal some of the ailments with ease.

The destination yoga workouts are really great for the people all over the world.

The workshop facilities for the non-members are also excellent and hence a large number of non-members join every year to experience yoga and meditation.

They hardly use any equipment and hence there is less chance of injuries.

Cons of this yoga studio are:

The professional trainers at times are not available when required and hence making it difficult to continue the classes.

The locations they provide are not suitable for everybody who wants to engage into yoga practices. Some people need to travel much in order to get to the nearest yoga studio.

At times choosing the batch becomes more difficult. Because of the increasing number of students, the space often looks inadequate.