Total Fitness Prices 2022

There are so many different options out there for the fitness freaks to try out and add a little variety to their otherwise monotonous routines. But all such activities are scattered all around the places making it almost next to impossible to give all of them a try. That’s the sweet spot being targeted by Total Fitness group. They have emerged as a comprehensive solution to all your fitness worries. From the tradition gym equipments to the modern training circuits along with swimming pool and sauna, all of it is located under just one roof. You don’t have to worry about your budget because the Total Fitness prices are within everyone’s reach. The folks at the Total Fitness are not just businessmen, they are warriors of health and fitness arena who are ready to fight it out to give you the best of health and fitness training facilities.

Total Fitness Prices and Service Menu 2022

If you are on a search mission of finding out the pricing list for Total Fitness then you have arrived in the correct place. It is in this section where you will encounter extensive list consisting of the prices of Total Fitness.

Last Updated: 8 January 2022

Adult (Monthly)£45.99
Adult (Annual)£495.99
Youth 15-17 (Monthly)£29.49
Youth 15-17 (Annual)£348.49
Student (Monthly)£29.49
Student (Annual)£348.99
Over 55 (Monthly)£35.99
Over 55 (Annual)£385.99
Family +1 (Monthly)£95.99
Family +1 (Annual)£1050.99
Family +2 (Monthly)£100.99
Family +2 (Annual)£1100.99
Family +3 (Monthly)£105.49
Family +3 (Annual)£1170.49
Joining Fee for all£0.00

Total Fitness Opening Hours

Just take a look at the given time table to match your schedule with the working hours of Total Fitness centres so that you never miss any appointment.

Monday 6AM–10PM
Tuesday 6AM–10PM
Wednesday 6AM–10PM
Thursday 6AM–10PM
Friday 6AM–09PM
Saturday 8AM–07PM
Sunday 8AM–07PM

Specializations of Total Fitness

Total Fitness is a proud health and fitness centre with a holistic approach which doesn’t just get you a leaner body but makes you a happy soul too. With over 17 centers spread across the North UK, every centre is jam- packed with latest gym equipments, training circuits and swimming area. The down to earth approach, the friendly and knowledgeable staff, welcoming ambience and the affordable prices of Total Fitness makes it a natural choice for the people of all social backgrounds and age groups. You can never go wrong when choosing Total Fitness for you and your family.

Apart from individual exercising sessions, there is an array of group exercises just to keep the motivation high at all times. The spin classes is about cycling your way to a fitter you with musical atmosphere. Some people have a low stamina so to build that Total Fitness has specially curated cardio routine which helps in increasing the strength. Some people want to push their boundaries, so for such folks there are different cardio exercises, various martial arts training, Sh’bam which is nothing but extreme dancing, military style cardio and circuit training. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is also offered that burns huge number of calories in just 30 minutes. Additionally, Total Fitness has partnered up with big names like Insanity, Les Mills and everyone’s favorite Zumba, so that you get a great workout by the experienced professionals. Yoga, Tai chi and Pilates are also included in the fitness sessions who want to take it slow. With such stupendous variety the prices of Total Fitness is considerably low so that everyone can be a part of their community.

Swimming is regarded as the best exercise in the world and this fact is taken very seriously by the people at Total Fitness. As it turns out, they offer a wide range of facilities in the swimming area not just for individuals but for families too. They have a dedicated team that deliver swimming and gymnastics lessons by the UK’s leading experts that includes Olympic winners Beth Tweddle and Becky Adlington. That said the prices of Total Fitness is definitely not much considering the variety of services covered in a single membership. All you have to do is to buck up and get going with Total Fitness.

About Total Fitness

Total Fitness stays true to it’s name offering everything required for fitness and relaxation all at one place. The Total Fitness prices thus makes it quite a catch in terms of a comprehensive and affordable service. Total fitness boasts of it’s gym facility, functional training rig, swimming area with large laned pool, hydrotherapy pool with massage jets, saunas and steam room. There is so much more to explore at Total Fitness that no one exits the facility disappointed. The people at Total Fitness has just one mission and that is you achieve your health and fitness goal with enjoyable and relishing experience.

History of Total Fitness

The prestigious chain of health clubs Total Fitness was established more than two decades ago in the year 1993. It’s foundation was laid down by the late millionaire Albert Gubay who was also awarded the Knight Commander with Star by the Holy See for his astounding service towards his community. Total Fitness was first based on the Isle of Man from where it has spread all across North of England and Wales. Afterwards, he sold this amazing fitness venture to British equity firm Legal & General. The Total Fitness is now under their care which has turned out to become more of a lifestyle business than just a fitness club and has thus seen prolific response from its members who are enthralled by the recent changes and affordable Total Fitness prices.

Total Fitness Customer Support

Whatever the issue may be, the staff at the Total Fitness are always at your service. Contact the mentioned number to get all your issues resolved within minutes.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 0843 208 2743
COMPLAINTS: 0843 208 2744
MEMBERSHIP: 0843 208 7670
GYM CLASSES: 08432087671
CAREERS: 0843 208 7672

Total Fitness Headquarter Address & Number

Drop in at the Total Fitness centre on the given address whenever you want.

Off A34, Wilmslow Way, Handforth, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 3PE
0843 208 2742

Total Fitness Near Me

If you are determined to give Total Fitness a try then find the nearest centre using the given map and enjoy your fitness journey.

Review of Total Fitness

If you have made up your mind to attend Total Fitness centre but could not find anything more than just the Total Fitness prices on the web then you can get all the essential insight about being a Total Fitness member. There is always some scope of improvement with almost everything which is also the case with the Total Fitness. The given list has been carefully constructed to let you know about all the factors to help you make an informed choice.

The pros-

Trained and knowledgeable staff

Good variety of equipments

Separate lockers with built in locks

Free guest Wi fi facility is available

Group exercise available

Large swimming pool and sauna

Hydrotherapy pool is fully functioning

Child Care centre available


Overpopulated swimming pool area

Lot of noise because of kids running around

Subscription cancellation process is cumbersome

Dumbbells are never re racked

Swimming pool water is not set at right temperature usually