Ruby Tuesday Catering Prices 2022

Are you new in the town and looking for a decent place to have a decent American meal? If so, then you must try visiting Ruby Tuesday restaurant. These restaurants are spread all over United States and are known to serve marvelous American breakfast and dinner. The ambience and decor of the place is set to be very comforting and welcoming. The atmosphere is very casual and perfect for the late night dinners or early morning breakfast. The staff members at Ruby Tuesday know how you like your American meal. They hold great expertise plus experience in the customer service. Thus, you’re bound to have a great time here.

Ruby Tuesday Catering Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices at Ruby Tuesday Catering, refer to the table given below.


Create Your Own Garden Bar (serves 12-15)

Create Your Own Garden Bar (TST)99.99
Premium Garden Bar (TST)119.99

Add to our Create Your Own Garden Bar

Fresh Grilled Chicken29.99
Fried Chicken29.99
Baked Potato Bar28.99
Soup Bar (serves 8)28.99
Premium Baked Potato Bar Additions (TST)10

Baked Potato & Soup Bars (serves 8)

Baked Potato Bar36.99
Soup Bar32.99
Premium Baked Potato Bar46.99

RT Famous Salads (serves 4-6)

Grilled Chicken Salad32.99
Carolina Chicken Salad30.99
Fresh Garden Salad19.99

Specialties (serves 4-6)

New Orleans Seafood39.99
Chicken Bella35.99
Chicken Fresco35.99
Sliced Sirloin38.99
Smoky Mountain Chicken36.9
Grilled Salmon49.99

Platters (serves 4-6)

Queso & Chips15.99
Spinach Artichoke Dip15.99
Fire Wings29.99
Southern Style Chicken Tenders25.99
Classic Cheese Minis20.99
Fried Chicken Minis20.99
NEW Thai Spring Rolls21.99

Platters (serves 10-12)

Ultimate Tailgating Feast79.99
Choose ribs as both of your main entrées for an additional15
Salad Dressing for Ultimate Tailgating Feast0

Pastas & More (serves 4-6)

Parmesan Shrimp Pasta34.99
Chicken & Broccoli Pasta34.99
Parmesan Chicken Pasta35.99
Baked Ravioli33.99
Low Country Shrimp & Grits37.99
Grilled Chicken Sonora Pasta34.99

Burger Bar (serves 8)

Burger Bar52.99
Premium Burger Bar62.99

New Wraps & Sandwiches (serves 4-6)

Grilled Chicken Wraps27.99
Buffalo Chicken Wraps27.99
Baja Chicken Wraps27.99
California BLT Wraps27.99
New California Turkey BLT27.99
Caesar Veggie Wrap27.99

Boxed Meals (serves 1)

Boxed Meal - Classic Cheese Minis7.49
Boxed Meal - Southern Style Chicken Tenders7.49
Boxed Meal - Grilled Chicken Wrap7.49
Boxed Meal - Buffalo Chicken Wrap7.49
Boxed Meal - Baja Chicken Wrap7.49
Boxed Meal - California BLT Wrap7.49
Boxed Meal - Caesar Veggie Wrap7.49
Boxed Meal - Baja Veggie Wrap **NO CHICKEN7.49

Fresh. Fresh. Sides. (serves 4-6)

Mixed Fruit12.99
Mashed Potatoes12.99
Rice Pilaf12.99
Garlic Cheese Biscuits3.99
Fresh Steamed Broccoli12.99
Fresh Green Beans12.99
Veggie Pesto Pasta Salad12.99
Potato Salad12.99


Half Dozen Gourmet Cookies7.99
Baker's Dozen Gourmet Cookies15.99
3 Baker's Dozen Cookies41.99
New York Cheesecake (serves 10-12)39.99


Fresh Sweet Iced Tea (gallon)7.49
Fresh Unsweet Iced Tea (gallon)7.49
Minute Maid Light Lemonade (gallon)7.49
6-Pack Bottled Water7.49
Single Bottle of Water1.25

Last Updated: 2 January 2022

The menu includes all the classical American food items. So while you’re here, make sure that you try one of their special burgers which are handcrafted in the store. There is no use of refrigerated materials and ingredients. The potatoes are freshly cut; the patties are freshly cooked and fired. The salad combinations are very lucrative and fulfilling, plus healthy too. You must try their grilled salmon bowl of salad. You can enjoy all this at convincingly affordable Ruby Tuesday prices.

Phone Number For Customer Support

Use the contact details mentioned below and tell us what you think about the Ruby Tuesday restaurant and its services. Do you like the idea of shareable appetizers served here? Do you think that Ruby Tuesday should serve some fusion of cuisine along with American one? If so, use the numbers given below and tell us about it.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: (865) 379-5700

Headquarter Address

Now you don’t need to fret if you have any query or doubt. Simply use the contact information provided as follows and reach out theRuby Tuesday Corporate Office headquarters. You can report all your queries in regards to all the minute problems that you have faced or are still facing. In case you have any important feedbacks and suggestions, then you can reach out the Ruby Tuesday Headquarters. You can directly contact the customer support executive and get appropriate solutions and answers.

333 East Broadway Avenue, Maryville, TN 37804

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Just like every other restaurant, Ruby Tuesday was opened to provide a hangout spot to the locals, so that they can enjoy a delectable meal at very reasonable prices. The birthplace of Ruby Tuesday is in Tennessee in United States, somewhere beside Knoxville University. As the years passed away, the restaurant chained attracted patrons in great number. People loved the simplicity of these restaurants. Everyone likes to have a scrumptious meal in comfy and friendly settings. It has been more than four decades ever since 1972 and Ruby Tuesday is still passionately serving its customers with amazing meals at amazing deals. In today’s scenario, the chain is one of the most famous and prosperous American restaurant chain in United States. The brand has almost 800 working locations under it. These 800+ locations are spread across the whole world making the chain one of the most preferable restaurant when it comes to American dining. You can avail all these services at very moderate prices of Ruby Tuesday.


The following pros and cons helps in reviewing the Ruby Tuesday pricesand related services availed at these restaurants.


Fired Mozzarella and Cheese fries are the all-time favorite appetizers served in the most basic style. Not only the kids but also the adults enjoy these little nibbles.

The menu is full of varieties, the chicken dishes, the seafood dishes, the bacon, everything. The appetizers are served in a shareable fashion.

The customer service is quite remarkable.


On weekends the services availed by the staff are very delayed and inefficient.

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