Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Prices 2022

If you like steak and can’t compromise with its quality and flavors, then consider dining at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse restaurants. These restaurants are known for their scrumptious steak dishes. The ambiance is set very casual and upscale. The environment and atmosphere is maintained very friendly. Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse restaurants are considered as the best places to dine with your family. From staff to its décor, everything is prefect and marvelous. In the present scenario, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse restaurants are the one of the best luxurious chains in United States as well on international basis. But, you should not worry because you don’t have to spend all your savings in order to dine here. This is because you can enjoy the delectable food, impeccable services in the luxurious settings at very satisfactory Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse prices.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices of the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse restaurants, you can refer to the following table.

Last Updated: 9 January 2022



Seared Ahi-Tuna$18.99
Barbecued Shrimp$19.99
Mushrooms Stuffed with Crabmeat$17.49
Lobster Voodoo$20.99
Chilled Seafood Tower$59.99
Chilled Seafood Tower$118.99
Sizzling Blue Crab Cakes$21.99
Crab Stack$19.99
Veal Osso Buco Ravioli$16.99
Shrimp Cocktail$19..99

Salads & Soups

Caesar Salad$10.99
Lettuce Wedge$10.99
Fresh Mozzarella & Kumato Tomato Salad$12.99
Ruth's Chop Salad$13.99
Steak House Salad$9..99
Harvest Salad$10.99
Lobster Bisque$11.99
Soup of the Day$10.99

Signature Steaks & Chops

New York Strip$43.99
Lamb Chops$42.99
Berkshire Pork Chop$39.99
Petite Filet$41.49
Cowboy Ribeye$54.49
Petite Filet & Shrimp$51.49
Porterhouse for Two$92.49

Specialty Cuts

Bone-In Filet$59.49
Bone-In New York Strip$52.49
Tomahawk Ribeye$119.49

Entree Complements

Oscar Style$18.99
Ruth's Dipping Trio$9.99
Bleu Cheese Crust$5.99

Seafood & Specialties

Stuffed Chicken Breast$28.99
Sizzling Blue Crab Cakes$31.99
Chilean Sea Bass$39.99
Barbecued Shrimp$29.99
Vegetarian PlateMarket Price
Salmon Fillet$29.99

Potatoes & Signature Sides

Au Gratin$12.99
French Fries$9.99
Shoestring Fries$9.99
Sweet Potato Casserole$9.99
Lobster Mac & Cheese$21.99


Creamed Spinach$9.99
Roasted Brussels Sprouts$11.99
Grilled Asparagus$12.99
Fire-Roasted Corn$10.99
Cremini Mushrooms$12.99
Fresh Broccoli$9.99

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Opening Hours

In order to know about the hours of operations at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse restaurants, refer to the table below.

Monday 5PM–10PM
Tuesday 5PM–10PM
Wednesday 5PM–10PM
Thursday 5PM–10PM
Friday 5PM–10.30PM
Saturday 5PM–10.30PM
Sunday 4.30PM–9.30PM

Specializations of RUTH’S CHRIS STEAKHOUSE

Everything is special about Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse restaurants. Their food menu, their services, their décor & ambiance, everything is extraordinary. Talking about the food menu, you can pick from appetizers like stuffed mushrooms, calamari, ravioli, seafood tower, shrimp cocktail, etc. The salads and soup section includes Harvest salad, Lettuce wedge, tomato salad topped with mozzarella, Caesar salad, lobster bisque, steak house salad, Ruth’s salad, etc. The signature steak section includes Rib-eye, Filet, NY strip, pork chop, lamb chops, T-Bone, Petite filet, porterhouse filet, cowboy rib eye, etc. The entrée section includes lobster tail, Hollandaise sauce, blue cheese, shrimp, trio dips, Oscar, etc. The seafood entrees include shrimp grits, salmon filet, stuffed chicken, vegetarian plate, fresh lobster, etc. The side dishes section consists of Mashed potato, grilled asparagus, Mac & cheese, baked potato, shoestring fries, French fries, Casserole, etc. The dessert section includes cheesecake, white chocolate pudding, ice creams, chocolate duo, etc. All this is made available at very cost-effective prices of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouserestaurants also serve the handcrafted cocktails and best quality of wines. For example the cocktail and mock-tail menu includes cucumber cup, French quarter, Nola Mule, Rosita Margarita, Steakhouse martini, chocolate martini, pomegranate smash, etc. Then there are red wines, sparkling wines, white wines which are always fully stocked.


As the name goes, the entire credit of prosperity of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse restaurants goes its founder Ruth Fertel. She was recognized with several awards and showered with various compliments; for instance she was called the first lady of restaurants in America, The Empress of Steak, etc. The roots of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse restaurants lie in the year 1927. This is because originally Ruth bought her brother’s restaurant, renovated it and started as her own. Therefore, initially Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse restaurants were known by the name, Chris Steak house. You will love dining at these restaurants for their innovative dishes which are availed at very fair price of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. The environment is set very friendly. The décor and ambiance are so exquisite that you would have no doubts regarding these restaurants being upscale ones. The staff and its services are exceptional and beyond perfection. Ruth spent a lot of time in hiring the staff; this legacy is practiced till now. The staff is appointed after a meticulous process.


The Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse restaurants were established in the year 1965. The founder was Ruth Fertel. The first restaurant of the chain was opened in Broad Street, New Orleans. Ruth established these restaurants to support her family income and raise her kids. She was a divorced single mother, thus she employed a lot of other single mothers in her restaurants. Initially, Ruth had to go through a lot of hardships in order to make her business a success. She was participative in all the small chores like butchering the steak, separating and slicing the tenderloins, etc. Most of the food items cooked in the restaurant were based on her family recipes. People started learning about the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse restaurants and Ruth got a lot of appreciation. Within few weeks, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse restaurants became the upscale restaurant that have efficient female staff and serves delectable food items. The company started giving franchise and the business expanded. Most of the operators who received the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse restaurants’ franchise were the regular customers in these restaurants. In the current scenario, the restaurant owns more than 130 locations in United States. The headquarters of the company are positioned in Winter Park, Florida. You will love dining at these restaurants for their upscale dining facilities. You can choose from the luscious steak dishes, chicken entrees, lobster and shrimp appetizer, delectable fish dishes, etc. The environment is family-oriented in most of these restaurants. Thus, the portions of meal served arelarge and shareable. You can enjoy all this at very reasonable Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse prices.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Customer Support

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Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Headquarter Address & Number

1030 W. Canton Avenue, Suite 100, Winter Park, Florida 32789
(407) 333-7440

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You can have a little more information about Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse prices and the settings of the restaurants by reading the pros and cons given as follows.


The Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse restaurants have upscale settings.

These restaurants offer the casual and luxurious dining facilities. Thus, they are the best place to have a memorable dinner once in while.


There is no kid’s menu availed at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse restaurants.

The Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse restaurants are the family oriented restaurants but their menu has no special section for the kids. The good thing is that the menu is so extensive that you may find something or other that your kid will like.

The prices of few food items on the menu are little high.