Ryan’s Prices 2022

If you like dining in buffet settings, then you must consider dining at Ryan’s restaurants. At these restaurants you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket, whenever you choose to come here. You can choose from the delectable hand-crafted appetizers, succulent entrees food items, and an extensive range of regular classic food items. You can pep up your meal with the some white wine or a warm cup of coffee. The wooden interiors and simple décor offers laid-back settings. The ambiance is maintained warm and comfortable, so that you feel cozy while you dine here. Most of these restaurants have a fireplace, which makes the dining experience better in winters. These restaurants also offer the private dining facilities. Most of these restaurants have two private rooms which have approximately 30 to 50 seats. Thus, you can carry your business meeting or host a small party in the exquisite environment of Ryan’s restaurants. You can enjoy all this at very inexpensive Ryan’s prices.

Ryan’s Prices and Service Menu 2022

In order to learn more about the prices at Ryan’s restaurants, refer to the following table.

Last Updated: 9 January 2022



Saturday and Sunday Until 11 am

Kids (2-3 Years Old)$2.99
Kids (4-7 Years Old)$4.99
Kids (8-11 Years Old)$5.99


Monday - Saturday Until 3:30 pm

Kids (2-3 Years Old)$2.49
Kids (4-7 Years Old)$4.49
Kids (8-11 Years Old)$5.99


Every Night

Kids (2-3 Years Old)$2.99
Kids (4-7 Years Old)$4.99
Kids (8-11 Years Old)$5.49

Ryan’s Opening Hours

You can know more about the hours of operations at Ryan’s restaurants by looking at the following table.

Monday 5AM–9.30PM
Tuesday 5AM–9.30PM
Wednesday 5AM–9.30PM
Thursday 5AM–9.30PM
Friday 5AM–10PM
Saturday 5AM–10PM
Sunday Closed

Specializations of RYAN’S

The specialty of Ryan’s restaurants lies in their extraordinary menu, exquisite interiors, efficient services, scenic exteriors, etc. Talking elaborately about the menu you can start from the appetizers like crab meat, bruschetta bowl, Oysters Rockefeller, fried brie, beef tenderloin, spinach & artichoke. The soups and salad section includes house salad, the seasonal salad, French onion soup, Iceberg wedge, Argali soup, salmon salad etc. The entrees section includes lobster tails, crab cakes, beef tenderloins, duck breast, grilled chicken breast, classic vegetable plate, pork chops, shrimp grits, etc. The side section includes caramelized onions, popcorn asaparugus grits, sweet potato mash, whipped potatoes, steak fries, scalloped potatoes, sautéed spinach, mac & cheese, garlic mushrooms, etc. The dessert section includes pecan pie, NY Cheesecake, Ice creams, beery cobbler, triple chocolate cake, etc.

From the drinks’ menu you can choose the coffees like Irish coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Jamaican coffee, Latte, the nudge, etc. The martinis section includes apple martini, Espresso martini, French martini, Melontini Martini, chocolate martini, etc. All this is availed at very low prices of Ryan’s.


The Ryan’s restaurants are the best buffet restaurants in the United Sates. They offer exceptional services and marvelous food items which are full of innovative ideas. Presently, the company is operated under Ovation brands, which is the operator and parent company of various other buffet restaurants in America; for example Old Country, Buffet, Country Buffet, etc. The company has gone through various ups and downs in its business ventures. Over a period of years, the company has reached the pinnacle of success and later suffered from bankruptcy. In the today’s scenario, there are 26 locations that are owned by the company. Once in a while Ryan’s restaurants keep on getting recognized by the various awards and accolades, for instance the ‘Topmost Steakhouse for families’, ‘the best small company of America’, etc. You will appreciate everything about these restaurants, their interiors, their exteriors, the staff, the menu, everything. The menus are designed keeping in mind the choices of the customers. These menus are updated from time to time as per the customer’s feedback. The chefs appointed at these restaurants are the best creative chefs. They curate dishes which are out of the box, because Ryan’s restaurants don’t believe in serving ordinary. All of this can be experienced at very budget-friendly price of Ryan’s.

History of RYAN’S

Ryan’s Restaurants were established in the year 1977. The founder was Alvin A. McCall. The first restaurant of the chain was opened in Greenville, Indiana. The main motive behind the establishment of Ryan’s restaurant was to bring change in food-serving industry. Thus, you will not find any ordinary food item served in ordinary culinary styles at these restaurants. They believe in innovation and change. This philosophy attracted a lot of patrons and the business prospered. In the year 2006, the chain was purchased by the Buffets Inc. The company used to once own approximately 300 restaurants in more than 23 states of America. In the current scenario, the number is called down to just 26 restaurants that are spread across 12 states. The headquarters of the company are positioned in the Greer, South Carolina. You will love these restaurants for their exquisite ambiance and marvelous staff. The décor is built up so warm and cozy that you would not want to leave the place in winters. The seating arrangements include comfortable sofas on which you can recline and comfortably have a hot cup of coffee. Most of these restaurants have breathtaking sceneries around which you can enjoy from the large windows. The menu is a wide array of luscious dishes like crab meat, oysters, prime rib, succulent steak, etc. You can experience all this at very moderate Ryan’s prices.

Ryan’s Restaurant Customer Support

You can reach us on the following numbers in case of any query or support.

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Ryan’s Restaurant Headquarter Address & Number

You can also contact us on the address given below.

120 Chula Vista, Hollywood Park, Texas 78232

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Review of RYAN’S

It is very important to have a fair opinionabout the Ryan’s Prices. Thus in order to have clear insight and impartial viewpoint, you cango through the pros and cons mentioned below.


The prices of Ryan’s restaurants are very pocket-fitting.

When you dine at these restaurants, you don’t have to lavishly spend money on food. You can buy a delicious meal at very decent prices.

The crafted cocktails are the best.


There are very few gluten-free dishes available at Ryan’s restaurants. Not each and every food item on the menu has a gluten free variant. This can be disappointing for the gluten sensitive people.

There are no separate dishes availed for the kids.

At Ryan’s restaurants the special menu curated for kids is not available.