Showcase Cinemas Prices 2022

The multiplex culture is the rave of town everywhere round the world but the services offered have not been up to the mark. This, however, has changed with Showcase Cinemas taking control and it has emerged as one of the pioneering multiplexes in the UK. It has kept itself updated with latest technologies and has actively participated in installing latest machinery to avoid any technical faults during the movie watching experience. You can now watch movies with the same comfort and enjoy great fine dining experiences- all at this amazing place and Showcase Cinemas prices are not too high as well considering the kind of services they offer.

Showcase Cinemas Prices and Service Menu 2022

For knowing the prices of Showcase Cinemas, look no further. The list of the prices of Showcase Cinemas services is provided here for you all.

Last Updated: 8 January 2022



Child (<12 years)$8.50 - $10.99
Adult$11.25 - $13.99
Senior (60+)$8.25 - $11.99


Child (<12 years)$8.50 - $10.99
Adult$8.50 - $11.99
Senior (60+)$8.25 - $11.49


Child (<12 years)$12.50 - $14.99
Adult$15.75 - $18.49
Senior (60+)$12.25 - $15.49


Child (<12 years)$12.50 - $14.49
Adult$13.50 - $15.49
Senior (60+)$12.25 - $15.49


Child (<12 years)$20.49
Senior (60+)$20.49


Child (<12 years)$30.49
Senior (60+)$30.49


Child (<12 years)$28.49
Senior (60+)$28.49


Child (<12 years)N/A
Senior (60+)$22.95


Child (<12 years)N/A
Senior (60+)$21.49


Child (<12 years)$14.50 - $15.95
Adult$18.00 - $19.95
Senior (60+)$14.50 - $16.95


Child (<12 years)$14.50 - $15.99
Adult$16.00 - $17.99
Senior (60+)$14.50 - $16.49


Child (<12 years)$19.50 - $20.99
Adult$22.50 - $24.49
Senior (60+)$20.00 - $21.49


Child (<12 years)$19.50 - $20.99
Adult$20.50 - $22.49
Senior (60+)$20.00 - $21.49


Child (<12 years)$11.25 - $12.95
Adult$14.00 - $16.49
Senior (60+)$11.25 - $12.95


Child (<12 years)$9.50 - $11.49
Adult$9.50 - $11.49
Senior (60+)$9.50 - $11.49


Child (<12 years)$12.50 - $14.49
Adult$15.50 - $17.49
Senior (60+)$12.50 - $14.95


Child (<12 years)$12.50 - $14.49
Adult$13.50 - $15.49
Senior (60+)$12.50 - $14.95

Showcase Cinemas Opening Hours

The timings of working of Showcase Cinemas is given here.

Specialization of Showcase cinemas

Showcase Cinema is neoteric leader offering premium movie experience to the masses in the most advanced facility. It harbors large format auditoriums equipped with renowned Dolby Atoms sound so that you can revel in the experience of a lifetime. Furthermore, Showcase Cinemas proudly possess the most sophisticated projection and screen technology to give you a superior viewing experience. Apart from that there are numerous types of theatres that Showcase offers such as Showcase MX4D which renders unique motion and special effects, Showcase Superlux provides a never seen before luxurious entertainment services, Event Cinema gives a chance to view live events on screen and a lot more. So many options are open to the public but still the Showcase Cinemas prices are significantly low attracting people from every social background to enjoy movies with no regrets.

Showcase Cinemas is super friendly when it comes to accommodating people from all backgrounds. It has built the space so that differently able people have no problem in watching movies too. There is audio and video assisted technology installed at all locations of Showcase Cinemas such as Audio Amplification Headsets, CC Gooseneck Cup-Holder Insert Devices, CC Eyewear Devices, Closed as well as open captioning. All these mechanizations and technologies enhance the movie guest’s experience which ultimately results in people having a great time together. There is also a facility regarding private screenings for special occasions. Corporate personals can actually hold meetings and seminars too which will be highly impressive given the advanced system that Showcase Cinemas possess.

There is no enjoyment if there is no good food. That is why Showcase Cinemas have taken their food and dining services very seriously. There is food for everyone as the prices of Showcase Cinemas is made to fit everyone’s pocket. SuperLux Dining menu features unique appetizers and delicious signature dishes. Lux level overs lavish in theatre dining experience where movie buffs can indulge themselves in delicious food and other amenities. There is provision of gift cards so you can give it to your loved ones to let them enjoy the same things. Not just this, there are food courts, Bars and grills and many options for the foodies. All this and much more but you don’t need to get worried about the prices of Showcase Cinemas as they have kept it reasonable to let everybody enjoy the movies with them. There are rewards and discount prices which are offered on different days under the title of different programs like Bargain tuesdays, Senior wednesdays, Early bird pricing, and military discounts.

You can also join their mailing list in order to stay updated with the happenings in the world of cinema. Their app is also available which has latest movie trailers and booking options so you don’t need to be in the queue forever to get your tickets. The show times are also regularly posted to let people fix their times for the movies. You can reserve your favorite seats too. For on screen advertising and in lobby promotions, Showcase Cinemas can be contacted and help proliferate other businesses.

About Showcase Cinemas

Showcase Cinemas have become the most celebrated brands among the leading multiplexes. The level that they have achieved in creating movie watching experience is the one to beat. No one has taken entertainment this seriously as the Showcase Cinemas and thus they have successfully established themselves at the apex of theatre industry. They have successfully clubbed the movie and fine dining experience for the public to enjoy a luxurious and pleasant time. It need not be a holiday for you to enjoy this because with Showcase Cinemas, every

time you visit it it will itself become a vacation where you can relax with your family and friends without going too heavy on the pocket. Also, the prices of Showcase Cinemas are reasonable enough for the cinephiles worldwide

History of Showcase Cinemas

Showcase Cinemas was established in 1986 in the UK. It originated as a subsidiary to America’s most powerful exhibitors National Amusements which was founded by Michael Redstone. His son, Harvard educated Sumner M. Redstone launched multiplex cinema. National Amusement kept on evolving with times and introduced innovative facilities for the movie goers like reclining rocker cinema chair and much more. Paramount Communications came under acquisition of National Amusements and became it’s integral part. Now Showcase Cinemas under National Amusements has proliferated into multiplex giant and a favourite of cinephiles. It has 197 screens over 16 sites all at the service of the public to enjoy and relax at one of a kind movie watching experience.

Showcase Cinemas Customer Support

In case there is any issue with the services offered, you can easily contact the customer service. The contact number of Showcase Cinemas is listed here.

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Showcase Cinemas Headquarter Address & Number

Learn about the address of the Showcase Cinemas here in this section.

846 University Avenue, PO Box 9108, Norwood, MA

Showcase Cinemas Near Me

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Review of Workout Anytime

There is not much information given about the user experience on the web. So, along with the Showcase Cinemas prices which were listed before, here the reviews about Showcase are provided to give you a true picture of what other users experience there. Just go over this list of pros and cons and get an honest picture of the services offered by Showcase Cinemas


They offer quick service

The staff here is really friendly and polite

The reclining chairs are really comfortable with plenty of legroom

Fully functional air conditioning is there

The booking is easy with the app now


Food is a bit expensive

Reduced prices are available only at the venue not at the time of pre booking