Studio Movie Grill Prices 2022

Studio Movie Grill embraced the idea of providing fine dining experience right at your seats in the movies ad that changed everything. Two of the best things clubbed together equals double entertainment is the idea behind Studio Movie Grill. They successfully pulled it off and now everyone who has ever visited Studio Movie Grill is all praises for the experience they got. They have not taken anything for granted which is reflected in their studios, right from the entrance to the Studio Movie Grill prices. They have changed the way movies are experienced.

Studio Movie Grill Prices and Service Menu 2022

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Last Updated: 8 January 2022



Children (ages 2-12)$7.49 - $7.99
Adults Peak Evening$10.49 - $11.49
Adults Non-Peak Evening$9.49 - $10.99
Before Noon$6.49 - $6.99
Adult Matinee (before 5pm)$7.49 - $9.49
Seniors (ages 65+)$7.49 - $9.49
Student Discount (13+ with ID)$7.49 - $9.49
Military Discount (with active ID)$7.49 - $9.49




Additional Experience Charge$3.49

Studio Movie Grill Opening Hours

The timings regarding with the working of Studio Movie Grill is provided here for you.

Specializations of Studio Movie Grill

Studio Movie Grill has combined movie theatre with in-theater dining to give people a unique experience. The folks at Studio Movie Grill love movies and food and they wanted to share this love with others. So, they came up with this concept where without moving from your seat, you can order amazing food not just popcorn at the push of a button. You can do it that during or after the show, they will serve you anytime. The passion and dedication with which the people of Studio Movie Grill is unmatched and so are the Studio Movie Grill prices which are low enough for the masses. One more thing, buying tickets with Studio Movie Grills is super easy. All you have to do is to choose from the buffet of the first run movies, family events or other crowd-sourcing events. Reserve your favourite seats online or at the kiosk in the lobby. Arrive a bit early and check in with the hostess. Grab your seat and press the service button. Order whatever you want from the menu and enjoy the movie with delicious food.

Studio Movie Grills is not just famous for offering indulging movie experience with awesome food but it also gives you a chance to hold private screenings, meetings, conferences in one the most amazing auditoriums. It gives you an amazing option of holding board meetings at one their theatres where every member will enjoy the fine dining experience along with the presentations. If you are holding a get together or a big budget event, you can have that too at the Studio Movie Grills. The facilities and the prices of Studio Movie Grill won’t disappoint you and you and your guests will have a time of their lives. Lot of amazing organizations have partnered up with Studio Movie Grill to host a lot of fundraising events, screenings and red carpet galas. Change how your organisation holds events with Studio Movie Grill one movie at a time. You won’t have to worry about the prices of Studio Movie Grill too because unlike the quality that’s far superior, the prices are kept low.

Outreach programme by Studio Movie Grill is a way of showing appreciation and give back to our community. They work tirelessly for the issues that affect the people and provide back to the community. They believe that they have a social and economic responsibility in the communities where they have established their theatres. They take pride in the development process of the community by building their locations in such a way that it enhances the neighbourhood where it serves. They regularly contribute to the issues that affect the locals and support initiatives with resources and financial contributions.

About Studio Movie Grill

Studio Movie Grill has established itself as the pioneer and leading innovator in the movie theatre and in theatre dining experience. They currently own and operate at 20 locations in 9 locations. They offer first run movies with lip-smacking food and beverages. That said their services are great with good quality sound and picture, the online reservation system and community outreach programme. Studio Movie Grill has contributed to over 300 charitable organizations and helping every community that it has been a part of. They are continuously building their brand by constant innovation in the movie theatre business and winning over the hearts of their patrons with each visit. They have even kept the prices of Studio Movie Grill to suit everyone.

History of Studio Movie Grill

Studio Movie Grill is the brainchild of Brian Schultz which came into existence in the year 2000. Schlutz is a graduate in Business Finance from California State University. Brian Schultz worked as an aide to the late US senator from Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter. It is during this time Brian Schultz attended a film event in Maryland. He was mesmerised with the idea of serving food along with watching movie. a film at the Bethesda Draft House in Maryland, and immediately fell in love with the concept of serving food while watching a movie. That became the reason for Studio Movie Grill coming into existence becoming an instant hit with the cinephiles. Studio Movie Grill has been named as one of the 100 Fastest Growing businesses of Dallas at the SMU Cox School of Business by the Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship. With the help of such a successful entrepreneurial feat Brian became the recipient of 2013 Regional Ernst and Young Entrepreneur.

Studio Movie Grill Customer Support

Whatever the issues that you come across, the customer support service team at Studio Movie Grill is always ready to help you out with those. The contact number of Studio Movie grill is given here.

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TOLL-FREE: 866-766-8187

Studio Movie Grill Headquarter Address & Number

The address of Studio Movie Grill is mention in this section.

12404 Park Central, Suite 400n, Dallas, Texas 75251

Studio Movie Grill NearMe

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Review of Workout Anytime

Even though there is a lot of information floating around about the shows and prices of Studio Movie Grill, the information regarding about the quality of the service is scarce. So, to help you with this and learn about the user experience, here is a list of the pros and cons related to Studio Movie Grill. Check the list out here and be assured you will find correct information in relation to Studio Movie Grill.


Quick and smooth service is the trademark of Studio Movie Grill
The staff is well trained and really friendly.
There are a lot seating options, of different kind like the reclining chairs, counter top seats and a lot more.
There is plenty of parking space also.
The booking is easy and fast with their online service.


The food is a bit expensive there
They do not accept Apple pay or Android pay.