Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint Prices 2022

If pizza is your lifeline and recently you have been struggling to find a good place to enjoy your favorite pizza, then you must try Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Jointrestaurants. As the name suggests, these restaurants are known for their pizzas. You are free to create and design your own pizza. It’s just like subway where made-to-order subs are served as per the choices of customers. Instead of subs, Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Jointrestaurants serve you your favorite pizza that is totally designed and curated by you. At these restaurants you can choose from 3 types of crust, 6 varieties of sauces, and approximately 45 kinds of toppings. These customized pizzas are created in the front of the customers and delivered very quickly after being baked for like 6 minutes. Besides pizzas, you can also choose from their differ types of sandwiches, and fresh salads. In addition to all this, Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint restaurants also provide the pizzas for kids and gluten-free variant of several standard pizzas. The décor and the ambiance in these restaurants are set quite casual and vibrant. You will find the atmosphere to be very cozy and lively. The staff appointed at these restaurants is very hospitable with their services. Plus, they are very attentive to all your doubts and requirements. You can experience all this at very inexpensive Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint prices.

Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices of the Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint restaurants, you can refer to the following table.

Last Updated: 6 January 2022


Create Your Own Pizza


Extra Large$15.49

Signature Pizzas

Steak & Blue (Individual)$7.49
Steak & Blue (Medium)$13.99
Steak & Blue (Extra Large)$18.99
Southwest Baja (Individual)$7.49
Southwest Baja (Medium)$13.99
Southwest Baja (Extra Large)$18.99
BBQ Chicken (Individual)$7.49
BBQ Chicken (Medium)$13.99
BBQ Chicken (Extra Large)$18.99
Portabella Pesto (Individual)$7.49
Portabella Pesto (Medium)$13.99
Portabella Pesto (Extra Large)$18.99
Jamaican Jerk (Individual)$7.99
Jamaican Jerk (Medium)$13.99
Jamaican Jerk (Extra Large)$18.99
Simply Veggie (Individual)$7.99
Simply Veggie (Medium)$13.99
Simply Veggie (Extra Large)$18.99
Buffalo Chicken (Individual)$7.99
Buffalo Chicken (Medium)$13.99
Buffalo Chicken (Extra Large)$18.99
The Big Max (Individual)$7.99
The Big Max (Medium)$13.99
The Big Max (Extra Large)$18.99
Chicken Club (Individual)$7.99
Chicken Club (Medium)$13.99
Chicken Club (Extra Large)$18.99
Spicy Italian (Individual)$7.49
Spicy Italian (Medium)$13.99
Spicy Italian (Extra Large)$18.99
The Greek (Individual)$7.49
The Greek (Medium)$13.99
The Greek (Extra Large)$18.99


Garden or Caesar$2.49

Homemade Salads

Santa Fe$7.49
Maddio's House$7.49
Basil Chicken Salad$7.49
Chicken Caesar$7.49
The Greek$7.49
Orchard Chicken Salad$7.49
Tuscan Antipasto Salad$7.49
Build Your Own$7.49

Toasted Paninis

Maddio's Steak & Cheese$7.99
Tuscan Meatball$7.99
The Italian$7.99
Basil Chicken Salad$7.99
Eggplant Parmesan$7.99
Orchard Chicken Salad$7.99
Turkey Bacon Cheddar$7.99

Maddio Meals

Pizza Meal$7.49
Salad Meal$7.49
Panini Meal$7.49
Kid's Meal (10 And Under Only)$3.49


Fountain Drinks (Regular)$1.99
Fountain Drinks (Large)$1.99
Bottled Drinks (Regular)$1.49
Bottled Drinks (Large)$2.99
Bottled Beer (Regular)$2.99
Bottled Beer (Large)$3.99
Draft Beer (Regular)$2.99
Draft Beer (Large)$3.99
Pitcher (Regular)$8.99
Pitcher (Large)$13.99


Apple Crisp Dessert Pizzas (serves 2)$2.99
Love Cookie$2.99
Chocolate Chip Cannoli$2.99

Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint Opening Hours

In order to know about the hours of operations at Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint restaurants, refer to the table below.

