Smokey Bones Prices 2022

If it’s been many days since you took a break and had a nice barbeque meal, then take a day off to relax your soul and dine at Smokey Bones restaurants. These restaurants are known for their delectable sandwiches, barbeque chicken, ribs, succulent side dishes, etc. The décor is based on the sports theme and the ambiance is maintained very contemporary. The environment is set very cozy and warm. As soon as you will enter these restaurants you will find that these restaurants have the laid-back settings and thus they are perfect for having a comfortable dinner. If you want to have some good drinks and good food with your friends or want to spend some quality time with your family in midst of delicacies, then Smokey Bones are the appropriate places. The staffs appointed at these restaurants are very efficient. Their services are very hospitable and marvelous. They will be on their heels to cater all your requirements. If you have any query, you can ask them and they will help you out. All this can be experienced at very reasonable Smokey Bones Prices.

Smokey Bones Prices and Service Menu 2022

The prices at the Smokey Bones restaurants can be referred from the following table.

Last Updated: 8 January 2022


Fire Starters

Crowd Pleaser$13.99
Crowd Pleaser (Add Pulled Pork)$14.99
Pretzel Bones$7.49
Loaded Nachos$9.99
Loaded Nachos (Add a side of fresh guacamole)$11.99
Add more topping (Hot beef and chicken chili, Double cheddar jack cheese,Pulled roasted chicken seasoned with our homemade salsa, Pulled Pork)$1.99
Fried Pickles$6.49
Buffalo Chicken Dip$8.99
Onion Rings$6.49
Loaded Cheese Fries$8.99
Skillet Cornbread$5.49
Smokey Joes$6.49
Tot Tini$5.49


Smoked Wings (8 wings)$9.99
Smoked Wings (16 wings)$15.99
Chicken Wings (8 wings)$9.99
Chicken Wings (16 wings)$15.99


Homemade Brunswick Stew (Cup)$3.49
Homemade Brunswick Stew (Bowl)$4.49
Soup of the Day (Cup)$3.49
Soup of the Day (Bowl)$4.49
Soup & Salad$7.99


Ultra Premium$3.49


Baby Back Ribs (1/3 Rack)$14.99
Baby Back Ribs (House Rack)$19.99
Baby Back Ribs (Full Rack)$22.99
Smoked St. Louis Ribs (1/3 Rack)$12.49
Smoked St. Louis Ribs (House Rack)$17.99
Smoked St. Louis Ribs (Full Rack)$19.99
Double Trouble$17.49

BBQ Platters

Hand-Pulled Pork$12.99
Texas-Style Beef Brisket (1/2lb)$15.49
Sliced Smoked Turkey Breast$13.99

Rib Combos

Smoked St. Louis Ribs Combo$14.49
Baby Back Ribs Combo$16.49

Create Your Own Combo

Any Two Favorite$13.49
Any Three Favorite$16.49

Fire-Grilled Favorite

Fire-Grilled Pork Tenderloin$13.99
USDA Choice Petite Sirloin$12.49
USDA Choice Sirloin$15.49
USDA Hand Selected Ribeye$19.49

Bones Burgers

Loaded BBQ Burger (1/2lb)$9.49
Big Time BLT (1/2lb)$9.49
Smokehouse Burger (1/2lb)$9.49
Chicken Parmesan Burger$10.49
Southwest Scorcher (1/2lb)$9.49
Avocado Turkey Burger$9.99
Smoke Stack$17.49


Pot Pie Pasta$12.49
Tomato Basil Cavatappi$9.49
Create Your Own Gourmet Four Cheese Pasta$11.49


Angus Beef Patty (1/2lb)$8.99
Angus Beef Patty (1lb)$11.99
Premium Beef Patty (1/2lb)$7.99
Premium Beef Patty (1lb)$10.99
Turkey Patty$7.99
Turkey Patty (double)$10.99
Grilled Chicken Patty$7.99
Grilled Chicken Patty (double)$10.99
Veggie Patty$7.99
Veggie Patty (double)$10.99

Chicken & Seafood

Beer Can Chicken$13.99
Hickory Smoked Salmon$15.49
Fish & Chips$11.99
Chicken Fingers$10.49
BBQ Chicken$13.99
Smokehouse Chicken$13.99
Smokehouse Chicken (Order as a single chicken breast)$11.99


Stacked Baked Potato & Salad$7.49
Hickory Smoked Salmon Salad$13.99
Pulled Chicken Chopped Salad$10.99
Nutty Chicken Salad$10.49
Charbroiled Chicken Caesar Salad$11.99
Steak & Spinach Salad$13.49
Side Salads$3.99


Smoked Brisket Sandwich$10.49
Pulled Pork Sammy$8.99
Smokehouse Chicken Sandwich$9.49
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$8.49
The Cuban$8.49
The West Coast Club$9.99
Soup & Sandwich$8.49

Bones To-Go


Baby-Q (per person)$8.99
Bar-B-Q (per person)$10.99
Bubba-Q (per person)$13.99
Pulled Pork Party Pack (per person)$8.99
Family Feast$23.49


Salads (Nutty/half)$25.49
Salads (Nutty/full)$35.49
Salads (Add fried or grilled chicken/half)$31.49
Salads (Add fried or grilled chicken/full)$45.49


Pint (serves 3-4 people)$5.99
Quart (serves 6-8 people)$8.49


Pint (serves 3-4 people) $5.99
Quart (serves 6-8 people)$8.49


Hand-Pulled Pork (1lb)$12.49
Sliced Smoked Turkey (1lb)$13.99
Texas-Style Beef Brisket (1lb)$13.99
BBQ Chicken (1/2lb)$10.99


Gallon Jug (serves 10 people)$4.49
Individual Bottles$2.99
Red Bull Individual Cans$3.49


Dozen Donuts$11.49
Half Chocolate Cake$19.49
Whole Chocolate Cake$39.49

Signature Items

Chicken Wings (24 wings)$22.49
Chicken Wings (48 wings)$42.49
Chicken Wings (96 wings)$82.49
Chicken Fingers (30 chicken fingers)$27.49

Smokey Bones Opening Hours

To know about hours of operations at Smokey Bones restaurants, look at the table provided below.

