Soul Cycle Prices 2022

Everyone aspires to have a fit body but the boring gym classes are a huge turn off. This is where the role of Soul Cycle comes into play. They have redefined fitness training into fun and frolic sessions. The best part is that there is just one equipment that has to be operated to get the desired results which is the very familiar indoor cycle. All it takes is you and your 45 minutes. You will go under full body workout with intense cardio, hand weights and core training to get into shape. Their motto is mind body cardio because they don’t just change bodies, they transform your soul. You become a part of community where riders let loose and empower themselves with such huge strength that lasts even after you exit the studio. One more thing, the Soul Cycle prices are highly affordable so that you can enjoy without thinking of the budget.

Soul Cycle Prices and Service Menu 2022

Surely, you want to check out the prices of Soul Cycle now that you have got hooked to the idea of achieving fitness in fun way. The comprehensive outline of the prices of Soul Cycle is listed in this section so you can make an informed choice regarding the prices of various different programs.

Last Updated: 8 January 2022




First Class (Expires in 30 Days)$20.49
After First Class or Regular Class Price (Expires in 30 Days)$30.49
Five Classes (Expires in 45 Days)$145.49
Ten Classes (Expires in 3 Months)$280.49
Twenty Classes (Expires in 9 Months)$540.49


Fifty Classes (Expires in 12 Months)$3,500.49


Fifty Classes (Expires in 12 Months)$4,000.49

Soul Cycle Opening Hours

Matching your schedule with Soul Cycle working hours is child’s play now because we have got the complete schedule of the timings of Soul Cycle right here. Take a look at the following time table to start putting reminders in your cell phones so that you never miss your classes.

Specializations of Soul Cycle Gyms

Soul Cycle gym cater to almost every age group right from teens (must be 4’11” and 12 years old) to the grannies. Like their name suggests it is for every soul. They can be booked by corporate too for team building exercise or just for the sake of enjoyment. So, Soul Cycle’s signature is full body indoor cycling workout. Every soul there rides to the beat of the music incorporated with upper body exercises. With such affordable prices of Soul Cycle gyms you definitely get a pretty good deal as the amount of calories burned is almost 500-700 in a single 45-minute session. If you can manage another 15 minutes then it obviously do wonders, just a little more sweat for a healthier body and soul.

Soul Cycle gym, however do not provide monthly subscriptions instead you pay for the classes separately. You can buy one class just to get the feel of it or you can buy a series of classes in one go. You don’t need to worry about the prices of Soul Cycle gym as they are pretty affordable. Once you have bought the class, your bike is booked at a particular time for that day. The moment you reach the centre you are welcomed by the cheerful staffs who guide you to your bike where you can begin your session.

The Soul Cycle gym has a unique concept where the soul classes are divided into special categories like the standard soul cycle of 45 minutes sessions, soul warrior which includes an extra 15 minute session to really up your metabolism, community ride which can be booked every Monday noon, soul challenge which is a pretty serious workout of 90 minutes, soul 101 for the beginners to get them acquainted with the basics taught by a team of two instructors for one hour.

About Soul Cycle Gyms

Soul Cycle Gyms have come up with a one of a kind exercise regime clubbed with super fun music and enjoyment. They believe in not only changing bodies through the exercises but in total transformation of soul. With every class your strength increases, your endurance goes up a notch and your soul pushes even more to achieve your dream of a fit and healthy body. Since it’s a wholesome experience which the founders of Soul Cycle want to share with everybody they have kept the prices of Soul Cycle such that it fits every budget. From a single small centre, they have come a long way with a dozen more centers spread across New York City where everybody can enjoy and become fit irrespective of class or any other social background.

History Of Soul Cycle

The history of Soul Cycle prices is as unique as their concept. It all began with a blind date where Co-founders Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice met. They wanted to do away with the boring work like exercise routines and hence embarked on a journey to create an exciting alternative and that’s how they came with the idea of Soul Cycle in the year 2005. But they kept the prices of Soul Cycle not as high as that of the regular gyms in fact it’s lesser. Their first studio launch took place the very next year at W72. Their unstoppable journey began leading to a launch of another studio at Hamptons. The year 2009 for Soul Cycle was indeed a good one where instructor based training began. The number of studios just kept on increasing and in the year 2013 their own Soul Cycle Bike was launched. With this they have never looked back increasing their penetration all across NYC.

Soul Cycle Customer Support

If at all you encounter any issues concerned with the Soul Cycle services, you can easily get in touch with them on the customer support number given below where your issues will be resolved in no time.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 212 876 7685

Soul Cycle Headquarter Address & Number

You are welcomed at the Soul Cycle centre during working hours at the address mentioned below.

609 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10014, United States
212 876 7685

Soul Cycle Near Me

You don’t need to sweat over finding the nearest Soul Cycle gym, just use the map below.

Review of Soul Cycle Gyms

Since there is not much you will find about Soul Cycle prices on the internet, it’s time we list their pros and cons to give you all an honest insight about the gym. Once you are though the list, you will understand how earnestly the guys at the Soul Cycle are willing to transform your lives. Here are the factors that could affect your decision and help you make a sound choice whether you are willing to join or not.

Just one equipment required
Fun filled exercise regime
Good Customer service
Lockers available with built in locks
Cycle Shoes available
Clean changing rooms with separate showers


No Child Care available
Once booked classes cannot be transferred to another day
Booking available maximum up to 5 individuals per account
Bike seat requires a little getting used to.