In Shape Gym Prices 2022

If you’re looking for a health club, that is more than just a gym, then you must straight go and get the membership of your nearby In Shape Gym. All its gyms provide more than just the circuit training and access to the fitness equipment. Most of the In Shape Gym locations offer the members to play different sports like Volleyball, tennis, etc. This doesn’t stop here; In Shape Gyms hold tournaments and leagues as an encouragement to health and fitness. The best part of all this is that all the In-Shape Gyms are family Gyms. These gyms offer the fitness services and equipment for young, old, men, and women. You can enjoy all this at very considerate In Shape Gym Prices.

In Shape Gym Prices and Service Menu 2022

Give a look at the table below to know about the prices of different membership programs at In Shape Gym.

Last Updated: 3 January 2022



Initiation Fee$89.99
Monthly Fee$34.49
Cancellation Fee$50.00

All Club Access

Initiation Fee$0.00
Monthly Fee$54.49
Cancellation Fee$50.00

In Shape Gym Opening Hours

Look at the table provided below of the schedule and programs at the In Shape gym and adjust accordingly to your schedule.

Monday 4AM–11PM
Tuesday 4AM–11PM
Wednesday 4AM–11PM
Thursday 4AM–11PM
Friday 4AM–11PM
Saturday 6AM–8PM
Sunday 6AM–8PM

Specializations ofIN SHAPE GYM PRICES

As the name of the gym suggests, In Shape Gyms help in keeping the person fit. All the In Shape Gyms are full service gyms, that is, they offer innumerable amenities like 29-minute of circuit training, cardiovascular workout, TRX system, kettle bells, free weights, resistance bands, etc. The fitness professionals appointed here will start you with the intro classes and then gradually move towards the personal training. After trying out the gym and all its services for free on 7 days pass, the one will be required to get the membership as per their interest. If you are a member at In Shape gyms, you can attend the exercise classes for free, for example, cycling classes, aquatics classes, dance rhythm classes, kickboxing classes, etc. When you have to come to gym and there is no one to take care of the baby and kids then worry not because you don’t need to spend extra money on babysitting. At In-Shape gyms, child care facilities are made available for your young ones. There are several other facilities availed to cater the needs of children and to keep them engaged, like kids’ pool, amazing video games, soccer arena, etc.

If you are thinking, is that all? Then the answer is no, the In Shape Gyms have a lot to offer. These gyms promise that you will never ever get bored. Besides the exciting workout and sports activities, these gyms offer free Wi-Fi, yoga studio, massage beds, hydro-massage beds. Have you ever heard of a gym which has a juice bar attached to it. So after a crazy workout, go have a rich smoothie. All these services are availed at very inexpensive prices of In Shape Gym.


It’s more than 35 years that In Shape Gyms have been serving young, old, male, and female in the sphere of health and fitness. These are one of the oldest gyms in United States. It’s like one stop station for fitness. You will get everything here, from the fitness equipment to the juice station. Have you ever heard of a gym where you can get pedicures done? In shape gyms have nail salon for all the female members. You can enjoy all these services at very reasonable price of In Shape Gym.


In Shape Gyms were established in the year 1981. In the today’s scenario, these gyms have become the major forerunners of health industry. You will get everything at these gyms from the fitness services to all the major health equipment. The professionals appointed here are well-trained and have extensive knowledge about health and fitness. Besides being your trainer, they also act as your personal consultant. Currently, the In Shape Gyms own more than 75 locations in Californian state of United States. Unlike other professional and modern gyms, In Shape Gym is designed and well-framed for the families. Thus, you can come regularly with all your family members to have a nice workout. You can enjoy all these services by becoming a member here, at very affordable In Shape Gym Prices.

Phone Number for Customer Support

We are available on following numbers, in case of any query or support.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: (888) 600-8640

Headquarter Address

You can also contact us at the below address.

6 South El Dorado St., Ste 600, Stockton, CA 95202
(209) 472-2450

Near Me

A map is provided below for you to search In Shape gyms near your place.


The reviews will help you in learning about the In Shape Gym prices in a better way. The below mentioned pros and cons will help you in understanding the different services and facilities at these gyms. So, have a perusal through the following.


Being one of the oldest health clubs in United States, In Shape Gyms offer the traditional fitness services where you can use the standard equipment to stay fit. Besides this, there are plethora of fitness services and training equipment, like medicine balls, resistance weights, different types of cardio machines, etc.

The reward cards availed at the In Shape Gyms, are the best. If you like In Shape Gym, then you can recommend it to a friend or friends and win the reward cards for your valuable reference. These reward cards can be used for buying gym equipment and proteins.

The juice stations availed at In-shape gyms, are simply amazing. Now, after a rigorous workout you can get your drained energy back with a refreshing drink, protein shake or a delicious smoothie.

Free Wi-Fi and the nail saloon, is just over the line when it comes to counting the facilities availed by In Shape gyms. Imagine, waiting for your friend to finish her workout and by that time you could watch your favorite series while getting your pedicures and manicures done.


If you cancel the membership at In-Shape gyms, a cancellation fee is charged, which can be kind of dissatisfactory.

Being a family gym, you will always find these gyms full of crowd.