Romano’s Macaroni Grill Prices 2022

If you call yourself an enthusiast of Italian cuisine, then you must definitely consider visiting to your nearby Romano’s Macaroni Grill restaurants. These restaurants are famous for delectable Italian-American dishes. You get to choose from an extensive menu which is full of scrumptious food items. The décor and ambiance of these restaurants is maintained very casual. As soon as you will enter one of these restaurants, your attention will be captured by the old Tuscan themed décor. The environment inside these restaurants is set very friendly, thus you can come with your family, friends, or significant other. All your needs and queries will be catered by the hospitable staff. You can experience all this at very pocket-fitting Romano’s Macaroni Grill prices.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices at Romano’s Macaroni Grill, refer to the following at table.

Last Updated: 14 January 2022


Romano's Kitchen Counter - Express Lunch

Always $7 in 7 Minutes or it's free!
Monday-Friday, 11AM-4PM.

Spaghetti Verdi$7.99
Sausage Rigatoni$7.99
Baked Ravioli$7.99
Spaghetti Bolognese$7.99
Chicken Milanese Panzanella$7.99
Pronto Caesar Salad$7.99
Caprese Sandwich$7.99
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich$7.99
Italian Pulled Pork Sandwich$7.99
Prosciutto Grilled Cheese$7.99
Pepperoni Calzonetto$7.99
Chicken Caesar Calzonetto$7.99
Add Rosemary Peasant Bread or Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.99
Add Parmesan Truffle Fries$3.99
Add Meatball$3.99
Add Parmesan Crusted Chicken$3.99
Add Parmesan Crusted Salmon Bites$4.99


Calamari Fritti$10.99
Crispy Fresh Mozzarella$8.99
Pomodorina Soup$5.99
Baked Prosciutto & Mozzarella$6.99
Spicy Ricotta Meatballs$6.99
Goat Cheese Peppadew Peppers$5.99
Signature Mac + Cheese Bites$6.49
Loaded Fries$5.49
Portobello Fries$7.99


All Dressings Served on the Side.

Chicken Florentine Salad$10.49
Caprese Salad$9.49
Caesar Salad$8.49
Caesar with Chicken Salad$11.49
Caesar with Shrimp Salad$12.49
Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Salad$11.99
Bibb & Bleu Salad$9.99
Bibb & Bleu with Chicken Salad$12.99
Bibb & Bleu with Shrimp Salad$13.99
Steak & Green Salad$14.99

Artisan Pizzas

From the dough to the toppings, our Neapolitan-style pizza is carefully handcrafted with the finest ingredients, and baked at a blistering 600 degrees in our brick oven.

Farmhouse Pizza$11.49
Margherita Pizza$10.49
Cheese Pizza$10.49
Pepperoni Pizza$11.99
Add Caesar or Fresh Green Salad$3..99
Add Small Bibb & Blue Salad$4..99
Add Pomodorina Soup$5.99
Add Buffalo or Smoked Mozzarella$3..99

For the Table

Serves 3-4.

Crispy Parmesan Potatoes$7.99
Italian Dirty "Rice"$7.99
Smoky Spinach Formaggio$7.99
Sweet & Savory Butternut Squash$7.99
Signature Truffle Mac + Cheese$7.99
Italian Creamed Corn$7.99


Chicken Under a Brick$16.99
Chicken Scaloppine$15.99
Pollo Caprese$12.49
Chicken Marsala$16.99
Buffalo Chicken Parmesan$14.99
Blackened Chicken Parmesan$14.99
Chicken Parmesan$14.99
Add Caesar or Fresh Green Salad$3.99
Add Small Bibb & Blue Salad$4.99
Add Pomodorina Soup$5.99
Add Extra Seasonal Vegetables$3.99
Add Sautéed Shrimp$4.99


Grilled Lamb Chops (with Roasted Parmesan Potatoes, Roasted Vegetables)$22.99
Rosemary Ribeye (with Roasted Parmesan Potatoes, Roasted Vegetables)$26.99
Fig Marsala Pork Chop (with Roasted Parmesan Potatoes, Roasted Vegetables)$19.49
Cremini Pork Shank (with Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms, Garlic Rosemary Potatoes)$24.99
Add Caesar or Fresh Green Salad$3.99
Add Small Bibb & Blue Salad$4.99
Add Pomodorina Soup$5.99


