Sun Tan City Prices 2022

Tanning is the new makeup strategy doing rounds in the cosmetic industry. And if you are looking to try your hand at the sunless tan or the traditional method of sun tan, look no beyond the Sun Tan City! Convenient and safe methods of indoor tanning, experienced and well trained staff, high-end equipments, quality products and ‘difficult to beat’, Sun Tan City prices make an irresistible combination for the client here.

Sun Tan City Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 12 January 2022



Flex Plan (Price Per Month)$89.49
Commitment Plan (Price Per Month)$59.49
Annual Plan (Price Per Year)$799.49
Single Visit Price$34.99
2-Visit Package (One Time Price)$49.49


1-Visit Plan (Price Per Month)$19.49
Flex Plan (Price Per Month)$59.49
Commitment Plan (Price Per Month)$39.49
Annual Plan (Price Per Year)$599.49
Single Visit Price$24.99
3-Visit Package (One Time Price)$49.49


Flex Plan (Price Per Month)$24.49
Commitment Plan (Price Per Month)$14.49
Annual Plan (Price Per Year)$199.49
Single Visit Price$9.99
7-Visit Package (One Time Price)$49.49


Flex Plan (Price Per Month)$49.49
Commitment Plan (Price Per Month)$24.49
Annual Plan (Price Per Year)$399.49
Single Visit Price$14.99
5-Visit Package (One Time Price)$49.49


Flex Plan (Price Per Month)$69.49
Commitment Plan (Price Per Month)$39.49
Annual Plan (Price Per Year)$599.49
Single Visit Price$24.99
3-Visit Package (One Time Price)$49.49

Sun Tan City Opening Hours

Monday 9AM–10PM
Tuesday 9AM–10PM
Wednesday 9AM–10PM
Thursday 9AM–10PM
Friday 9AM–10PM
Saturday 9AM–9PM
Sunday 10AM–9PM

Sun Tan City Customer Support

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 270-765-7400

Sun Tan City Headquarter Address & Number

5421 W 41st St, Sioux Falls, SD 57106

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Tanning Services on the Menu

Whether you are clear about the kind of tan you are looking for yourself or you want to explore a new one, you can get it all at some of the most affordable prices of Sun Tan City. The salon deals in both the methods of tanning-sunless as well as the ones with sun beds and booths. Beyond that, you can also buy some of the most quality tanning products here, again at some of the most genuine prices.

  1. Sunless Tanning

Get a customized sunless tan at one of the sunless tanning booths that have an open air design to let you breathe freely. Choose between VERSASPA and VERSAPRO booths that use airbrush technology and feature heated comfort respectively. The ingredients used in the spray tan are all natural and the tan can last up to 5 to 7 days.

  1. Tanning with Sun beds and Booths

The salon offers tanning with four different kinds of sun booths and beds, each faster and priced economically than the other. The customer can choose from:

  • Fast Sun beds
  • Faster Sun beds and booths
  • Fastest Sun beds
  • Instant Sun beds

While each of the bed above is designed to give a fast and a lasting tan, the Instant Sun bed is 5 to 10 times faster than the others and allows you to move out with your tan in just 2 to 3 visits.

  1. Skin Care and Tanning Products

Apart from offering the world class tanning services, Sun Tan City also offers a wide range of top quality tanning products. These include tanning lotions, tan extenders, sunless tanning lotions and facial tanning lotions besides the other product lines dealing in skin care and beauty. So you just don’t get a new look, but also ways to retain it and at the most promising prices.

Sun Tan City-The Company

Sun Tan City has had one of the most humble beginnings as a salon; you would ever get to hear. The journey of a few tanning beds placed at the back of a video store to the current 250 tanning salons across 18 states has not been easy but certainly inspiring. The Sun Tan City was originally launched in 1999, before which the owner brothers of the salon, David and Rick Kueber used to run a successful chain of video stores. To add extra income to the business, during the low summer months, the brothers decided to place a few tanning units at the existing video store. But soon they realized that a new Sun Tan City could be born and thus, the first salon was launched.

The company experienced outstanding feedback and grew to 21 salons by 2005 itself. By constantly offering best tanning services at some unique Sun Tan City Prices, the company has successfully managed 250 tanning salons across 18 states. Today, it is one of the fastest growing salon chains across the United States.

Besides offering the best tanning solutions that are priced as low as $9 for a single visit, the salon also stocks tanning and skin care products for its clients. These help them to take care of their skin post the tanning session and also to prolong the tan. Also, the special membership plans at the salon allow you a convenient 24 X 7 check-in as well as some additional benefits that are not possible if you decide to pay per visit.

Learn more about the company, its membership plans, special offers and prices at You can also locate a store near you, look for a career with the company, join their email club or even better have a live chat to get answers to your queries regarding tanning and skin care post the process.