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Are you ready to challenge yourself and get a fitter body in just 90 days? Then you have most certainly landed in the right place. TurboFire helps you achieving the goal of healthy and fit body under 90 days. It’s an intense cardio conditioning program that is designed to get you leaner with the help of exercises that have the ability to burn fat 9 times faster than the regular cardio exercises. These exercises are taught by fit life expert Chalene Johnson who herself is an epitome of a healthy and fit individual even at this age. All you are required to do is to follow her to the the T and get astounding results in a very short period. With the affordable TurboFire prices and such a good set of fun exercises, your pocket and your body will both be grateful to you for life.

Turbo Fire Prices and Service Menu 2022

It’s high time to complete your research about TurboFire by taking a quick look at the prices of TurboFire. This section will help you to get a complete list of the prices of TurboFire so that you are well informed about everything there is to know about this program.

Last Updated: 8 January 2022



1 Payment$39.49


1 Payment$79.49


1 Payment$159.49

Turbo Fire Opening Hours

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Specializations of TurboFire

TurboFire is a 90 day program in a DVD set created in order to achieve chiseled body and of course, a healthier you. It includes 14 high intensity classes that begin with low impact and end on high impact exercises. It is a unique program which has incorporated kickboxing, dance and good music into a series of exercises that make losing really fun. Even more important is the fact that, it is bound to burn up to a thousand calories in just one session. All of it can be achieved from the comfort of your house without any hassles. The prices of the Turbo Fire has been kept quite economical so that everyone can enjoy having a healthy physique.

This program of 90 days comes with a DVD set consisting of 14 High Intensity classes. Then there is a starter DVD that breaks down all the exercises so that you can easily follow through. With this the TurboFire takes care that you follow proper diet so it also comes with it’s own Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide along with a 5 day diet plan to help you achieve faster results in ridiculously short time. Not only this to help you get started instantly, there is a provision of free Fire Starter Class Instant Streaming so you don’t need to wait until delivery. That’s a lot for such low prices of TurboFire. It burns your calories but not your pocket.

It’s high time that you don’t have to wait for your gym class. With the TurboFire program , your gym class comes in your living room or anywhere you want for that matter. All you need to do is to buy the TurboFire kit and get started. The instructor Chalene Johnson is going to motivate you and guide you through every exercise and you will have full attention of her. Wear whatever you feel comfortable along with good pair of shoes and you are good to go for your 90 days fitness journey. At the end of the program you will amaze yourself when you have accomplished your goal.

About TurboFire

TurboFire is one of the fitness programs on DVD by Beachbody group. It features fit life expert Chalene Johnson who is an instructor guiding through every exercise that’s there on the DVD. There was a time when people had to wait for hours in line to get a few classes from her but now with this TurboFire program, her classes are within everyone’s reach. With the kind of prices of TurboFire, the dream of a fit body is now achievable too as the best spot of the class is up for grabs to anybody who is ready to push their limits and is ready to attain that dream physique. The program is packed with 14 workout classes ranging from low HIITs to extreme HIITs plus stretching exercises to help you attain a flexible bod.

History of TurboFire

TurboFire is a product of Beachbody that was establish in the year 1998. It integrated extremely challenging video fitness programs with nutritional and diet guidlines along with unprecedented online support system. It’s founder Jon Congdon and Carl Daikeler founded Beachbody with a goal of helping people lead a healthier life. Their company created numerous popular in home fitness solutions that has already helped thousands of people to lose 25 to over 60 pounds. TurboFire came into existence in the year 2010 designed by Chalene Johnson who has already created many fitness program videos such as Turbo Jam, Turbo Kick, Chalene Extreme, and now the newest: Turbo Fire! With TurboFire she has taken exercising to a whole another level but it’s highly worth the TurboFire prices programs.

Turbo Fire Customer Support

The TurboFire customer service is unparalleled so any issues that you encounter will be resolved by the friendly customer support staff. Just contact the mentioned number and get your issues resolved in no time.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: (310) 883-9000

Turbo Fire Headquarter Address & Number

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3301 Exposition Boulevard 3rd Floor, Santa Monica, California 90404
(310) 883-9000

Turbo Fire Near Me

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Review of TurboFire

Since you have reached this page, you surely are determined to accomplish your fitness goals. But the information about TurboFire is scarce on the internet except for the TurboFire prices and a little product information. To help you make a rather informed choice, the list of products pros and cons is stated here. So, take a look at the points enlisted here and go for the best option that you feel is right for you.


No special equipment required for the exercises.

The video is pretty illustrative to help you with the exercises

The video features a group setting so it feels like that you are a part of a group.

The music is pretty cool which helps you keep up the momentum

The instructor is quite motivating

There is a lot of variety so no ones gets bored


DVDs might get quite stuck sometimes

The choreography is a bit hard to pick up

The exercises are definitely quite intense so not everybody can keep up with it.