Xsport Fitness Prices 2022

It is well known and widely accepted today that us humans may be advancing in technology but we are definitely dwindling down in terms of a sound health and almost everyone is facing is issues in maintaining a healthy body. To get more energy for better work and fight those ailments by boosting the immune system, there is no other way than exercising scrupulously. Experts say that only a healthy body can be home to a productive mind. So without any further adieu and pulling the strings of your mind that is still wondering how to attain fitness goals, you must make it a point to join any of the popular gyms or fitness clubs. One such gym that provides excellent facilities and equipments is the Xsport Fitness gym. Even before joining, you can check the Xsport Fitness prices so that you can set the best fitness routine for yourself.

Xsport Fitness Prices and Service Menu 2022

Pricing table of the gym is mentioned below.

Last Updated: 7 January 2022




Initiation Fee$174.49
Monthly Fee$49.49
Cancellation Fee$0.00


Initiation Fee$349.49
Monthly Fee$69.49
Cancellation Fee$0.00



Initiation Fee$174.49
Annual Fee$599.49
Cancellation Fee$0.00


Initiation Fee$349.49
Annual Fee$839.49
Cancellation Fee$0.00

Xsport Fitness Opening Hours

To know more about the hours of operation, see the timing mentioned below.

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

Specializations of Xsport Fitness

Xsport Fitness clubs provide an array of amenities for the clients. The gym is excellent and decked with the finest equipment that are mostly automatic and up-to-dated so that the members can really enjoy their workout routines and that too effectively. The gym has numerous machines and several classes from which you can go for those that will suit your energy level and your timing. A large number of people can exercise within this gym without any hassle as they do not have to wait for their turn to use some particular equipment. They have a few exciting offers throughout the year and mostly during vacations. They have almost all sort of major fitness classes starting from Zumba, kickboxing, yoga and more. They not only provide physical fitness classes but also provide some relaxing spa facilities so that any member can relax and rejuvenate after a hardcore exercise and strength training. Members can avail the spa facilities whenever required with prior appointments. The interior within the gym is extremely gorgeous and well-maintained. The prices of Xsport Fitness are created in a way so that no one should feel the prices to be high and out of their budget. The friendly staff of the gym will always help you to resolve your queries and the professional trainers will try to customize the perfect fitness routine for the clients so that the one can achieve fitness goals effectively. You just need to check out the membership fees before joining as they may change over the time. Costs of Xsport Fitness will definitely help you to try out some amazing fitness classes apart from your scheduled fitness package.

About Xsport Fitness

One of the amazing features is the personal training classes within which you can easily get to choose your exercise timing and can really make a great difference in the process of becoming more active and fit. The personal trainers will make you work in a way that you have not ever thought of. The training they provide can make you so efficient in fitness that you can carry out various workouts by your own. There is a free trial to this so that you can make your mind for the desired routines. There are different types of group fitness classes like the cardio, cycling, aqua fitness, strength training, strength stretch, dance and yoga for body and mind. These classes are included within the membership fees and the gym will not charge extra money for the same. The gym is open for the whole year and for all the seven days a week. Prices of Xsport Fitness also includes boot-camps at different outdoor locations so that the members can really enjoy some outdoor fitness classes other than the normal ones.

History Of Xsport Fitness

Xsport Fitness was founded in the year 2002 and till then they provide fitness in different locations like Chicago, Virginia and New York. Xsport Fitness clubs come under the company of Xsport Fitness Inc. Apart from the fitness centres, they have other business too. From the very beginning of their gyms, the company has earned tremendous reputation in the field of fitness. Xsport Fitness prices are also made in a way so that no one feels it to be out of the budget while paying the gym fees.

Xsport Fitness Customer Support

The phone number to get any sort of assistance from the customer care executives is mentioned below.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-877-417-1450

Xsport Fitness Headquarter Address & Number

Headquarter address is also mentioned so that you can get assistance from them if required.

Ridge Plaza, 960 West Dundee Road Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004, United States

Xsport Fitness Near Me

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Review Of Xsport Fitness

There are both pros and cons of the fitness centre. To some the gym is extremely helpful in terms of services they provide but some complain about lack of infrastructure. With every factor the gym is a place for the members who can avail fitness on a routine basis. The part of group training has also made the gym to attain its popularity. The other classes or the extra classes for group fitness can be done if you get some more time other than the normal gym classes. Kettlebell, boxing and other extra fitness are available within the gym. Besides all these, Xsport Fitness prices will definitely allow the members to take up any sort of fitness challenge and burn the calories. Now here are the advantages and disadvantages of the gym.

Pros of Xsport Fitness:

Customised workout programs are better in terms of getting extra care to attain the fitness goal. The trainers are very supportive and provide some of the best methods to make your fitness work efficiently for you.

They follow the workout techniques which are advanced and hence you will experience something new every now and then. This will not allow the boredom of gym to cut down your enthusiasm.

A full plan of nutritional plan with proper diets will be given so that you can shed extra pounds easily. Every plan is different depending on the individual needs.

Cons of Xsport Fitness:

Among the cons of the gym, it is found that there are not many location and some people find it far away from their convenient distance.

The membership for extra classes is often charged high and hence some people do not avail them.

At times some of the equipment are not functional and they take long to repair those that are not working.

Cancellation of the membership is a bit difficult process for most of the members.