Tim Hortons Catering Prices 2022

When you want to have a taste of Canadian brews and breads, just turn to your nearest Tim Hortons Prices. Founded by the legendary hockey players, Tim Horton & Jim Charade in 1964, this café and bakery joint has marked its presence in the heart of caffeine and snack food lovers. When other bakery joints flood their menu with overbearing items, Prices of Tim Hortons chose to keep it sweet and simple. They save the customer from breaking their head into the food menu and losing half their appetite by availing the basic variants of tea, coffee, hot & cold beverages, sandwich, salads and baked goods.

Tim Hortons Catering Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices at Tim Hortons Catering, refer to the table given below.




Continental Breakfast Platter (minimum group of 8)$2.59/person
Bagel Selection Platter (minimum group of 8)$2.39/person
Homestyle OatmealCall In

Lunch (Assorted Classic Sandwich Platter)

Ham and Swiss (minimum group of 8)$5.09/person
B.L.T. (minimum group of 8)$5.09/person
Extreme Italian (minimum group of 8)$5.09/person
Turkey Bacon Club (minimum group of 8)$5.09/person
SoupCall In
ChiliCall In

Snacking (Assorted Pastry Selection Platter)

Danishes (minimum group of 8)$1.55/person
Cookies (minimum group of 8)$1.55/person
Donuts (minimum group of 8)$1.55/person
Muffins (minimum group of 8)$1.55/person
Yogurt ParfaitCall In

Coffee & more

For Larger Groups - Cambros: 35 Cup Coffee, 70 Cup Coffee, 105 Cup CoffeeCall In
Specialty & Other Beverages Café Mocha, French Vanilla, English Toffee, Hot Chocolate, Steeped Tea, Specialty Tea, Soft Drinks (small & large bottles), Juices (apple or orange), Real Brewed Iced Tea (bottled), Milk, Bottled WaterCall In

Last Updated: 1 January 2022

Since the menu of Prices of Tim Hortons has been kept short and sweet, there is really no jittery in choosing the food. The hassle free service to customers is one of the best features of this place and has contributed massively for this joint to become the largest quick service café joint of Canada. From regular, dark-roasted or decaf coffee blends to the guest favorite Timbits and Donuts; from Bagel B.E.L.T. and Fresh Grilled Breakfast Wraps to Homestyle Oatmeal with maple or berries; and the fresh from the garden salad, wraps and soups, you just need to name the food of your cravings and voila! They have it at your service.

Tim Hortons Phone Number For Customer Support

A courteous Good day or a humble token of gratitude, express your thoughts by reaching out to the customer service portal of Prices of Tim Hortons by visiting their official website and leave your invaluable feedback.

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Any grievances or suggestions could reach them through a call or mail, which could be fetched out from their website.

Tim Hortons Headquarter Address

The franchise opened its first outlet in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and slowly it turned into one of the most sought out place of the neighborhood, ultimately fanning its wings throughout the country. Today the franchise operates as a subsidiary restaurant chain with more than 12500 franchises across the globe. But home is always sweet home. The Tim Hortons Corporate office Headquarters resides in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

The company operates its international market, domestic stores and supply management through Tim Hortons Headquarters and oversees all the crucial initiatives and policy makings.

To find out more about this humble abode, just visit their official website and fish out the headquarters information.

Tim Hortons Near Me

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About Prices of Tim Hortons:

It all started back in 1964, when Tim Horton opened the store in Hamilton with just the choice of coffee and donut on the menu. The efforts were fruitful and the place became the neighborhood’s apple of the eye. The restaurant became a fully functional franchise by joining hands with its full time partner Ron Joyce in 1967. The following years saw the birth of Timbits and many more items in the menu and the rest remains a living history. With its franchise spread worldwide, the customized food items in accord with the piquancy of a particular country add another charm to their performance.

Nevertheless, Prices of Tim Hortons remains one of the favorite hangout café stops all over the world. The food has its own share of glorious stories to recite. But all these would be an exaggerated intro if you haven’t actually visited this place nor had their heavenly café & bakery condiments.


The simply sweet menu and the Canadian origin remains the driving force behind their exquisite savory. The inclusion of sandwich, wraps, salads, soups and breakfast meal on Prices of Tim Hortons menu-apart from the widely known coffee and donuts-coupled with the courteous staff servicing, contributes to their remarkable journey of success in food industry. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of their pros and cons:


Consistency in food taste and servicing

Pocket friendly

Take away condiments packs


Slow food delivery at times

Short hand menu- a bane at times

To know more, log on to http://www.timhortons.com/ca/en/index.php