Umami Burger Prices 2022

If you are head over heels for Burgers just like Joey was for sandwiches, then you should try dining at Umami Burger restaurants. As the name suggests, these restaurants offer delicious Umami Burgers. The Umami sauce for these burgers was produced by the founder itself who conducted series of experiments to create the perfect sauce which pleases all five taste buds on our tongue. The décor and ambiance maintained at these restaurants is set very peaceful and comfortable. You will find the atompshere to very warm and perfect for all the sorts of occasion. Come with your best friends and celebrate the college gathering, come with your family and consume some extra calories without any guilt, or fly solo in the comfortable company of burgers and beers. The staff appointed at these restaurants will make you have the best dining experience. They will serve you in efficient and hospitable ways. You will always find them attentive, serving all your requirements without any delays. You can experience all this at very economical Umami Burger prices.

Umami Burger Prices and Service Menu 2022

In order to learn more about the prices at Umami Burger restaurants, refer to the following table.

Last Updated: 6 January 2022



Umami Caesar$8.49
Roasted Portobello$11.49
Truffled Beet$7.49
Seared Ahi$12.49
Add Chicken$3.49
Add Sesame-Crusted Ahi$6.49


Maple Bacon Fries$6.49
Truffle Fries$5.99
Tempura Fries$5.99
House Pickle Plate$4.99


Sunny Side$13.99
Ahi Tuna$15.99
Black Bean$10.49
Add Thin Fries (Small)$2.49
Add Thin Fries (Large)$4.49
Sweet Potato Fries (Small)$3.49
Sweet Potato Fries (Large)$5.49
A Side Salad$4.49

Kids Selections

U-Mini Cheeseburger Sliders$8.49
All U-American Grilled Cheese$8.49


A Small Drink (milk or lemonade)$1.99
A a Choice of Small Fries (thin or sweet)$1.99

Umami Burger Opening Hours

You can know more about the hours of operations at Umami Burger restaurants by looking at the following table.

Monday 11AM–11PM
Tuesday 11AM–11PM
Wednesday 11AM–11PM
Thursday 11AM–11PM
Friday 11AM–12AM
Saturday 11AM–12AM
Sunday 11AM–11PM

Specializations of UMAMI BURGER

The specialty of Umami Burger Restaurants is quite apparent from their name itself, that is, these restaurants are known for their unique Umami Burgers. The entire menu revolves around the gourmet Umami recipe. The Umami sauce is created from the dried fish heads, soy sauce, and umami dust made from of porcini mushrooms. Ever since their establishment, these restaurants have been quite consistent with their flavors and services. This is the reason why that Umami Burger restaurants stand out of the crowd. You will like everything about these restaurants from their ambiance to their staff. You can experience all this at very comfortable prices of Umami Burger.

Discussing intricately about their menus, you can choose from the starters like Japanese style wings, House-made pickle. Short ribs sliders. Brussels sprouts, Butter corn, etc. The eat-your-greens section includes Truffle beet, Umami Caesar, Seared Ahi, Roasted Portobello, etc. The side dishes section includes thin fries, Maple Bacon fries, Sweet potato fries, Onion rings, cheesy tots, Truffle fries, etc. The burger section includes Hatch burger, Umami Burger, , Slider Trio burger, K-BBQ burger, Cali Burger, Manly Burger, Truffle Burger, Throwback burger, Royale burger, sunny side burger, etc. All these burgers have beef patty weighing almost 6 ounce. The don’t-have-a-cow burger section includes Ahi Tuna burger, Crispy Diablo burger, Falafel burger, Manly chick burger, Green-bird burger, etc. The burger add-ons section includes thin fries, Side salad, sweet potato fires, etc. The non-alcoholic beverage section includes Lemonade, Caleb’s Kola, Sierra Mist, Green Iced Tea, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Diet Pepsi, etc. The bottles drinks section includes Evian still water, Sugar Pepsi, Badoit sparkling water, Root beer, etc. The cocktail section includes MY sour, NOMAD, bloody Mary, Garden Party, Greens6, Maple Bacon, Blackberry Swizzle, Oh Henry. All this is made available at very pocket-friendly prices of Umami Burger.


The chain of Umami Burger restaurants will probably be the youngest chain in United States that has gained so much popularity in such short span. These restaurants are known for their amazing innovative recipes. For example the tomatoes used in the burgers are slowly baked for the whole night in the soya sauce. The parmesan used in the dishes also has umami properties and thus it is served as cheese crisp. The buns used in the burgers are the traditional Portuguese-style ones. According to the founder of these restaurants, he wanted the patrons to have a unique memorable experience while dining at these restaurants. After almost a decade, this philosophy is still followed by Umami restaurants. The staff appointed at these restaurants is of very docile nature and holds great expertise in serving the customers. The atmosphere is set very cozy and casual. You can enjoy all this at very budget-fitting price of Umami Burger.


Umami Burger restaurants were found in the year 2009. The founder was Adam Fleischman. The first restaurant of the chain was opened in South La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles. The main motive behind the establishment of these restaurants was to provide innovative Umami Burgers to people along with impeccable services. People really appreciated the new concept of the burgers. Fleischman experimented for almost a month with various ingredients having umami properties to create the Umami Burgers. In the current scenario, the company owns around 25 locations in United States and Japan. These 25 locations include states like New York, Illinois, Nevada, California, etc. The headquarters of the company are positioned in Load Angeles, California. The company is presently partnered with other companies like Fortress Invest Group, Nimes Capital, and SBE which are the Umagi Burger restaurants’ hospitability partners and thus helps in the expansion of the company. You will love dining at these restaurants for their friendly environment and delectable dishes. The most ordered burger at these restaurants has a 6 ounce weighing beef patties. The beef is mostly American Wagyu beef which is seasoned in Umami sauce. The famous Umami sauce is meticulously made from the soy sauce, dried fish heads, porcini mushrooms, etc. You can enjoy all this at very affordable Umami Burger prices.

Umami Burger Customer Support

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Umami Burger Headquarter Address & Number

You can also contact us on the address given below.

1652 North Harvard Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90027, United States

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To have impartial perspective about the Umami Burger prices,go through the pros and cons written below.


The dozen types of Umami Burgers are the best. They are very fulfilling and when combined with beer, they turn out to be the best combo.


There is no kid’s menu served at these restaurants.

The peak hours at Umami Restaurants, especially during the weekends can be very problematic.