Tin Lizzy’s Prices 2022

If you love the Tex-Mex cuisine and are looking for a decent place to enjoy delicious Tex-Mex food items, then you must consider dining at Tin Lizzy’s restaurants. These restaurants are known for their vast menu which is full of scrumptious food items. You can choose from the various types of Tacos, Nachos, Quesadillas, salads, soups, etc. The décor and the ambiance of these restaurants are set very traditional and comfortable. As soon as you will step in these restaurants, you will find the atmosphere to be very welcoming and vibrant. If you choose to dine at weekends, you will find the crowd here to be very lively. The staff appointed at these restaurants offers impeccable services. The staff members are very polite and courteous. They will make sure that you don’t face any sort of confusion. They will cater all your requirements. You are up for a memorable dining experience at these restaurants. You can experience all this at very cost-effective Tin Lizzy’s prices.

Tin Lizzy’s Prices and Service Menu 2022

You can learn more about the prices at Tin Lizzy’s restaurants, using the following table

Last Updated: 6 January 2022


Tin Dips

Three Amigos$12.99
The Duo (Any salsa and one queso)$6.49
The Duo (Any salsa and guacamole)$8.49
The Duo (One queso and guacamole)$10.49
Queso Blanco$4.49
Queso Fundido$5.49
Black Bean Queso$5.99
Salsa Fresca$2.49
Spicy Red Salsa$2.49


Grilled Onions & Peppers$1.99
Buffalo Chicken$2.99
BBQ Chicken$2.99
Fried Chicken$2.99
Grilled Chicken$2.99
Grilled Steak$3.99
Grilled Shrimp$3.99
BBQ Pulled Pork$3.99
Buffalo Shrimp$3.99
BBQ Shrimp$3.99
Chopped Bacon$1.99
Black Beans$1.99


Crispy Southwest Springs Rolls$5.99
Fried Jalapenos$3.49
Fried Pickles$2.49
Boneless Chicken Strips (6-piece)$6.49
Boneless Chicken Strips (12-piece)$12.49


Chicken Tortilla Soup (Cup)$2.49
Chicken Tortilla Soup (Bowl)$3.49
Black Bean Soup (Cup)$1.99
Black Bean Soup (Bowl)$2.99

Build Your Own Skillets

Half Skillet$3.49
Whole Skillet$6.49

Add Meat

Grilled Chicken$2.99
BBQ Chicken$2.99
Fried Chicken$2.99
Buffalo Chicken$2.99
Grilled Steak$3.99
Buffalo Shrimp$3.99
BBQ Shrimp$3.99
Chopped Bacon$1.99
Fried Tilapia$3.99

Add Veggies

Extra Grilled Peppers$1.99
Extra Grilled Onions$1.99
Black Beans$1.99


Cheddar Cheese$1.99
Monterey Jack Cheese$1.99
Feta Cheese$1.99
Goat Cheese$1.99
Blue Cheese Crumblus$1.99


BBQ Chicken and Goat Cheese$9.49
Buffalo Chicken and Black Bean$8.49
Southwest Chicken Cobb$9.49

Build Your Own Salad

Half Salad$4.99
Whole Salad$5.49


BBQ Chicken and Goat Cheese$9.49
BBQ Pork$8.49
Philly Style (Chicken)$7.49
Philly Style (Sirloin)$8.49
Chicken, Bacon, Ranch (C.B.R)$8.99
Buffalo Chicken and Black Bean$7.49
Cheese Quesadilla$3.49

Specialty Tacos

Korean BBQ Pork$3.99
Super Greek$3.99
BBQ Pork$3.99
Low Country Boil Taco$3.99

Chicken Tacos

Santa Fe Chicken$3.99
Southern Comfort$3.99
Grilled Chicken$2.99
Chicken Philly$2.49
Fiesta Chicken$2.49
BBQ Chicken$2.49
Fajita Chicken$2.49
Chicken Con Queso$3.99
Fried Chicken$2.49
Southwest Chicken Club$3.99
Buffalo Chicken$2.49

Steak Tacos

Fajita Steak$3.99
Grilled Steak$3.99
Philly Cheesesteak$3.99
Spicy Cilantro Steak$3.99
Santa Fe Steak$3.99

Fish & Shrimp Tacos

Chop Chop Shrimp$3.99
Fajita Shrimp$3.99
Spicy Tilapia$3.99
Buffalo Shrimp$3.99
Fried Fish$2.99


Veggie Rice$1.99
Bacon-Cilantro Slaw$1.99
Veggie Black Beans$1.99
Black Beans & Rice$1.99
Cucumber Salad$1.99
Salsa (Small)$1.99
Salsa (Large)$1.99
Queso (Small)$1.99
Queso (Large)$3.99
Guacamole (Small)$1.99
Guacamole (Large)$5.99
Sour Cream$1.99
Grilled Tortillas (4)$1.99
Tater Tots$2.99

Kids (12 & Under Please)

Cheese Quesadilla$4.99
Chicken Fingers (Fried or Grilled)$4.99
Fish Sticks (Fried or Grilled)$4.99
Taco Plate (Fried or Grilled)$4.99
Corncob Bites (Fried or Grilled)$4.99


Soft Drinks/Bottled Water$2.99
Energy/Recovery Drink$2.99

Tin Lizzy’s Opening Hours

You can learn more about the hours of operations at Tin Lizzy’s restaurants by referring to the table given below.

