Vue Cinema Prices 2022

Vue Cinemas is a private company settled on the idea of entertainment. Be it cinemas, or opera, ballet, sports, Vue theatres has everything to offer and entertain all sorts of enthusiast. It is the answer to the all sort of entertainment quest. It is a leading brand known all across the world. If entertainment is the luxury you choose, then Vue Cinemas is the spot to provide this luxury. With Dolby sound system, 4K Sony projectors projecting pristine images on IMAX and 3D screens, there is nothing else you’ll ask for, well of course a bag of popcorns. Vue cinemas take care of all. The most amazing part is that all this made available through not-so-rocketing-high Vue cinema prices.

Vue Cinema Prices and Service Menu 2022

Keep yourself informed with the prices at Vue cinemas, by having a good look at the table given below.

Last Updated: 7 January 2022



Children (2-12 years)£7.79 - £8.99
Teen (13-18)£8.29 - £9.49
Student (with valid ID)£8.79 - £9.99
Adult (19+)£9.99 - £11.49
Senior (60+)£8.79 - £9.99
Family (4)£33.16 - £35.99


Children (2-12 years)£6.79 - £7.99
Teen (13-18)£7.29 - £8.49
tudent (with valid ID)£7.79 - £8.99
Adult (19+)£8.79 - £9.99
Senior (60+)£7.79 - £8.99
Family (4)£27.16 - £31.49


Children (2-12 years)£8.59 - £10.95
Teen (13-18)£9.29 - £10.95
Student (with valid ID)£9.79 - £10.99
Adult (19+)£11.59 - £13.49
Senior (60+)£9.79 - £10.99
Family (4)£35.16 - £39.99


Children (2-12 years)£7.79 - £9.49
Teen (13-18)£8.29 - £9.49
Student (with valid ID)£8.79 - £10.49
Adult (19+)£10.39 - £12.49
Senior (60+)£8.79 - £10.49
Family (4)£31.16 - £37.95

Vue Cinema Opening Hours

We don’t want you to miss your movie, so we have provided you with the table that tells you about the hours of operation at the Vue cinemas.

Specializations of VUE CINEMAS

The specialties of Vue cinemas are not just restricted to providing world class luxurious experience at movie watching, but there is more to it. Vue cinemas not only showcase digital motion pictures, but also promote national theatre, musicals, event cinema, opera, ballet, etc. It is the home arena to several concerts, sports events, championship, etc.

Vue cinemas have always taken keen interest in the technology. The theatres of Vue cinemas are constantly being upgraded to the latest technology. All the theatres under Vue Cinemas use Dolby audio system, Sony 4K projectors, and big HD screens ranging from IMAX to Gold class screens. The seating in the halls have been upgraded to the recliners which are meant to deliver the VIP experience.

In case you were curious to know that which theatrical jointwas the first to introduce the concept of single point of sale, then Vue cinemas will cater your inquisitive head. Before Vue Cinemas gained prominence in the market, WaBITSticketing system was used. But, after Vue cinemas was established and concept of box office was introduced. This was the huge relief to the customers as the new system allowed the customers to buy tickets with ease at cinemas at any retail system.

Besides, motion pictures, opera, ballads, Vue cinemas I the current scenario organizes e-games too. The first eSports arena in UK was built by Vue cinemas. The arena had 600 seats and till now it is used to host the e-gaming events. The one would not be surprised to know that over years in the pursuit of making movie experiencing better and rendering their services in this regards well, the Vue cinemas has acknowledged itself with many award like, Cinema Exhibitor of the year, International Exhibitor of the year, etc. Besides all these achievements and achievements the prices of Vue cinemas are always kept revised according to their customers and the market.


Vue cinema has firmly established its foot in the Europe as the leading brand in the cinema. Under founder Timothy Richards (CEO) and Alan McNair (CFO) Vue cinemas are committed to deliver the best experience in movie watching since 14 years. The big screen movie experience is just not limited to 3D screens or IMAX screens, the Vue cinemas also own extreme screens, gold class screens and scene screens and bars. With the stadium style seating, the Vue theatres use Sony projectors to produce images of 4K quality. All these luxuries are available at very affordable price of Vue Cinemas.

History of VUE CINEMAS

Vue Cinemas was established in the year 2003, when Warner Village Cinemas was purchased by SBC cinemas. The founder of the cinemas was Timothy Richards, who aligned the Vue cinemas on the path of accomplishment by purchasing various established cinemas chains, like Ster century, etc. The company also opened their various cinemas at new Westfield Stratford City. In the year 2012, Vue cinemas became the third largest in the UK in the Cinemas business after Apollo was purchased by Vue. This didn’t halt the journey of the Vue cinemas; it continued expanding its empire and included many screens under itself like, Multikino, The Space Cinema, JT Bioscopen, etc. In the current scenario the company owns 80+ cinemas, which includes more than 800 screens approximately out which 250+ screens are 3D. Despite, being the third largest cinema business in the UK, the Vue cinema prices are designed according the pockets of every individual.

Vue Cinema Customer Support

Reach us on the number mentioned below in case of any query or support.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 0345 308 4620

Vue Cinema Headquarter Address & Number

You can also contact us on the below mentioned address.

10, Chiswick Park, 566 Chiswick High Rd, Chiswick, London W4 5XS, UK
+44 871 224 0240

Vue Cinema Near Me

See which Vue cinemas are near you by using the map provided below.


Refer to pros and cons given below to have a better insight about the Vue Cinema prices and movie-experiencing.


As soon as you place your foot inside, you will smell luxury

Vue multiplex are all about comfort, as soon as you will enter a multiplex of Vue Cinema, an air of luxury will right hit your face, providing you best experience in movies.

Best sound quality system

At Vue cinemas you will get nothing other than Dolby 5.1K and 4K sound systems that will deeply enter your ears making your heart pound and jump with surprise.

The staff is very friendly

You will find Vue cinemas very accommodating, one it comes to the staff at the Vue Cinemas. The staff appointed At Vue is very polite and always standing on their heels to solve your queries and render their services to you.

Experience at Vue cinemas is very Immersive.

Well, why wouldn’t that be, when you are provided with screens like IMAX, Gold screens, 3D. At Vue cinemas while you’re watching your favorite movie, the quality of images and the massive size of the screens it is displayed upon will highly immerse you in the movie, making you feel like you’re a part of it.


Prices seems high, no normal screen or average movie experience is provided.

Prices may seem high to all those people, who aren’t exactly termed as movie-enthusiasts or movie-maniacs, because the price of the movie tickets are very well adjusted to the luxurious experience provided by the Vue theatres, which won’t appeal to the taste of every one.

There is no in-seat service provide at the Vue Cinemas.

Like other theatres providing the VIP experience as if you’re flying first class. But, at Vue theatres there is nothing like that you’re provided with.