Mushroom Ravioli$13.49
Penne Rustica$14.49
Carmela•s Chicken$13.49
Create Your Own Pasta$11.49
Mama's Trio$17.99
Butternut Asiago Tortellacci$16.99
Classic Italian Bake$16.49
Eggplant Parmesan$12.99
Mom's Ricotta Meatballs & Spaghetti - Bolognese$13.49
Mom's Ricotta Meatballs & Spaghetti - Pomodoro$13.99
Fettuccine Alfredo$11.99
Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken$14.99
Fettuccine Alfredo with Shrimp$15.99
Lasagna Bolognese$13.49
Add Caesar or Fresh Green Salad$3.99
Add Small Bibb & Blue Salad$4.99
Add Pomodorina Soup$5.99
Add Grilled Shrimp$4.99
Add Chicken or Sausage$3.99
Add Meatballs$3.99


Lobster Ravioli$18.99
Shrimp Portofino$15.99
Pasta di Mare$18.99
Shrimp Scampi$18.99
Grilled Salmon$18.99
Parmesan-Crusted Sole$15.49
Add Caesar or Fresh Green Salad$3.99
Add Small Bibb & Blue Salad$4.99
Add Pomodorina Soup$5.99
Add Shrimp$1.99
Add Scallops$7.99
Add Lobster$5.99


New York Style Cheesecake$5.99
Lemon Passion$5.99
Homemade Chocolate Cake$5.99


Iced Tea$2.49
Flavored Tea or Lemonade$3.99
Italian Soda$3.99
Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite or Dr. Pepper$2.49
Minute Maid Lemonade or Lemonade Light$2.49
San Pellegrino$3.99
Acqua Panna$3.99
Illy Coffee$2.49
Ginger Root Soda$3.99
Limonata Nojito$3.99
Cranberry Orange Spritz$3.99


Served with your choice of Milk, Juice, or Soft Drink.

Spaghetti & Pomodoro$5.99
Spaghetti & Meatballs$6.99
Spaghetti & Meat Sauce$6.99
Mac & Cheese$5.99
Grilled Chicken & Pasta (with Broccolini)$6.99
Fettuccine Alfredo$5.99
Chicken Strips (with Salad, Broccolini, or Fries)$6.99
Cheese Ravioli$6.99
Cheese Pizza$5..99
Pepperoni Pizza$6.99

Romano's Family Meals

Feed your family starting at $6 per person, including a shared Entree, Caesar Salad and freshly baked Rosemary Peasant Bread. Family Meals serve 4-5 people.

Family Meals Spaghetti Pomodoro$29.99
Family Meals Spaghetti Bolognese$32.99
Family Meals Chicken Parmesan$39.99
Family Meals Eggplant Parmesan$35.99
Family Meals Penne Rustica$40.99
Add Meatballs$12.99

Romano’s Macaroni Grill Opening Hours

You can learn more about the hours of operations at Romano’s Macaroni Grills by looking at the following table.

Monday 11AM–10PM
Tuesday 11AM–10PM
Wednesday 11AM–10PM
Thursday 11AM–10PM
Friday 11AM–11PM
Saturday 11AM–11PM
Sunday 11AM–10PM

Specializations of ROMANO’S MACARONI GRILL

You should not be baffled by the name of Romano’s Macaroni Grill restaurants. This is because there is lot more in the menu besides the delectable macaroni. The cuisine served here is Italian-American cuisine. You will be overwhelmed by the extensive choice of dishes that you can choose from. While you dine here, you will be reminded of the Old Italian Culture, because every single thing is tainted with the aura of Italy. You will almost feel like a small Italy is created inside the walls of these restaurants.

