Retro Fitness Prices 2022

In this busy life, when everything passes by at a lightning fast speed, trying to hit the gym may seem like a far off option. Despite of this, there are no two ways about staying fit other than attending some kind of fitness regimen- be it a gym, a dance form or a sports activity. Anyways, it’s given that exercising under the supervision of a well-trained fitness professional will definitely help you to overcome a number of ailments. Weight management tops the priority list of many people as obesity is the root cause behind various diseases. A change in lifestyle besides regular exercises can surely make a person stay healthy for long. Retro fitness is one of the renowned names in fitness with the best equipment and best trainers to help you in achieving your health goals effectively. Retro Fitness prices are more reasonable in comparison to other gyms.

Retro Fitness Prices and Service Menu 2022

You can select the price mentioned in the pricing table once you make your mind to join this gym.

Last Updated: 9 January 2022




Initiation Fee$19.99
Monthly Fee$19.99
Cancellation Fee$0.00



Initiation Fee$19.99
Monthly Fee$29.99
Cancellation Fee$0.00



Initiation Fee$99.99
Prepaid Annual Maintenance Fee$39.99
Prepaid Membership Dues$239.49



Initiation Fee$99.99
Prepaid Annual Maintenance Fee$49.99
Prepaid Membership Dues$359.99

Retro Fitness Opening Hours

The hours of operation at Retro Fitness gym is mentioned below. Just check out the hours that will be convenient for you.

Monday 4AM–12AM
Tuesday 4AM–12AM
Wednesday 4AM–12AM
Thursday 4AM–12AM
Friday 4AM–12AM
Saturday 7AM–10PM
Sunday 7AM–8PM

Specializations of Retro Fitness

Retro Fitness can help you to get rid of the stress caused by work pressure at the end of the day. The gym has multiple time slots and as it is available in several locations, you can choose your own time of exercise at the gym according to your convenience. Moreover, you can easily maintain your heart health if you spend some time regularly at the gym. Retro fitness can be your on the go choice for gym as it has the best exercising equipment and is located in more than 150 places throughout the United States. Prices of Retro fitness will always help you to choose the best exercise regime for yourself. Once you register for the membership of the gym, the professionals will definitely help you to choose the classes best suited for you as they will know better what will suit your body and what won’t.

The gym is supervised by highly trained professionals who will make you sweat till you drop your weight. But unlike other gyms, Retro Fitness has an amazing ambiance with all sorts of equipment in large numbers so that a person does not have to wait for their chance to use the same kind of equipment. Fitness trainers will make you realize the importance of some particular exercises that will not only heal your body but will also boost your mind and rejuvenate your soul. After each session of exercise you will feel more strong and confident. Any sort of physical injuries will be taken care of and personalized regimes will be designed accordingly. Apart from this, free trial before membership is also available for those who want to get a trial session before finally joining. They provide retro fitness app which is also helpful in the long run.

About Retro Fitness

High gear fitness with strength training and other cardio exercises are the best part of Retro Fitness. Besides the usual strength training stuff, this fitness centre provides excellent amenities that are required within a gym. Both high and low budget plans are available and after getting the membership you can enjoy the facilities of the gym. Starting from state-of-the-art gear to availing group classes that perform high intensity workouts and getting delicious and nutritional Retro special smoothies are all a part of the Retro Fitness gym. At every moment you will get help of the qualified trainers who can make you do your workout in a more accurate way. The trainers always pay enough attention to the gym users and even you can get your own personal trainer for achieving a desired health goal. Apart from this, Retro Fitness will also provide separate child –sitting if you are a mom and is regular at the gym. Nothing but the most stimulating fitness regime is all that awaits you in Retro Fitness.

History of Retro Fitness

Retro Fitness is a high-end fitness centre founded by Eric Casaburi in the year 2002. It was primarily based at New Jersey and it started expanding the business by encouragingfranchising from the year 2006 and from then onwards it has grown rapidly over the past few years. The gym is now providing some excellent offers which include the facility of using any of the Retro Fitness gym with a single membership. Retro Fitness Prices have not changed much over the course of time and still are pretty much relatable with their parent prices.

Retro Fitness Customer Support

The contact details of their gym and corporate office is mentioned below. For any queries and requests you can call the customer support executive to know more about Retro Fitness Gym.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-800-738-7604

Retro Fitness Headquarter Address & Number

Headquarter address of Retro Fitness is mentioned below.

Retro Personal Training Corporate Office Headquarters. 43 County Road 537, West Colts Neck, NJ 07722

Retro Fitness Near Me

  • Just check out the addresses and find the other franchise that will be near you so that you can hit the gym easily.

Review of Retro Fitness

Besides Retro Fitness prices, which are reasonable to every customer, you need to know the various other pros as well as cons before joining the gym. There are some really important factors that should to be considered before you join and become a permanent member. Hence we have carefully examined the various advantages and disadvantages of the gym so that you can make a choice without any single hint of doubt in it.

The pros of Retro Fitness:

They have the best qualified trainers who can help you to use the gym properly.

The staffs in this gym are extremely helpful and cooperative.

The different fitness plans they follow are specially designed for better performance.

The changing rooms are quite fresh and clean.

Both the group and cardio regimes are great for all the gym users.

Cons of Retro Fitness:

When it is the question of cancellation, they lack in professionalism and charge much from the client who wants to cancel the membership.

The gym makes some kind of difficult rules when you need to move and change the franchise just because you may be moving to some other city.

Another problem is that the gym’s steam room which often breaks down and then the gym users cannot use the room until the problem is fixed, which may take weeks.

Sometimes, the equipments can be found untended and unkempt.

The official staffs often do not pay much attention to the complains made by the clients.