Smokey Bones Catering Prices 2022

As the name of the restaurant suggests, the food availed here is very smoky and of course delectable. These restaurants are known for their grilled food items. The environment at these restaurants is set very vibrant and comforting. As soon as you will step in one of the Smokey Bones restaurants, you will feel the refreshing and energizing vibes. You can come for a peaceful breakfast, or a warm lunch or even a delightful dinner at these restaurants. The ambience and décor are quite contemporary. You will find those huge television screens displaying the football or cricket match. It is not exactly a sports bar, but on a weekend night you can feel it is.

Smokey Bones Catering Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices at Smokey Bones Catering, refer to the table given below.


Family Packs

Family Feast20.99
Family Wing Meal27.99
Family Favorite59.99
Family Renunion (serves 100)679
Switch it up29.99
Switch it up18.49

Office Packs

The Manager59.99
The Executive119.99
The Chairman249.99
Switch it up7.49
Switch it up8.29
Pulled Pork Part Pack5.49

A La Carte (Salads)

House Salad (half)10.99
House Salad (full)16.99
Caesar Salad (half)11.99
Caesar Salad (full)17.99
Nutty Chicken Salad (half)25.99
Nutty Chicken Salad (full)35.99

BBQ by the Pound

Hand-pulled pork11.99
Smoked Beef Brisket12.49
Sliced Smoked Turkey12.49
Whole BBQ Chicken$10.99/each

Baby Back Ribs

2 Racks (serves 2-4)35.99
4 Racks (serves 4-6)69.99
6 Racks (serves 6-12)99.99

Smoked St. Louis Ribs

2 Racks (serves 2-4)30.99
4 Racks (serves 4-6)59.99
6 Racks (serves 6-12)89.99

Chicken Wings

25 Wings19.99
50 Wings37.99
100 Wings74.99

Chicken Fingers

30 Chicken Fingers27.99

Bigger Sides

Baked Beans (pint)5.99
Baked Beans (quart)9.49
Creamy Cole Slaw (pint)5.99
Creamy Cole Slaw (quart)9.49
Fire Roasted Corn (pint)5.99
Fire Roasted Corn (quart)9.49
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy (pint)5.99
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy (quart)9.49

Soup Bucket

Soup of the Day (pint)5.99
Soup of the Day (quart)9.49
Brunswick Stew (pint)5.99
Brunswick Stew (quart)9.49


BBQ Sauce (pint)3.49
BBQ Sauce (quart)6.29
Mustard BBQ (pint)3.49
Mustard BBQ (quart)6.29


Dozen Donuts7.49


Iced Tea (serves10)$4.99/gallon
Flavored Iced Teas (serves10)$4.99/gallon
Flavored Lemonades (serves10)$4.99/gallon
Individual Bottles (IBC Root Beer or IBC Cream Soda Water)2.49
Individual Can (Red Bull)3.99

Last Updated: 2 January 2022

If you decide to come here, then you should not miss their smoked wings which come with amazing deals and offers. The burgers section is absolutely lit. All their burgers are freshly prepared and are extremely fulfilling. You have to make several rounds of trip in order to try all their delicious burger options. Avocado Burger and Smokehouse burger are the two most ordered burgers, you might want to try. You can enjoy call this at very pocket-friendly Smokey Bones prices

Phone Number For Customer Support

Do you have any opinions about the baby back ribs? Do you think the dessert section is not pleasing enough? Do you have any complaint or questions in regards to the food menu or services? If so, then please contact the customer support team and let them know it all. The numbers are active 24/7, so it won’t take a lot of time to get all your problems and doubts addressed.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: +1 757-671-1622

Headquarter Address

The address to Smokey Bones Corporate Office headquartersis mentioned below, you can contact this in case of any severe scenario. All your feedbacks are cordially welcomed by the team at Smokey Bones restaurants. If you have any suggestions regarding the services availed by the staff members or décor of restaurants, just let the team know. Use the following contact details and reach out the Smokey Bones Headquartersto interact with the customer support executive.

8529 South Park Circle, Suite 410, Orlando, Florida 32819
(407) 355-5800


Ever since its establishment, the Smokey Bones restaurant has been very consistent with its services. Till today, it is known to serve insanely delectable dishes along with handcrafted drinks. This restaurant chain is pretty young when compared to other established chains like Olive Garden or Longhorn Steakhouse. It was a baby of Darden group of restaurant, until barbeque Integrated took over. Ever since then, the brand has approximately 60 working locations under it in United States. Besides the smoky wings, the restaurant serves scrumptious sandwiches, succulent salads and healthy soups, etc. Initially the restaurant chain carried a very traditional look, but with passing years as the patrons changed, the traditional look was taken over by the contemporary décor. This is absolutely aperfectplace to enjoy dinner with friends and watch sports on the gigantic screens. You can easily enjoy all this at very considerate prices of Smokey Bones.

Smokey Bones Near Me

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You can go through the following pros and cons which serve as the review for the Smokey Bones prices. Have a perusal through the following and learn more about the services, ambience and detailed information regarding the menu.


The fire starters are the best; these include onion rings, fried pickles, pretzel bones, loaded nachos, cheese fries, etc.

The services availed by the staff members is always up to the mark, without leaving you dissatisfied in anyway.


The food is rich in calories and can turn your healthy day into the cheat day.

The prices for certain food items may seem a bit high.

To know more, visit their official website