Talking intricately about the menu, you can choose from express lunch section which includes Caprese sandwich, Spaghetti Verdi, Spaghetti Bolognese, Italian Pork Sandwich, Baked Ravioli, Parmesan fries, Sausage Rigatoni, etc. The Antipasti section includes Bruschetta, Calamari Fritti, Portobello Fries, Ricotta meatballs, signature macaroni served along with cheese bites, etc. The salad section consists of Blue salad topped with shrimp or chicken, Caesar salad, Green salad, Florentine salad, Caprese salad, etc. The Artisan pizzas section includes Pepperoni pizza, smoked mozzarella pizza, Margherita pizza, Farmhouse pizza, Cheese pizza, etc. The most ordered food items at Romano’s Macaroni Grill restaurants include Italian Creamed corn, Parmesan potatoes, Chicken Marsala, Sautéed Shrimp, chicken parmesan, Pollo Caprese, etc. The pasta section includes Fettuccine Alfredo pasta, Penne Rustica pasta, Eggplant Parmesan pasta, Mushroom Ravioli pasta, Lasagna Bolognese pasta, Mama’s Trio pasta, Carmela’s Chicken pasta, etc. The seafood section includes Grilled salmon, Lobster Arviloi, Shrimp Scampi, Shrimp Portofino, Parmesan-Crusted Sole, etc. The dessert section includes Lemon Passion, Tiramisu, Chocolate cake, NY cheesecake, etc.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill restaurants also have section for kids in the menu. The food items in this section include Mac & cheese, Spaghetti & Meatballs, pepperoni pizza, grilled chicken served in pasta, etc. All this is availed at very low prices of Romano’s Macaroni Grill.


Romano’s Macaroni Grill restaurants are widely known for their authentic Italian dishes which are served in humble atmosphere. In the current scenario, these restaurants stand as one of the best Italian-American restaurant in United States. Besides America, the restaurants have several International locations, where they are thriving to serve the customers in the best possible ways. The culture maintained inside these restaurants will remind you of the Old Italian Tuscan culture. You can choose from the wide range of dishes along with the extensive range of signature wines. These restaurants have open kitchen which hypes the Italian aura in the restaurants. All this is made available at very inexpensive price of Romano’s Macaroni Grill.


Romano’s Macaroni Grill restaurants were established in the year 1988. The founder was Philip J. Romano. The first restaurant of the chain was opened in Leon Springs, Texas. The main motive behind the establishment of the chain was to offer the delectable Italian dishes in customary styles. The company has a very unique history which is full of troughs and crests. In the year, 1989, the company was acquired by Brinker International. Then in the year 2008, the company was purchased by Mac acquisition and then the company was sold to Ignite restaurant group. Eventually, Redrock partners became the parent company of the Romano’s Macaroni Grill restaurants in the year 2015. In the current scenario, the company owns more than 200 restaurant locations across United States. For Example North Carolina, Arizona, New York, Colorado, Maryland, Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio, Georgia, Delaware, Utah, California, Virginia, etc. Besides these, there are many International locations too that are owned by the company, for example Taiwan, Canada, Egypt, Japan, Mexico, Germany, etc. The headquarters of the company are in Houston, Texas. You will love to dine at these restaurants for their wide array of Italian-American dishes. You will be astounded by looking at the choice of dishes you can choose from. All the ingredients used in these dishes are used in their freshest state. The recipes used are very simple and customary, so that you can have a taste of authentic Italian flavors. All this can be experienced at very moderate Romano’s Macaroni Grill prices.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill Customer Support

You can contact us on the following numbers in case of any query or support.

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Romano’s Macaroni Grill Headquarter Address & Number

You can reach us on the address given below.

9900 Westpark Dr Ste 300, Houston, TX 77063
(713) 366-7500

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By referring to the pros and cons given below, you can learn more about the Romano’s Macaroni Grill Prices and the ambiance of these restaurants.


Romano’s Macaroni Grill restaurants are the family-oriented restaurants with very casual and friendly ambiance.

The staff appointed at the Romano’s Macaroni Grill restaurant is very hospitable in attitude and efficient with services.


The peak hours at Romano’s Macaroni Grill restaurants can turn out to very problematic.

During the weekends, it is very normal to experience a little chaos and inconvenience. There might be delays in orders and a long waiting line for the table, which can be quite irritating at times.