WingStop Prices 2022

If you are a hot chicken-wing lover then Wing Stop prices is definitely your one hub stop. With its exuberant notorious flavors and mouth-watering side items, Wing Stop prices brings to you a heart and soul satisfying food joint of hot chicken wings. Whether you are looking for mildly sautéed classic chicken wing or a spicy Asian treat, this joint takes pride in serving the best of the best food to its customers, not just across the nation but globally. While most food joints flood their menus with overbearing food items, WingStop prices chose to keep it hot and simple! The 12 flavored hot wings alongside its crew of side-coolers comes to the aid of the starving taste buds of chicken crazy heads. They have devoted themselves to serve the best and fresh wings, from solo flavors to combo meals and relish upon their customers the ultimate zest of the hot chicken-wing craze, set apart of everyone!

WingStop Prices and Service Menu 2022

You can find the pricing table of WingStop prices to check out what they offer.

Last Updated: 5 January 2022


Individual Combos

Boneless & Classic Wings (6-pieces)$7.49
Boneless & Classic Wings (8-pieces)$8.49
Boneless & Classic Wings (10-pieces)$9.49
Chicken Strips (3 piece combo)$6.49
Chicken Strips (5 piece combo)$8.49
Glider Sandwich Combo (2-piece combo)$7.49

Family Packs

25 Pack - All Boneless,Large Fries,Veggie Sticks, 3 Flavors & 3 Dips,3 Fresh Yeast Rolls$21.49
30 - Mix and Match,Large Fries,Veggie Sticks, 3 Flavors & 3 Dips$26.49
35 Pack - All Boneless,Large Fries, Large Side,2 Orders of Veggie Sticks, 4 Flavors & 4 Dips,6 Fresh Yeast Rolls$27.49
40 Pack - Mix and Match,Large Fries,2 Veggie Sticks,4 Flavors & 4 Dips$33.49
50 Pack - Mix and Match,Large Fries,Large Side,2 Orders of Veggie Sticks,4 Flavors & 4 Dips$41.49
100 Pack - Mix and Match,Large Fries,3 Large Sides,4 Orders of Veggie Sticks,4 Flavors & 8 Dips$78.99

Meals for Two

Boneless & Classic Wings (15 piece combo)$16.49
Chicken Strips (10 piece combo)$17.99

By The Piece


Atomic, Cajun, Original Hot, Louisiana Rub, Mild, Hickory Smoked BBQ, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, Hawaiian and Teriyaki

Boneless & Classic Wings - Up to 2 Flavors (10 piece)$7.49
Boneless & Classic Wings - Up to 2 Flavors (15 piece)$11.99
Boneless & Classic Wings - Up to 2 Flavors (20 piece)$14.49
Boneless & Classic Wings - Up to 3 Flavors (30 piece)$22.49
Boneless & Classic Wings - Up to 4 Flavors (50 piece)$35.49
Boneless & Classic Wings - Up to 4 Flavors (75 piece)$52.49
Boneless & Classic Wings - Up to 6 Flavors (100 piece)$71.99
Chicken Strips - 1 Flavor (4 piece)$5.49
Chicken Strips - 1 Flavor (7 piece)$8.49
Chicken Strips - 1 Flavor (16 piece)$19.49
Chicken Strips - 1 Flavor (24 piece)$28.49
Chicken Strips - 1 Flavor (32 piece)$37.49
Glider Sandwiches - 2 Flavors (2 sandwiches)$5.99
Glider Sandwiches - 2 Flavors (4 sandwiches)$9.49
Glider Sandwiches - 2 Flavors (6 sandwiches)$14.49


Fresh Cut Seasoned Fries (Reg)$1.99
Fresh Cut Seasoned Fries (Large)$3.99
Cheese Fries (Reg)$2.99
Cheese Fries (Large)$3.99


Bourbon Baked Beans, Cole Slaw or Potato Salad (Reg)$1.99
Bourbon Baked Beans, Cole Slaw or Potato Salad (Large)$3.99
Veggie Sticks$1.79
Dips (Reg)$1.99
Dips (Large)$3.99
Hot Cheddar Cheese Sauce (Reg)$1.89
Hot Cheddar Cheese Sauce (Med)$1.99
Hot Cheddar Cheese Sauce (Large)$3.99
Fresh Baked Yeast Rolls (1)$1.99
Fresh Baked Yeast Rolls (6)$3.99
Fresh Baked Yeast Rolls (12)$5.99


Soft Drinks/Tea (20-oz)$1.99
Soft Drinks/Tea (32-oz)$2.99
Domestic Beer$3.99
Premium Beer$3.99


Add a Flavor$1.99
Add 5 Boneless$3.49
Add 5 Classic$3.49

WingStop Opening Hours

If you want to check out their serving hours, you can check it right below.

