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Stay on-trend and have leading edge style by constantly working on your personal look. The way you pull off your hair everyday plays a major role in the way the world understands you. Stay tall and shine with impeccable style by heading to a leading salon and getting a transformative look. Salon Lofts is a name that resonates in the industry for its artistic acumen and novel techniques. A great team of experts coupled with an innovative vision has given Lofts the competitive edge.

Salon Lofts prices are a total value for money. They are unbelievably affordable and cater to the multi faceted beauty needs of urban people. The hair services are specialized in on-trend styling and personalized designing that gives you the best fit. The voguish nail services give you a flawless look and help you style your nails the way you want. Plethora of beauty and massage services has something for everyone. Be it subtle or quirky, Salons Lofts prices are in-budget for all styles. Latest styles in hair cutting, coloration, texturing and smoothing are available here. Pick from a range of beauty facials, skin treatments and beauty services.

Salon Lofts Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 16 January 2022



Men's Cut & Style$35.49
Women's Cut & Style$50.49
Children's Cut (0-2 Years)$15.49
Children's Cut & Style (3-12 Years)$25.99
Bang Trim$10.99
Beard Trim$10.99
Conditioning Treatment$30.99
Conditioning Treatment (Add on Service)$20.99


Eyebrow Tint$20.99
Eyebrow Tint + Eyebrow Shaping$32.49
Eyebrow Shaping$17.49
Full Face (Brow, Lip, and Chin)$35.49


Brazilian Straightening Treatment$275 and up


Full Highlights + Cut + Style$150.00 and up
Full Highlights & Style$100.00 and up
Partial Highlights + Cut + Style$125.00 and up
Partial Highlights & Style$75.00 and up
Face Frame Highlights + Cut + Style$80.00 and up
Face Frame Highlights & Style$30.00 and up
Color Retouch + Cut + Style$105.00 and up
Color Retouch & Style$55.00 and up
Color Retouch + Partial Foil + Cut + Style$135.00 and up
Color Retouch + Partial Foil + Style$85.00 and up
All Over Color + Cut + Style$125.00 and up
All Over Color & Style$75.00 and up
Shine Gloss + Cut + Style$105.00 and up
Shine Gloss + Style$55.00 and up
Men's Color + Cut$75.00 and up
Men's Color$40.00 and up


Special Occasion$65.00 and up
Bridal (Trial Run)$70.00 and up
Bridal (Day of)$75.00 and up

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Why Salon Lofts

Creating a more personal and exquisite beauty experience is the hallmark of Lofts. The talented artists let you view examples of their work and help you choose the best fit. The complete beauty regime including hair, nails, skin and massage services makes it a have-it-all place. They have partnered with Top notch brands like Peter Coppola and Hattori Hanzo to upgrade their skill set. They offer creative freedom to its professionals that translate into a great experience to its customers.

Salons Lofts price range is wide and lets you choose the best fit. Beginning from $20, the pricing is competitive and easy on the pocket. It’s quite economical to make regular visits at Lofts and also avail the lucrative discounts.

It brings forward studio and celebrity style for the masses. With the expert tips, you can maintain and look fabulous each day. The beauty and massage services are carefully selected as per your skin type. You can get the guidance on how to pick the right products and step out with confidence. It constantly reinvents its skills and upgrades the technology to offer the latest services to the clients.

Salon Lofts About Salon Lofts

Salon Lofts started in 2003 with a vision to provide connection between client and professional. Founder Daniel Sadd purchased a salon in Dublin. The dual focus to flourish both customers and client enabled them to create an eclectic and enterprising space. With outlets in Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Indiana and Missouri, Lofts has become synonym of beauty. Each of the outlets are dedigned with personal touch from the owner. It takes pride in being a professionally driven yet fun place that has coffee and guitar too. It has a total approach that focuses on service quality, experience, innovation and style.

Uniquely conceptualized and innovatively designed, Lofts delivers its values in every possible way. It proudly cascades its values in its services and the way they perceive individual beauty. It focuses on finding the best specialist and giving its customers the best in class experience. It totally elaborates on the idea that clients are loyal to their stylist and so the professionals are the cardinal part of the Loft way of working. It nurtures its franchisees and owners and places them as the central part of the business. It guides them with its philosophy and gives them space to explore and flourish. The enterprising zeal has made Lofts expand so quickly and making it a promising place for customers and owners alike.

Salon Lofts has assimilated an inspiring and zealous vision that cascades in the way they treat the customers. They have an envious product range along with a total service experience. You can be in celeb style from head to toe and Lofts will be your style partner at every step.

For more information visit Have a look at the services and know more about connecting to Lofts. It has an engaging website that lets you book, cancel and manage your appointments at your convenience. Book an appointment today.