Tapout XT Prices 2022

Do you want to do away with regular spending on huge gym subscription fees and have no time to go and visit the gym? Then Tapout XT is the answer to all your fitness worries where XT stands for extreme training. Tapout XT breaks the notion that if you want perfect body with all the right muscles showing you need gym instead, all you need is a strong will power and Tapout XT. It is a Mixed Martial Art (MMA) style home fitness program which guarantees weight loss, lean body muscle under 90 days. So, the dream of possessing a beautiful chiseled body is now within your reach as the Tapout XT prices is definitely a steal with the kind of result that one gets in such a short time.

Tapout XT Prices and Service Menu 2022

The search for the pricing list of Tapout XT is over. In this section you will find a comprehensive overview of the prices of Tapout XT that includes kits and other merchandise.

Last Updated: 8 January 2022



3 Payments$39.49
1 Payment$119.49


3 Payments$49.49
1 Payment$149.49


3 Payments$69.49
1 Payment$209.49

Tapout XT Opening Hours

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Specializations of TapoutXT

TapouT XT is a high intensity fitness program that can be done anywhere at anytime with no heavy equipments required that has incorporated Mixed Martial Arts training into the workout. It is taught by trainer Mike Karpenko along with other MMA fighters including Nate Diaz, Chael Sonnen, Jon Bone Jones, Benson Henderson and many more. It is based on the principle Rapid Fire Interval Precision Power that abbreviates to RIPP. TapouT XT program consists of a kit that has 12 different DVDs of various workout sessions such as Strength & force upper, strike training, Cross Core combat, Sprawl and Brawl, Legs & Back, Abs XT, Muay Thai, Yoga XT, Plyo XT, Ripped Conditioning, Buns and Guns, Cardio XT and Competition Core.

Along with the DVDs The Tapout XT kit also comes with XT Pro-Grade Resistance Band, XT Training Leg Band, 10-Day Slim Down Guide, TapouT XT Nutrition Guide, Workout Calendar, Fitness Guide and the TapouT XT Workout Towel. There is nothing more that you will need for the workout apart from the unending supply of sheer will as this is regarded as the most extreme workout kit ever designed. So many things in just one kit doesn’t mean that the prices of Tapout XT will be high. It still fits in every budget and the results obviously are mind boggling after 90 days when the kit is used for 45 minutes for consecutive days.

The workout sessions are of varying time duration which can be at least 20 minutes long. Since the program has been designed to improve the body in mere 90 days it actually burns a lot of calories per workout which can be about 1200 calories in a single workout. The exercises in this program are very extreme designed to push you to your limits that you might have thought was not possible. The instructors in video constantly motivate you and help you achieve the results easily. Tapout XT is a good program for those individuals too who are looking to lose body fat in short time.

About Tapout XT

TapouT XT believes in fitness as a lifestyle choice which has no limits and that’s why the Tapout XT has some of the most intense exercises that one can imagine. TapouT XT kit has no special gym equipments, it just has 12 MMA DVDs along with the guides and resistance bands to raise the intensity level of the exercise. It never gets boring with TapoutXT as there is no monotonous routine, it keeps on changing regularly because variety is the fodder of excitement. Rest assured the prices of Tapout XT is kept affordable so that everybody can have a Tapout body and strength like other MMA fighters.

History of Tapout XT

TapouT XT has its roots in combat sports but now it has further involved by incorporating every fitness training style there is into its program. Its program is fueled by the hard-body fitness exercises. Tapout has aligned with world class athletes to bring to you the best of training sessions to not just get you your dream body but actually bring out the athlete in you. It is now the official fitness and training partner of World Wrestling Entertainment. So, you see Tapout XT prices is for the existing athletes as well as athletes in the making. With this, Tapout has now become synonymous with hard work , determination and passion.

Tapout XT Customer Support

In case you encounter any issues with the Tapout XT kit, kindly refer to the customer support number given below.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: +1 800-650-3048

Tapout XT Headquarter Address & Number

You can get in touch with Tapout XT on the given address.

4367 W Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada, NV 89118
+1 800-650-3048

Tapout XT Near Me

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Review of Tapout XT

If you are willing to give Tapout XT a try but aren’t able to find anything regarding the Tapout XT prices then you have landed on the right place. This section will give an accurate insight about the program effectiveness, quality and the Tapout XT prices of kit materials so that you don’t waste your money. Once you are through with the list you will be in a better position to make an informed choice. The given list has been carefully made keeping all the factors related to service and product quality-

The pros-

Good customer support service- You can reach them via phone or email whichever suits you and they will attend you in no time.

Easy to follow workouts- The workout video is quite illustrative so that you can easily understand how each exercise is done.

Great results in a very short span of time- The amount of calories burned is huge because of the high intensity exercises and that’s why the results are visible in a very short time.

No extra equipment required- You don’t need any other equipment, your own body acts like one with the exercises performed in the video

Can be done anywhere- Tapout XT is designed in such a way that a very small space is required to carry out the exercises so you can do it anywhere, anytime.

Easy refund policy- The Tapout XT comes with easy refund policies in case you are not satisfied.


Language of instruction is limited to English only- The instruction language is only english but people speaking other language can still comprehend the exercises as the video is quite illustrative.

The resistance bands are not made of high quality