Monday 11AM–9PM
Tuesday 11AM–9PM
Wednesday 11AM–9PM
Thursday 11AM–9PM
Friday 11AM–10PM
Saturday 11AM–10PM
Sunday 11AM–9PM


As the name goes, the specialty of Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint restaurants lies in their pizzas.The best part of eating pizza at these restaurants is the freedom to create your own pizza. It’s just like creating sub, where different types of ingredients are laid in front of you. Choose the type of crust, sauce and toppings. Then, you have to wait for hardly ten minutes and delicious fresh pizzas will be delivered to your table.

Talking about the menu, you can choose from the salads like, Santa Fe salad Garden side salad, Caesar salad, Greek salad, chicken salad, chopped salad, etc. The appetizers section includes Cheese breadsticks, breadsticks, gluten-free breadsticks, etc. The sandwich section includes Mediterranean sandwich, Steak & cheese sandwich, Caprese sandwich, Italian sandwich, Meatball sandwich, etc. Coming to pizzas, you can choose the create your-own-pizza and create one for yourself or choose from the traditional pizzas like chicken club pizza, Portabella Pesto pizza, Steak & Blue pizza, Simply veggie pizza, BBQ chicken pizza, Jamaican Jerk Pizza, Big Max pizza, The Greek Pizza, Buffalo chicken pizza, Southwest Baja pizza, Spicy Italian pizza, etc. All these pizzas are available in three types of dough variants, the whole wheat dough, the traditional dough, and the gluten-free dough. All this is availed at very pocket-friendly prices of Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint.


Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint restaurants are one of the youngest pizza chains in United States. Despite being so young in the food serving industry, this chain has a very established network across the America. Presently, the chain owns more than 40 restaurants in states like Tennessee, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, etc. The company has provided franchise commitments to approximately 250 stores. If you call yourself a pizza enthusiast, then you will love dining at these restaurants. These restaurants carry the motto, “Get Your Crave On’’ and therefore they let you create your own pizza. You can choose your own toppings, your own choice of sauce and crust. You thought this could only happen with subs, yes you were wrong. If you are not a pizza fan, which is very rare, then you can choose to have their delicious salads, and fulfilling sandwiches. All this is made available at very economical price of Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint restaurants.


Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint restaurants were established in the year 2009. The founder was Matt Andrew. The first restaurant of the chain was opened in North Druid Hills Road, Atlanta. The main motive behind the establishment of Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint restaurant was to offer the build-your-pizza concept in very hospitable settings. Locals loved this concept which availed them with limitless choices of pizzas. With the passing years the company flourished and thus, these restaurants were opened in many locations. In the current scenario, the company owns more than 40 locations in United States. These 40 locations include states like North Carolina, Florida, North Dakota, Colorado, Tennessee, Georgia, Nebraska, South Carolina, Alabama, etc. The headquarters of the company are positioned in Atlanta, Georgia. You will love dining at these restaurants for their impeccable services and delectable pizzas. Only fresh ingredients are used in these pizzas. Apart from their pizzas, you can also choose from their delicious salads, scrumptious sandwiches, etc. These restaurants even provide the catering facilities. Thus, you can have a small business party or family celebration in their warm ambiance and exquisite decors. You can enjoy all this at very affordable Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint prices.

Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint Customer Support

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Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint Headquarter Address & Number

3191 Paces Ferry Place, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30305
(404) 929-6700

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In order to be acquainted with the prices of Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint prices, read the pros and cons mentioned as follows.


Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint restaurants also serve the Kid’s Pizza meal which comes with 1 topping of their choice and one drink that too is of their choice.


The dessert section includes Chocolate chip cookie, and Cannoli. The beverages section includes just the fountain drinks that are availed in two sizes Regular or Large. There should be more choices availed for the both.