YMCA Prices 2022

There are a large number of fitness centres available near and far but to choose the important and most effective one is indeed one of the finest jobs as your whole fitness and well-being absolutely depends on the fitness routine that you maintain. These days with the increasing fitness centres, people also tend to join gyms reflexively but are unaware of the fact that every exercise or equipment is equally suited for all. Every different person has some unique need for which a trained professional is required to swim through the deluge of exercises and fitness regimes and tell you what exercise will suit you and what not. Most importantly it is not just about using the gym equipment and the actual fitness pivots on the fact that how the particular exercise are effective for you and how easily you can shed more fat to stay fit.

YMCA Prices and Service Menu 2022

For getting more information on their fees structure, see the pricing table mentioned below.

Last Updated: 7 January 2022




Initiation Fee$0.00
Monthly Fee$10.99
Referral Rate$0.00

TEEN (13 TO 18)

Initiation Fee$24.99
Monthly Fee$30.99
Referral Rate$24.99


Initiation Fee$69.99
Monthly Fee$37.49
Referral Rate$30.49

ADULT (25 TO 59)

Initiation Fee$69.99
Monthly Fee$56.49
Referral Rate$45.45



Initiation Fee$99.99
Monthly Fee$81.99
Referral Rate$65.99


Initiation Fee$99.99
Monthly Fee$88.49
Referral Rate$71.49


Initiation Fee$69.99
Monthly Fee$53.49
Referral Rate$43.49


Initiation Fee$99.99
Monthly Fee$75.49
Referral Rate$60.49

YMCA Opening Hours

The hours of operation are mentioned below from which you can choose your own timing.

Some people prefer homely fitness routine which is good but for a more specialized training, you need the help of a professional who will make you do all sorts of exercise that will be better for you. Starting from simple equipments to strength training and even athletic training and other sort of extreme workouts are available in most of the gym. You just need to gather information on the different fitness classes and then can join the one that will suit you in terms of timing, fees and of course fitness courses. One such fitness centre which is very popular is the YMCA gym. YMCA prices are also affordable and hence before joining you just need to go through their map in order to find the centre which is located at a convenient distance.

Specialization of YMCA

There are a number of fitness routines that are being followed within YMCA. The expert professional trainers will always help you to get in shape by choosing the best suitable fitness program for you. It is better that you rely more on the trainers than using the gym by your own. There are some extremely innovative and advanced fitness regimes other than the normal classes using the gym equipment. The centre is best for its aquatics. There are a number of water sports that can help one to stay absolutely in shape. Swimming lessons for everyone will encourage you to enjoy the classes besides getting fit. The open pool and absolutely clear water with all the precautionary measures will definitely motivate you to take up swimming classes as one of the part of your fitness routine. There are other aquatic lessons like Aqua Zumba or Aqua Aerobics that you can avail within your membership with the gym. Apart from this, the gym provides personal training facilities that are important for the members. Besides this, they also get personalized nutritional and diet charts to follow so that the members can get in shape within a short span of time. The tailor made activities and routine are absolutely designed so that they suit your physical requirements. The prices of YMCA are also made within the reach of average earners so that anybody can join the gym when they feel. Costs of YMCA will make you avail the finest fitness schedule for yourself.

About YMCA

YMCA provides a wide array of fitness trainings from which a professional can make you do whatever is best for your body. With the help and assistance of the personal trainer, you can always boost your overall fitness. Moreover for a better cardio vigour and to improve your muscle conditions besides building strength with all the strength training activities, the trainers can make you ready for a more powerful training so that you can achieve your health goals. Apart from these and with the aid of the trainers you can easily increase your flexibility and stamina within a short time span. Prices of YMCA gym is absolutely perfect for both the beginners as well as the sportspersons.

History of YMCA

YMCA was introduced in the year 1844 with a few fitness activities. Over the years it has gained much popularity and has also increased its number to 125 national associations. The association includes both members as well as beneficiaries with their strength in million. YMCA prices are no doubt reasonable and hence they attract thousands of members every year to join their association.

YMCA Customer Support

If you have any queries or issues related to the gym, you can contact the customer support executives at the given number.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-800-872-9622

YMCA Headquarter Address & Number

Headquarter address of their fitness centre is mentioned below.

YMCA of the USA. 101 N Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606

YMCA Near Me

From the mentioned maps you can easily find out the locations of the fitness centre which is near you so that you can maintain the regularity of the classes.

Review Of YMCA

YMCA has some of the most proficient trainers who will always hold up your spirit and endurance towards fitness. Starting from basic fitness performances related to yoga, general physical exercises and water therapy, YMCA make it a point to make their members both physically and mentally strong and active. Unlike other fitness centres, they concentrate on therapies related to stress management and anxiety disorders. They believe not only in physical strength but also in mental stability. YMCA prices will never set you back from attaining your fitness goals.

Pros of YMCA:

There is countless number of advantages the gym.

The gym provides baby-sitting for those women who want to make their fitness a regular part of their life.

The pool and aquatic programs are best to relax and refresh.

New swimmers are guarded by the certified lifeguards and hence you can swim without worrying for the safety.

The finest nutritional consultation is available within the gym and you need to make it a priority to maintain your food habits besides exercises as without proper food you may not get the desired fitness results.

After a certain period of time they measure your wellness in order to keep your fitness objectives on track.

Other health related programs like dancing, martial arts as well as gymnastics are also conducted by YMCA.

Cons of YMCA:

They are so large that at times cannot provide more time on a particular member.

Complains about the maintenance of the gym equipments have been made by the members of the gym.

The price or the membership fee amount changes at times making it difficult for the members to understand the actual fee structure.

Cancellation of membership is not absolutely hassle-free.