Monday 11AM–2AM
Tuesday 11AM–2AM
Wednesday 11AM–2AM
Thursday 11AM–2AM
Friday 11AM–2AM
Saturday 11AM–2AM
Sunday 11AM–2AM

Specializations of SMOKEY BONES

Everything is special about Smokey Bones restaurants, from their food menu to staff, from their décor to prices. Discussing about their menu in detail, you can choose from starters like Onion Rings, Crowd Pleaser, Skillet Cornbread, Fried Pickles, Pretzel Bones, cheese fries, Loaded nachos, buffalo chicken Dip, etc. The wings section includes Smoked wings, and Chicken wings which are availed by the number of pieces like, 8, 16, 24, 48, or 96. The bones burger section includes Smoke Stack, Smokehouse Burger, Avocado Turkey Burger, BLT burger, BYOB, BBQ Burger, Angus burger, etc. You can build your own burger by substituting the fillings with battered onion rings, mashed potato, extra cheese, etc. Get exciting discount on the prices when you create your own combo of any two favorite dishes. You can also choose from their classic combos like St. Louis combo and Baby back ribs combo. The chicken section includes chicken fingers, BBQ chicken, Smokehouse chicken, BBQ chicken, grilled chicken breast, etc. The pasta and seafood section includes fish & chips, Tuscan style Macaroni & cheese, Philly steak melt, sausage pasta, southwest style Macaroni and cheese, etc. The soups and salad section includes spinach salad, Garden salad, cheese soup, Caesar salad, Brunswick Stew, Nutty chicken salad, cheddar soup, grilled salmon salad, Potato soup, Steak salad, etc. The street Tacos section includes Grilled steak tacos, Pulled pork tacos, Grilled Chicken tacos, Brisket Tacos, etc. The sandwich section includes Chicken Parmesan, Club sandwich, brisket sandwich, Cuban sandwich, buffalo chicken sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, smokehouse sandwich, etc. The side section includes baked potato, dirty rice, coleslaw, broccoli, Cinnamon apples, cheese macaroni, onion rings, cheese macaroni, BBQ beans, mashed potato, natural cut fries, etc.

Smokey Bones Restaurant also provides the separate kid’s menu like many other restaurants. The food items in this section include Macaroni and cheese, chicken fingers, BBQ chicken, cheese pizza, grilled bones loaded with cheese, chicken pizza, etc. All these are made available at very pocket-friendly prices of Smokey Bones.


Initially the Smokey Bones restaurants were known by the name Smokey Bones BBQ & Grill, but after being acquired by the Barbeque Integrated, the name was redesigned. Barbeque Integrated is affiliated under Sun Capital Partners. The rebranding of Smokey Bones restaurants was a difficult process, but Sun Capital Partners didn’t give up. The traditional décor was converted into contemporary one. The high-definition televisions were put and the new extensive menu was introduced. You will love to dine at these restaurants for their amazing décor and delicious barbeque dishes. All this is made available at very considerate price of Smokey Bones.


Smokey Bones restaurants were established in the year 1999. The founder was Darden Restaurants. The first restaurant of the chain was opened in Orlando, Florida. The main motive behind the establishment of Smokey Bones was to create an Appalachian themed space that serves amazing Barbeque food items. The Darden Company also owns other well-establshied chains of restaurants like Longhorn Steakhouse, Yard House, Olive Garden, etc. With the passing years, the company flourished and attracted lot of patrons. The unique décor, peaceful environment, and delectable food were the main reasons behind the prosperity. The customers were able to experience all this at very economical Smokey Bones prices. The business history is full of various twists and turns. For example, though the concept of these restaurants was indigenous to Darden restaurants, yet they decided to sell the chain. In the year 2007, the chain was sold to Barbeque Integrated. Had Barbeque Integrated Company not purchased the Smokey Bones chain, Darden would have shut it down. Thankfully, Smokey Bones restaurants are still alive and prospering continuously. In the current scenario, the company owns more than 66 locations in total 16 states of America. Most of these 16 states are the eastern states. The headquarters of thechain are positioned in Orlando, Florida.

Smokey Bones Customer Support

In case of any query or support contact us on the numbers given below

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: +1 757-671-1622

Smokey Bones Headquarter Address & Number

You can also reach us at the address given below.

8529 South Park Circle, Suite 410, Orlando, Florida 32819
(407) 355-5800

Smokey Bones Near Me

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In order to get rid of queries regarding the atmosphere at Smokey Bones restaurants and to know more about the Smokey Bones prices, you have a glance at the pros and cons provided below.


The kid’s menu served at Smokey Bones restaurant is very well curated as per the likes of little kids.

The prices of party packs availed at Smokey Bones are very moderate.


The dessert section has very limited number of items. It can be irritating and disappointing for some people.