Sonny’s BBQ Catering Prices 2022

If eating barbeque once in week is just like following a religion to you, then Sonny’s BBQ is no less than a temple to you. Come here once in a week or twice and try their amazing barbeque dishes. The decor and ambience is set very warm and contemporary. The atmosphere is always casual and comfy. The environment is very vibrant and perfect for all the weekends and impulsive plans. The world might be fast paced, but Sonny’s BBQ still believes in the slow smoking of meat. The specialty about smoked beef or sirloin served at these restaurants is that only oak wood is used in the process. This provides a unique aroma which will hit your senses as soon as you step into this space.

Sonny’s BBQ Catering Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices at Sonny’s BBQ Catering, refer to the table given below.


Catering Starters

Seasonal Vegetable and Dip Platter43.99
Cheese and Cracker Platter43.99
Chicken Wing Platter40.99
Chicken Tenders Platter44.99
Fresh Fruit Platter43.99

BBQ Favorites

Prices featured per person
One Meat (Pick-Up)7.39
One Meat (Delivery)8.99
Set-up & Serve10.79
One Meat with Ribs (Pick-Up)10.49
One Meat with Ribs (Delivery)12.09
Set-up & Serve13.89
Two Meats (Pick-Up)8.19
Two Meats (Delivery)9.79
Two Meats (Set-up & Serve)11.59
Two Meats with Ribs (Pick-Up)11.79
Two Meats with Ribs (Delivery)13.39
Two Meats with Ribs (Set-up & Serve)14.99
Three Meats (Pick-Up)8.99
Three Meats (Delivery)10.59
Three Meats (Set-up & Serve)12.39
Hamburgers and Hot Dogs (Pick-Up)7.29
Hamburgers and Hot Dogs (Delivery)8.89
Hamburgers and Hot Dogs (Set-up & Serve)10.69
Sweet and Smokey Ribs (Pick-Up)10.99
Sweet and Smokey Ribs (Delivery)12.59
Sweet and Smokey Ribs (Set-up & Serve)14.39
Dry-Rubbed St. Louis Cut RIbs (Pick-Up)10.99
Dry-Rubbed St. Louis Cut RIbs (Delivery)12.59
Dry-Rubbed St. Louis Cut RIbs (Set-up & Serve)14.39
Baby Back Ribs (Pick-Up)13.59
Baby Back Ribs (Delivery)14.99
Baby Back Ribs (Set-up & Serve)16.79
Rib Sampler (Pick-Up)13.39
Rib Sampler (Delivery)14.79
Rib Sampler (Set-up & Serve)16.59
Add a Brisket (extra)0.89


Fruit Cobbler25.99
Banana Pudding25.99

Last Updated: 2 January 2022

For the newbies at this restaurant, there are certain suggestions. You must try their signature BBQ dishes along with homemade cornbread. So you can start either with the beef brisket or baby back ribs. The appetizers section has limited but marvelous choices like corn nuggets, smoked wings, fried okra, etc. All this can be enjoyed at very budget-friendly Sonny’s BBQ prices

Phone Number For Customer Support

Do you think the menu has limited options? What opinions do you have regarding the gluten free dishes on the menu? Are you in favor of introducing more food items for the vegetarians? If this is so, then you can tell us about all this on the following contact numbers.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 407-660-8888

Headquarter Address

A whole customer support team is present at the Sonny’s BBQ Corporate Office headquarters to listen to all your queries and doubts and solve them simultaneously. All you need to do is reach out to them using the contact information mentioned as follows. You can also reach out the customer support executive and address him/her personally in regards to the feedbacks and suggestions you have which you’d like to be incorporated, Use the address details to Sonny’s BBQ Headquarters in regards to the same.

850 Concourse Parkway S. Suite 150, Maitland, FL 32751

Sonny’s BBQ Near Me

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Sonny’s BBQ is one of the most well-known barbeque chains in entire United States. It’s been more than 5 decades and you will still find the taste of their beef to be same as it was in the year of its establishment, that is, 1968. The founder of this wonderful chain was Floyd Sonny and thus, that’s how the chain got its name. In the current situation, the headquarters of the brand are located In Maitland area of Florida. Talking about the progress and prosperity of the chain, the brand currently has 113 working restaurant locations under it in United States. The 113 locations include Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina etc. The restaurant is basically for the people who love meat and survive on barbeque beef, pork, and chicken. But if you’re a vegetarian, then you can still enjoy some salad along with few options of soups. All this made available at very affordable prices of Sonny’s BBQ.

Review of SONNY’S BBQ

Go through the pros and cons mentioned below to discover theSonny’s BBQ pricesin detail and keep a rational perspective about the same.


The BBQ sandwiches are just another level delight. The pulled chicken sandwich, Sweet Carolina and Smoked Turkey sandwich are the most ordered sandwiches, which you must try.

The southern-style BBQ, where the meat is smoked slowly on the oak wood is the best thing about Sonny’s BBQ restaurants.

The staff members are quite docile and good with their services.


There are very few options in the dessert section.

There are very limited choices for the gluten-sensitive people.

To know more, visit their official website