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Supercuts Prices 2022

Too busy to take an appointment? Welcome to Supercuts! You can step into any of the company’s 2400 salons at any time without taking an appointment. The expert stylists here are always prepared to welcome you besides being ever ready to offer a quality haircut, precisely like you want it and that too at the most special Supercuts prices. Besides giving special attention to details, you can expect some of the most priced piece of advice and tips from the friendly staff here.

Supercuts Salon Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 16 January 2022


Hair Cut

Supercut I (Haircut and Hot Towel Refresher)$16.49
Supercut II (Haircut, Hot Towel Refresher and Shampoo)$21.49
Supercut III (Haircut, Hot Towel Refresher, Shampoo and Simple Blow Dry)$28.49 and up
Supercut Jr. – Children 12 & under$14.49
Supercut Sr. – Adults 62 & over$14.99


Conditioning Treatment$13.99
Tea Tree Experience$16.99
Blow Dry$15.49 and up
Styling$10.99 and up
Beard / Bang Trim$8.99


Highlights$45.99 and up
Glazing$45.99 and up



Supercuts Salon Opening Hours

Monday 8AM–9PM
Tuesday 8AM–9PM
Wednesday 8AM–9PM
Thursday 8AM–9PM
Friday 8AM–9PM
Saturday 8AM–7PM
Sunday 9AM–5PM

Supercuts Salon Customer Support

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-888-456-2887

Supercuts Salon Headquarter Address & Number

7201 Metro Blvd. Edina MN 55439
(952) 947-7777

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Supercuts Services

As we just said, Supercuts is more than just haircuts! Expect a range of services here from a relaxing scalp message, waxing services to varied hair color services. It does not end here! After every hair cut, you leave the salon feeling fresh, clean and ready to go with their special Hot Towel Refresher. And better still, all of this at some of the most desirable prices of Supercuts.

  • Supercuts-Haircuts

Having a haircut at Supercuts is an experience. It starts with a consultation with the expert stylists and ends with the most suitable haircut for the client according to their lifestyle, shape of the face and their personal preferences. It certainly ends the best way with a Hot Towel Refresher that removes any irritating hair from the face or neck and leaves you feeling clean, fresh and ready to take up the day. There are different categories of hair cut depending on the additional services you get with them like:


The prices of the haircut are different for different salons.

  • SUPERCOLOR- Hair color

When you decide to color your hair, you decide to revamp your look and Supercuts helps you do that-Professionally. The process starts with a consultation with the well trained stylists at the salon, who will assess a number of factors like your skin tone, the condition and health of your hair and your personal preferences. The guests are offered a number of options like highlights, glazing, tip color or simple Gray blending and at the most amazing prices.

The pricing of the services differs from salon to salon.

  • Waxing and other Special services
  • Waxing

One of the most popular methods of hair removal, waxing includes process to remove hair from chin, lip or brow with the help of wax. Experience one at one of the Supercuts salons.

  • Styling

Look special at your special occasions with the styling techniques like blow dry, curling or flat iron. The stylist will help you choose a special look for yourself. The services are priced as per the length of the hair.

  • Tea Tree Experience

One of the most refreshing services, this includes a shampoo and conditioning service together with a relaxing scalp message, and at prices that are sure to floor you.

  • Beard Trims

The salon has special services for men with facial hair. Choose to look well groomed with a moustache trim or a beard service.

About the Company-SUPERCUTS

Supercuts Salon The company has more than 2400 salons spread across North America, popular for its ‘no-appointment-required’ philosophy. You can enter any of their salons and get your job done at no more than a moment’s notice, without any need of a prior appointment. Another thing that has made the brand popular is their unique Hot Towel Refresher Service that they provide to their customers after every hair cut. This takes care of any hair strewn across their face or neck and makes them feel fresh and ready to go!

While the name Supercuts might confuse you, the company offers much more than haircuts. Apart from the very popular Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s haircut, you can get some of the most modern color services, waxing and styling services that are priced differently at different salons.

Apart from the most flattering services to woo you at the special Supercuts Prices, the company offers a range of professional hair-care products at affordable prices as well. Some of the popular products you get here are American Crew, Biolage, Nioxin, Redken, Paul Mitchell and more.

Supercuts helps you with a number of styling tips, grooming guide and the basics of hair care at Also learn more about having a career with the company and locate a salon near you with their salon locator.