South Beach Tanning Prices 2022

South Beach Tanning Logo May be you are out of budget and resources to plan an extravagant vacation to achieve the golden complexion you carve for, but there is an might fine alternative that can help you achieve the same results. People can find hope at South Beach Tanning Salons where you don’t have to plan an extravagant vacation to get the darker skin color. South Beach Tanning is the perfect escape for people looking for best in class tanning services at budget friendly rates. With its air-conditioned beds, UV Free Versa Spa and state-of-the-art Pressure Beds, South Beach Tanning ensures to fulfill your golden complexion you carve for, all at great South Beach Tanning prices. All the salons of South Beach Tanning assure to make all your visits an incredible tanning experience.

South Beach Tanning Salon Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 15 January 2022




VIP Unlimited$18.99
Single Session$9.99
30 Day Pass$49.99
Buy 4 Get 2 Free$36.99
Annual Pass$188.99


VIP Unlimited$38.99
Single Session$13.99
30 Day Pass$59.99
Buy 4 Get 2 Free$48.99
Annual Pass$388.99


VIP Unlimited$58.99
Single Session$18.99
30 Day Pass$79.99
Buy 4 Get 2 Free$72.99
Annual Pass$588.99


VIP Unlimited$78.99
Single Session$22.99
30 Day Pass$99.99
Buy 4 Get 2 Free$88.99
Annual Pass$788.99


VIP Unlimited$78.99
Single Session$30.49
30 Day Pass$119.49
Buy 4 Get 2 Free$120.49
Annual Pass$788.49


VIP Unlimited$58.49
Single Session$30.49
30 Day Pass$99.49
Buy 4 Get 2 Free$120.49
Annual Pass$688.49



Single Session Sunless$30.49
Single Session Sunless + Dark$35.49
Single Session Sunless + Dark + Options$40.49


6 Pack Sunless$120.49
6 Pack Sunless + Dark$140.49
6 Pack Sunless + Dark + Options$160.49


One Month Sunless$99.49
One Month Sunless + Dark$119.49
One Month Sunless + Dark + Options$129.49


Membership Sunless$58.99
Membership Sunless + Dark$68.99
Membership Sunless + Dark + Options$78.99

South Beach Tanning Salon Opening Hours

Monday 9AM–11PM
Tuesday 9AM–11PM
Wednesday 9AM–11PM
Thursday 9AM–11PM
Friday 9AM–11PM
Saturday 10AM–9PM
Sunday 11AM–7PM

South Beach Tanning Salon Customer Support

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South Beach Tanning Salon Headquarter Address & Number

851 S. State Road 434, Suite 1200, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
(407) 730-8987

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Specialty of South Beach Tanning Salon!

The UV Free Tanning Services, Affordable Pricing, Premiums Beds and Friendly Ambiance, make South Beach Tanning as perfect destination to fulfill all your tanning needs. You can choose to get the tanning services in the salons instead of beach, thus avoiding the inconveniences of dealing with pesky sand and sustaining a sunburn. At South Beach Tanning accuracy and quality is stressed and guaranteed. To determine the best tan for your needs, there are multitudes of tanning services offered at each salon location. Ranging from basic tan to simple, glowing one and anything between, you can get the best tanning services indeed at very affordable prices. There are six levels of bed to choose from which is combined with sunless options and the prices of South Beach Tanning services are kept nominal to allow everyone enjoy the best tanning services ever without burning their pockets.

All salons of South Beach Tanning specialize in UV Free Tanning services which are totally touch and UV free, unlike other tan under the sun. Mystic Tan is the signature service offered at the salons of South Beach Tanning which involves patented and proven spray-on methods for unique and natural looking tan that last longer. Versa Spa is the specialized skin treatment service offered at all salon locations. It is an age-defying sunless tanning service which involves full body treatment and offers the customers with spa-like session that result in natural, healthy look of sun-kissed skin. All the salons are designed with friendly ambiance which is 2-3 times larger than normal salons and spa. No appointment and no waiting as walk-ins are welcomed by all salon locations of South Beach Tanning and the prices of South Beach Tanning services are affordable for all.

About South Beach Tanning!

South Beach Tanning Established in the year 2003, South Beach Tanning is the one of its kind tanning salon which is inspired by the art deco look of South Beach Miami. The accented bright colors, friendly staff and captivating ambiance make South Beach Tanning company the best place to get tan without the inconvenience of pesky sand and sunburns. All the tanning salons of South Beach Tanning ensure to make all your visits an implausible tanning experience and with excellent tanning services, all at great South Beach Tanning prices.

The salons of South Beach Tanning specialize in offering 6 levels of bed tanning services and all are UV Free. You can buy multiple packages from one, five and 10 visits or 30 days unlimited packages and minute package at very nominal rates. For the prices of South Beach Tanning services you need to give a call to the salon. VIP membership is also available that entitles the member to get tanning services one time in a day.

History of South Beach Tanning

The first tanning salon of South Beach Tanning was established in 2003 and since after its conception the salons are actively involved in tanning business in Florida area. It has successfully marked its standing amongst the leading tanning salons and operating since 13 years and serving a wide variety of clients with best in class tan services at very nominal rates. The salons are acclaimed for its quality and professional services plus long lasting tans.

So, give a presence at the salon of South Beach Tanning to get the best tan and enjoy the services all at great South Beach Tanning prices.