Monday 11AM–11PM
Tuesday 11AM–11PM
Wednesday 11AM–11PM
Thursday 11AM–11PM
Friday 11AM–01AM
Saturday 11AM–01AM
Sunday 11AM–11PM

Specializations of TIN LIZZY’S

The specialty of Tin Lizzy’s lies in their food menus and impeccable services. Thus, discussing about the menus of Tin Lizzy’s restaurants you can order from the starters like the hot mess, Buffalo shrimp, tater tots, chicken strips, fried pickles, Southwest spring rolls, Fried jalapeños, fried chicken, grilled boneless chicken, etc. These starters are served with blue cheese, Avocado cream, BBQ sauce, smoky chipotle, honey mustard, or spicy ranch. The specialty Tacos section includes Veggie Taco, Korean BBQ pork Taco, country taco, cheese burger Taco, Lobster Taco, Greek Taco, etc. The chicken Tacos section includes Fried chicken Taco, Santa Fe chicken Taco, Southwest chicken Taco, Grilled Chicken Taco, Chicken Club Taco, Buffalo chicken Taco, Chicken Queso Taco, etc. The Steak Tacos varieties include Executive Taco, Santa Fe steak Taco, Fajita Steak Taco, Philly Cheesesteak Taco, etc. The Fish & Shrimp Taco includes buffalo shrimp Taco, Fried Fish Taco, Mahi Mahi Taco, Tilapia Taco, Chopped Shrimp Taco, Fajita Shrimp Taco, etc. The Nachos section includes Cantina Nachos, Buffalo chicken nachos, three little pigs Nachos, BBQ pork nachos etc. All these nachos are served with seasoned tortilla chips and sour cream. The skillets section includes Cowboy skillet, Cantina skillet, Churrasco steak skillet, Shrimp skillet, Mediterranean skillet, southern comfort skillet, churrasco chicken skillet, etc.

The Quesadillas section includes Cantina Quesadillas, Santa Fe Quesadillas, BBQ chicken Quesadillas, BBQ Pork Quesadillas, combo quesadillas consisting of Ranch, Bacon, and chicken, Black Bean Quesadillas, etc. The salads section includes Cantina salad, Mahi Mahi salad, Black Bean salad, BBQ chicken salad, southwest chicken salad, Buffalo chicken sold, Cobb salad, etc. The add-ons choices for the salads, nachos, Quesadillas, skillet, include Sour cream, pickled jalapeños, Guacamole, grilled onions, black beans, goat cheese, Buffalo chicken , grilled steak, Queso, Jack cheese, grilled peppers, tomatoes, avocado, Feta Cheese, chopped bacon, Fried Tilapia, Grilled shrimp, cheddar cheese, cheese crumbles, etc. The Tin Dips section includes Salsa & Queso, Queso Blanco, Three Amigos, Salsa Fresca, Guacamole, Queso & Guacamole, Red salsa, etc. The soups and side dishes includes Seasoned rice, chicken tortilla soup, side salad, Asian coleslaw, cucumber salad, black beans, tortilla chips, etc. All this is made available at very affordable prices of Tin Lizzy’s.


Tin Lizzy’s restaurants are one of the leading restaurants in United States serving amazing Tex-Mex Cuisine. You will feel like you’re dining in some restaurant of Mexico. This is because the décor and the food items of these restaurants truly reflect the culture and tradition Mexico and Texas. You can choose from their delicious Tacos availed in more than 50 varieties. Apart from Tacos, you can choose from their delicious soups, fresh salads, scrumptious quesadillas, delectable skillet, traditional nachos, etc. These restaurants also provide the catering services. All this can be enjoyed at very considerate price of Tin Lizzy’s.

History of TIN LIZZY’S

Tin Lizzy’s restaurants were established in the year 2005. The founders were four college friends. The first restaurant of the chain was opened in Atlanta, Georgia. The main motive behind the establishments of these restaurants was to offer innovative Mexican food items in friendly environment. Through the word-of-the mouth Tin Lizzy’s restaurants became quite famous within a short duration. They entertained hundreds of customers on daily basis. The locals loved the Tex-Mex cuisine served in contemporary styles. The high demand of Taco food stands led the founders to open Tin Lizzy’s restaurants in several other locations. In the current scenario, the company owns more than 12 locations in South Carolina and Georgia. The headquarters of the company are positioned in Atlanta, Georgia. You will love dining at these restaurants for their friendly services and delicious Tex-Mex cuisine. You are bound to like their Taqueria food concept which serves finger-licking food items on stands. The staff appointed at these restaurants is the best. They believe in serving the customers in exceptional and sophisticated ways. The décor and ambiance is set very vibrant which truly reflects the culture of Mexico. You will always want to come back again to dine at these restaurants. All this can be experienced at very reasonable Tin Lizzy’s prices.

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Review of TIN LIZZY’S

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Tacos are the staple food item of Tin Lizzy’s restaurants. These restaurants are availed in various varieties like, Fish Tacos, Steak Tacos, Shrimp Tacos, Chicken Tacos, etc.

Kid’s menu is also availed at these restaurants.


The beverages are availed in very limited choices.