Virgin Active Prices 2022

Any sort of sports or exercise that you include in your daily routine will definitely pave your way towards healthy body and sound mind. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we miss out on various essentials that are required to keep ourselves fit and thus invite different diseases that make our immune system weak. But if we follow some basic to rigorous exercise routine then we can definitely make a difference. Hence joining a gym that is well- equipped and supported by professional trainers can make our daily life more energetic. One such popular gym is Virgin Active where we can attain our goal with the help of trainers and thus can expect an improved and healthy future. Virgin Active Prices are rational so that people with low budget can also make the gym a regular place for enhanced workout. Every work needs motivation and in Virgin Active what boost you is the environment and the enthusiasm that create every member an active participant.

Virgin Active Prices and Service Menu 2022

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Last Updated: 7 January 2022



£ 55 Joining fee£ 139/ month


£ 101 Joining fee£ 199/ month


£ 79 Joining fee£ 99.99/ month

Virgin Active Opening Hours

To know more about their hours of operation in order to take up classes according to your convenience, check the details mentioned below.

Specialization of Virgin Active

The best part of Virgin Active is that you can get a free trial of the gym classes before paying the full admission fee. You can easily get the details of the gym from the professionals available at the centres. The centre is well known for the several innovative ways that they introduce now and then for making the workout classes even more energetic and fun. They are a bit ahead of the traditional fitness procedures and believe in the fact that one can shed weight through motivational workout sessions and not through boring and same paced fitness moves. You will get active in different ways and do not have to stick to the same schedule for days. New techniques of workout even help the members of the gym to get more in shape and at a faster pace. Personalized fitness plans work best for the clients as every individual is different from one another so are their body structures and metabolism. Hence within the mentioned prices of Virgin Active, one can undergo various methods of losing weight and staying fit. The most amazing part of the gym is their club experience where the people can come and rejuvenate. They have the best decorated and fully equipped customized treatment rooms as well as Pilates studio which can encourage the members to a greater extent for joining the gym. Costs of Virgin Active are always kept within range so that the people do not have to think twice before joining the gym.

About Virgin Active

Virgin Active is familiar with many people and thus they do not need to advertise much. The gym always makes it a point that the members should learn how to live a better life away from all physical and mental stress. Prices of Virgin Active are designed in such a way that people can join without paying more from their pocket. The importance of the fitness centre lies in the fact that they are very strict when it comes to diet and they make a suitable nutritional plan which is required to be followed to get rid of weight and stress. They also provide pools that are absolutely neat and clean and thus encourage the swimmers to practice safely. Personal training as well as group exercise classes are much popular among the members. The club experience that you will obtain from Virgin Active is simply astounding, here you can also engage in workouts like yoga, personal training besides weight and strength training. They provide everything and talk much about different fitness programs. They are only meant for improving your overall health condition

History of Virgin Active

The gym or fitness centre of Virgin Active was initiated in the year 1999 in Lancashire. It came as the part of Virgin Group formed by Richard Branson. Y the end of the year 2005, this fitness company expanded itself and owned 25 clubs in United States, apart from South Africa and in the continent of Europe. Virgin Active Prices are satisfactory for the clients and hence they can easily take up any of the fitness classes provided by the gym. Virgin Active has gained extreme reputation and high recognition since its foundation.

Virgin Active Customer Support

If you have a query or some requests, you can talk directly to the customer support executives over the number mentioned below.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 0207 717 9000

Virgin Active Headquarter Address & Number

Check their headquarter address here.

Virgin Active Limited, 100 Aldersgate Street, London, EC1A 4LX
0207 717 9000

Virgin Active Near Me

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Review of Virgin Active

Virgin Active is one of the biggest and finest fitness clubs within US. They experience a larger footfall than any other common gyms. Often one or the other centre is being visited and is being supervised so that the clients can get full satisfaction from their services. Other than these, they concentrate more on what you eat, how you eat and when you eat because all these factors are responsible for effective weight loss. Virgin Active prices on the other hand are absolutely pocket-friendly.

Pros of the gym are:

The professional trainers are extremely helpful in solving your health related issues.

The timing of the gym is good for the members to join at any time of the day.

The equipment they use for exercises are advanced and well-organized.

They provide a number of fitness programs to choose from and hence you can take up what is fit or suitable for your body.

The plans that are available in the gyms are finely organised with the measurement of calorie intake on a daily basis.

Cons of the gym are:

This fitness centre is obsessed with extreme workout for which the common people often find it difficult to manage with their level and could not show much endurance for which they quit at the early.

Some of the centres do not provide all the equipment required within a high-end gym and thereby lack in performance.

Sometimes due to poor payment, the employees of the gym resign from their jobs and thus the fitness centre lack good trainers.

Due to poor or lack of proper communication between the head office and the staffs available in other centres, the gym do not get much attention and so at times you may find inadequate services and facilities for the members who are regular to the gym.