Willy’s Catering Prices 2022

If you’re looking for a decent restaurant to enjoy a decent Mexican meal, then stop right there and come running to the Willy’s restaurant. These restaurants are known for their excellent Burritos. When you talk about authentic Mexican cuisine, this place is the heaven. Besides Burritos you can enjoy their delectable tacos, crispy nachos with garlic steak, scrumptious quesadillas, and amazing salads. The ambience is kept very simple and the environment is set very peaceful and casual. The atmosphere has a subtle Mexican vibe, but the décor is not Mexican themed; everything is set too simple and subtle.

Willy’s Catering Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices at Willy’s Catering, refer to the table given below.



Bars & Platters (min 10)

Fajita Bar$10.19/person
Taco Bar$8.49/person
Burrito Platter$8.29/person
Quesadilla Platter$7.39/person
Nacho Bar with Choice of Meat$7.99/person
Nacho Bar without meat$5.99/person

Extras by the Person

Cheese Dip (min 10)$1.49/person
Guacamole (min 5)$1.39/person
Side Salad (min 4)$2.99/person
Sour Cream (min 5)$0.99/person
Rice (min 5)$0.99/person
Black Beans (min 5)$0.79/person
Pinto Beans (min 5)$0.79/person
Peppers and Onions (min 10)$0.99/person
Lettuce (min 5)$0.99/person
Adobe Chicken (min 5)$2.79/person
Sinaloa Chicken (min 5)$2.79/person
Cilantro-Garlic Steak (min 5)$3.29/person
Chipotle Pork (min 5)$2.79/person
Marinated Tofu (min 5)$2.79/person


Cookie Tray (min 10)$1.00/person
Sopapillas with Chocolate Sauce - Small Tray (serves 10)12
Sopapillas with Chocolate Sauce - Large Tray (serves 20)24


Sweet Tea, served with Ice and Cups$8.00/gallon
Unsweet Tea, served Ice and Cups$8.00/gallon
Willy's Homemade Lemonade, served with Ice and Cups$12.00/gallon
Arnold Palmer, served Ice and Cups10
Rasberry Lemonade, served Ice and Cups13
Mango Lemonade, served Ice and Cups13
Prickley Pear Lemonade, served Ice and Cups13
Canned Sodas (Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Diet Coca-Cola, Sprite)1.99
Bottled Water$1.79/person


Chipotle Ranch - Pint4
Lite Tomatillo Ranch - Pint4
Southwest Vinaigrette - Pint4
Pickled Jalapenos, Pint2
Fresh Jalapenos, Pint2
Cut Limes, Pint4
Cut Lemons, Pint4
Cilantro, Pint3
Black Olives - Pint3
Chopped Tomatoes - Pint2
Cole Slaw - Pint3
Cucumbers - Pint2
Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese - Pint4


Corn Salsa - Pint4
Habanero Salsa - Pint4
Chipotle Salsa - Pint4
Pico de Gallo - Pint4
Tomatillo Salsa - Pint4
Chili d'Arbol, bottle4


Tortilla Chips8
6" Flour Tortillas, by the Dozen3
Hard Taco Shells, by the Dozen3
10" Flour Tortillas, by the Dozen4
12" Flour Tortillas, by the Dozen5

Gift Cards

Gift Card 55
Gift Card 1010
Gift Card 1515
Gift Card 2020
Gift Card 2525
Gift Card 5050


Willy's Hat10
Promotional T-Shirt5
White T-Shirts10
Red T-Shirt10

Last Updated: 1 January 2022

While you’re here, you should not miss their Chipotle pork Tacos, cheesy quesadillas with some sour cream. You should also try their cilantro nachos with guacamole and Baja Burrito, etc. There are various delicious options for the vegetarians too, like veggie Burrito, veggie quesadillas, veggie tacos, Willy’s salad, etc. The sides section is kept really basic but delectable, it includes cheese dips with chips or chips with guacamole. Willy’s restaurant also serves a separate menu for the kids availed at amazing deals. You can enjoy all this at very affordable Willy’s prices.

Phone Number For Customer Support

What do you think about the Mexican cuisine served here? Do you think there should be more Mexican dishes added to the menu? Do you any suggestions for the combination of any other cuisine with the Mexican cuisine? If so, then tell us about every opinion of yours. Use the following contact details and call us up.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: +1 404-252-6366

Headquarter Address

Now you can also contact Willy’s Corporate Office headquartersregarding all your queries and suggestions. Use the contact information written below and tell the consumer support team about all the feedbacks you have regarding Willy’s restaurants. If you recently didn’t have a good time here and have some suggestions to make the next dining experience of yours better; then contact Willy’s Headquarters. The consumer support executive will personally attend you regarding the same.

1876 Defoor Ave NW # 6, Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 351-8883

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It’s almost 2 decades that Willy’s restaurants have been pleasing people around the United States by rolling hundreds of burritos every day. The founder of this famous restaurant chain, Willy Bitter was and still is very fond of Mexican cuisine. While travelling to different parts of the world, Bitter discovered some amazing Burritos that tasted like little drops of Mexican heaven. The flavors of these Burritos were too authentic to not to bring back to the home. Mr. Willy did the same; he came to North Carolina, and set up this restaurant chain in Atlanta. This passion of the Willy Bitter towards the Mexican food was the reason that today we get to eat such amazing Mexican food. The staff members at Willy’s restaurants are like a family and they treat the customers like one of the member of their family. That’s why you will find the environment here to be very warm and friendly. You can experience all this at very amazing prices of Willy’s.

Review of WILLY’S

It’s important to go through the reviews about a place or restaurant before visiting one. These reviews help us in knowing the services and prices of the place better. So read the pros and cons to know more about Willy’s prices.


No matter how many times you come dining at these restaurants, you will always find the incredible taste of the burritos to be same. This consistency is always maintained which has caught a lot of people under the spell of its amazing flavors.


The Drinks section at Willy’s restaurant has very few and basic options like Iced Tea, fountain drinks, etc. This is quite disappointing.

To know more, visit their official website http://willys.com