World Gym Prices 2022

Have you ever wondered looking at the perfect physique of the celebrities as to how did they manage to acquire and maintain it? Do you yearn for that beautiful sculpted body? Lucky you, you have stumbled upon the right spot. World Gym is the place where many celebrities have also tried their workouts. It is the special equipments and trained staff that has made World Gym a world renowned name. But the World Gym prices are sufficiently low so that no one is left behind and everybody can achieve their fitness dream.

World Gym Prices and Service Menu 2022

If you are on a search mission of finding out the pricing list for World Gym then you have landed in the right place. This section will help you encounter an extensive list consisting of the prices of Total Fitness.

Last Updated: 7 January 2022




Initiation Fee$20.49
Monthly Fee$19.49
Cancellation Fee$75.99
12 Month ContractYes


Initiation Fee$20.99
Monthly Fee$34.49
Cancellation Fee$75.99
12 Month ContractYes


Initiation Fee$0.00
Monthly Fee$30.49
Cancellation Fee$75.49
12 Month ContractOptional


Initiation Fee$49.49
Annual Fee$5.00 per visit
Cancellation Fee$75.49

World Gym Opening Hours

Becoming a part of the gym that has been the likes of people like Arnold Schwarzenegger will definitely be a golden experience. So just take a look at the given time table to match your schedule with the working hours of World Gym centers so that you never miss any appointment.

Specializations of World Gym

The globally renowned fitness chain World Gym is known for defining and upholding the virtues of true fitness excellence. There are over 200 locations so far where World Gym has made its mark and is continuing to do even better every day. They work on the concept of franchisee building with strong commitment towards quality fitness training that has increased brand value of World Gym over the years. The owners of World Gym and top management work in sync to help improve the business constantly. All this with high premium service is provided but the prices of World Gym is still a modest one.

World Gym is actually true to its name and thus has most of the state of the art equipments for everyone to work out and gain strength efficiently. They offer numerous gymnasium services such as exercise classes, fitness and exercise facilities, special training in mixed martial arts to help you get a flexible body. Then there are other training such as kickboxing and boxing along with body building. This humungous variety is offered at a very subtle range and hence the prices of World Gym encourage even more people to join. The folks at World Gym also know that without proper nutrition the road to fitness. That’s why they even look after your nutrition needs to help you with realizing your goal of a healthier you. Not only this, they offer products such as workout gear that includes water bottles, accessories, gym clothing, sports bags, water bottle and a lot more merchandise. World Gym has actually given a new dimension to competitive fitness arena by holding several contests and exhibitions round the year for mixed martial arts, bodybuilding and athletics. Such activities promote and popularize fitness to become a lifestyle choice rather than just a trendy fad.

The business model of World Gym is really a profitable one that encourage a lot more people to become a part of their franchise. Their services are wholesome as they provide both offline and online marketing facilities to help franchise members to proliferate their business adding value to World Gym Brand. They are often negotiating and getting best deals from quality vendors to install latest equipments that are more powerful and highly efficient which has obviously translated into better services. They are constantly upgrading and adding new programs to provide fitness freaks with novel and innovative services.

About World Gym

World Gym is the pioneer when it comes to providing world class services in the fitness industry. It has made fitness to become a lifestyle choice and thus is contributing to making people live healthier lives. Right from its establishment by Joe Gold, World Gym has been a favorite choice among the celebrities for their fitness needs. They have managed to build a trust among the masses that they are the leader of the pack when it comes to body building. The equipments, the complex, and the staff everything makes World Gym to be the favorite choice of the common people too. All this and yet the prices of World Gym is sufficiently low. That said, everyone is welcomed at World Gym to become part of this unique fitness community.

History of World Gym

World Gym holds a unique story within its name. It was established by Joe Gold in 1976 with its first centre in the Venice Beach, California. But before that Joe Gold had already tasted success with his first fitness venture which was known as Gold’s Gym. Due to some reasons he sold the gym and the right’s to it’s name. Later on, he jumped back into the same business and began the new franchise named World Gym. Joe Gold was first of the few men who shaped the fitness industry and was the ringleader of the Muscle Beach. Many famous names such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dave Draper associated with World Gym. This gym was unique as all the equipments installed here were handcrafted by Joe Gold himself for which he was highly appreciated by the fitness community. It is now owned by Cammilleri family but the spirit of Joe Gold’s fitness mantra is still intact in the World Gym’s operation.

World Gym Customer Support

The amicable staff of World Gym will never turn you down and always solve your problems. Contact the mentioned number to get all your issues resolved within minutes.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-603-742-4443

World Gym Headquarter Address & Number

Drop in at the World Gym on the given address to avail the facility.

1901 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 1100, Los Angeles, CA 9006,7, United States

World Gym Near Me

  • All it will take for you is to take the first step, try World Gym by finding the nearest centre using the given map and enjoy your fitness journey.

Review of Total Fitness

The information about the World Gym prices is scarce. Apart from the prices of World Gym, there is little that you will find about the actual quality of service. The review here will reflect the true picture of the World Gym services. Take a quick glance on the list to make a choice that you won’t regret. The given list has been carefully constructed to let you know about all the factors to help you make an informed choice.

The pros-

Trained and knowledgeable staff- The staff there knows how to train and guide at all times

Good variety of equipments- The equipments installed at the facility are all high end and really powerful

Group exercise available- Exercising in group is fun so that provision is also there for the people who love to do activities in a group.

Clean and hygienic Sauna- The sauna is always kept neat and clean so you can enjoy there and relax after a nice workout.


Faulty functioning of Air Conditioner- There are sometimes when the AC gets faulty and the heat in the gym increases

Subscription cancellation process is cumbersome- The subscription process is a long process as it’s contract based

Customer Service is a bit mediocre- Sometimes customer service is not of very good quality