Monday 10.30AM–12AM
Tuesday 10.30AM–12AM
Wednesday 10.30AM–12AM
Thursday 10.30AM–12AM
Friday 10.30AM–12AM
Saturday 10.30AM–12AM
Sunday 10.30AM–12AM

Specializations of Wingstop

When it comes to feisty and luxurious chicken-wings, WingStop Inc. have emerged as the pioneer in the food joint business. Excelling to perfection, the WingStop Inc. sets the bar high for both its contemporary rivals as well as its customers crediting to its flamboyant food and ambience. Set as a nostalgic aviation theme based fast food casual restaurant, WingStop takes you an inch closer to the “pre-jet” aviation era of the 1930s and 1940s, which works as an additional hypnotic needle for the history loving aficionados. Despite being well known for their chicken, they also serve their famous scrumptious and crunchy French fries, glider sandwiches, 2 meal combos and family packs.

Coming to its flavors, from exotic ping of Mango Habanero- a 4.0 on their spice chart to the Classic Hot Wings- which retains the true wing flavors despite being incredibly spicy, prices of WingStop serves you all. And for those who love it mild and regular style, they have Classic Mild Wings which won’t burn your palette out. Their ultimate hot wing weapon, Atomic- rated as the spiciest of all chicken wings on the list, is just not a feast for your food palette but also for your eyes. The hot sauce, with chilly and pepper flakes all around, dripping off the boneless wing might even burn your bones out. This hot and savory food item is not recommended for the “chicken-hearted”. The list doesn’t end here! They go on to master the world of Asian cuisine with their perfectly balanced flavors of Spicy Korean Q. Louisiana Rub is another feather on their hat which is brought to you by the Cajun creation.

And wait, that’s not it! Their side coolers like potato salad, mushroom fritters and coleslaw crisp veggie sticks will take you in their comforting flavors when your taste buds are burning out from all the hot wings. Most important of all, if you think that the zingy feast will burn a hole in your pocket then you need to shed off those thoughts real fast because prices of WingStop brings to you all these lip smacking sumptuous meal in the most affordable range. Moreover, with over 1000 outlets all over the world, one can find a WingStop outlet near you anytime, just pick up your phone and locate them or order online.

About WingStop

Driven by the desire to redefine food experience, WingStop Prices take pride in giving a flavor experience rather than being in the wing business. Scaling the food experience a notch up, WingStop prices is committed to serve the chicken lovers to their core by providing the fresh and the best-toppled by a unique theme ambience-makes them a desirable food joint to stop by. Even the famous personalities, like Tony Neal, come by this joint to fulfil their craving of perfectly blended spicy food.They keep their business up and running by giving out club memberships, gift cards and open investment options.

History of Wingstop

Whatbegan as a regular buffalo-style chicken wing restaurant,since 1994, grew up to be one of the feistiest food joint was WingStop prices. Never indulging in the business of serving precooked meals and making comparatively less oily food, WingStop prices became a fan favorite of Texas population and soon spread its wings in every corner of the country. Their first franchise was set up in 1997 and past that year WingStop has stood out as a legend in the field of food industry by setting up more than 1000 outlets across the globe including Mexico. Singapore, UAE and the Philippines. Surely it won’t be inaccurate to say that WingStop has taken food lover under its wings!

WingStop Customer Support

In case of any query, you can contact them on given number or mail them on given email address.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: +1-877-975-2857

WingStop Headquarter Address & Number

5501 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Dallas, TX 75240

WingStop Near Me

  • You can locate the nearest outlet on your smartphone and order online or just walk-in.


With its wings fanning out globally, WingStop prices have overshadowed most of the contemporary food joints and has graded up the food experience by many scales. They have mastered themselves in serving fresh and piping hot food. The availability of wide variety of chicken snacks and food meals surely allures a vast population of food lovers. Nonetheless, when you visit or order from them anytime soon, just have a few things up in your mind:


Freshly Prepared food: You can forget about the quality of your wings being compromised or of experiencing any staleness in your food because your wings are fried fresh only once the order is received. Thus, their commitment to health is never at risk.

Low oil food: despite giving you such a satisfying flavor experience, they keep in mind the oil content in the food. The wings are never double fried or microwaved, it’s all freshly fried and hot served.

Side coolers: they don’t just limit themselves in main course food, their side dishes would definitely add a kick to your food like the Mushroom fritters or their famous French Fries.


Late Deliveries: The freshness of their food sometimes cost them a hike, their quid pro quo between serving fresh and managing time often makes their food deliveries late.

Expensive: Sometimes their commitment to providing flavor experience might be a bit too much for someone’s pockets. If the food here has touched its glorious height then the prices of some commodities are sky rocketing too.

All in all, WingStop prices is definitely a place for you to visit if you want to relinquish all your taste buds in one bite.