Reel Cinemas Prices 2022

Gone are the days when watching movies was all about sitting onto that cramped seat with a wretched paper box of popcorns. Movie watching experience has been totally redefined by Reel Cinemas who offer amazing food apart from some seriously relaxing seating arrangements.. Some movie theatres also provide distinct arrangements for kids and new born babies which facilitate their parents to watch movies without feeling awkward about the fact that their kids may disturb others. You can avail several different discounts as well as offers if you keep yourself updated and informed about their latest promotions and happenings. The official websites of the multiplexes often have such information for the audiences and booking a ticket online has been made easy through their site. One such popular movie theatre is the Reel Cinema. Reel Cinema Prices are affordable so that people with different budgets can enjoy the movies.

Reel Cinemas Prices and Service Menu 2022

For a more detailed pricing table, see the below mentioned price list.

Last Updated: 9 January 2022



Child (2-12)£4.99 - £6.99
Teen (13-17)£5.49 - £6.99
Student (NUS card only)£5.49 - £7.99
Adult (18+)£6.49 - £8.99
Senior (60+)£4.49 - £6.99
NHS/Emergency Services & Armed Forces£4.49 - £6.99
Family (3)£18.49 - £19.95
Family (4)£18.49 - £25.99


Child (2-12)£6.95 - £8.99
Teen (13-17)£7.45 - £8.99
Student (NUS card only)£7.49 - £9.99
Adult (18+)£8.49 - £10.99
Senior (60+)£6.95 - £8.99
NHS/Emergency Services & Armed Forces£6.95 - £8.99
Family (3)£20.45 - £25.95
Family (4)£26.99 - £33.99


Tuesday + Wednesday Movie£4.95 - £6.95
Tuesday + Wednesday 3D Movie£5.95 - £7.99
Kids Club Movie£2.45
Kids Club Movie 3D Movie£3.45
Birthday Party Movie£7.45
Birthday Party 3D Movie£8.45
Senior Club Tuesday Movie£4.95 - £6.95
Senior Club Tuesday 3D Movie£5.95 - £7.99

Reel Cinemas Opening Hours

Their hours of operation are mentioned below.

Specialization of Reel Cinema

All the modern facilities that Reel cinema provides can add that extra zing of enthusiasm to your theatre experience and the chances of your dozing off at the end of a gravely boring movie would be satisfactorily cut down. The unparalleled experience of watching movies at these theatres will linger in your memory for a good span of time. The food, the selection of the movie, the service provided at Reel cinemas, every single thing would make you want to come back. A fun filled movie or a thought provoking one, any sort of film will be the best occurrence ever in these theatres. Prices of Reel Cinema is indeed affordable and hence it attracts a lot of audiences during new releases. Moreover they have a number of offers and promotional options to choose from with which you can avail tickets at a cheaper rate. Reel Cinema is one of the biggest multiplex in UAE. Here you can get to choose from a large number of brilliant movies and can even experience back-to-back blockbusters within a day. They have this amazing Platinum Movie Suites that will make you indulge into the luxurious way of enjoying a movie. Costs of Reel Cinema can make people enjoy the lavishness of their movie theatre.

About Reel Cinema

Prices of Reel Cinema offers an absolutely exclusive experience of movies at their corporate and business class theatres. In these boutique halls you can get a wide variety of gourmet food besides good options of beverages and relaxing recliners often with twin seats and a wider space for legroom. They always help you to keep yourself updated about the latest costs of movies and their different schedules. They provide with the opening and closing of box office timing. While talking about the comfort level of these movie theatres, it is important to mention that you will find seats of different values but all with the utmost comfort level. They take much importance in maintaining the ambiance within their movie halls to make your movie experience a remarkable one. They will never compromise with the comfort zone and hence can provide you with some of the excellent features within the theatres. Apart from great food and drinks, they provide assistance to people with special needs. There are staffs that will surely take care of the audience and will always provide the helping hand whenever required. Apart from these, the countless food options are indeed tempting for the audience and you can always enjoy those small munches while watching the movies.

History of Reel Cinema

In the year 2009 the Reel Cinema was first opened in the Dubai Mall on August 22. Their next opening was in Dubai Marina Mall where it was inaugurated in the year 2010 on 22nd July. With its opening for the third time at The Beach, JBR, it gained much popularity. Recently their opening was made at the City Walk in 2016. Till this date the Reel Cinemas has been tagged as the best multiplex in UAE. Reel Cinema Prices are also the best in UAE.

Reel Cinemas Customer Support

For any sort of general query, you need to contact their customer support at the given phone number.

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Reel Cinemas Headquarter Address & Number

Headquarter address are available for your assistance.

5 Cattle Market, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3DL
01509 210400

Reel Cinemas Near Me

  • For the location, take a look at their map so that you can find the nearest movie theatre.

Review Of Reel Cinemas

Reel Cinema has gained much appreciation in terms of environment and the selection of movies they show in their halls. The Reel Cinema prices are absolutely worth it. They do not make prices that are more than what should be. Movie gift cards are available so that you can easily gift a movie screening to your loved ones. Advance tickets even before the release of the films can be made with ease. Toddlers of age group 2 years and below can enter the movie halls without ticket, but above this age they will need tickets to watch films. They have this facility of changing the booked tickets with some other show timing or with some other movies as well.

The Pros of Reel Cinema:

The movie theatres are extremely neat and clean. They properly clean the halls after each movie.

The provide food and beverages within the halls itself.

They accept the popular payment cards options for their tickets. Other than that you can get online tickets at any time you want.

Kids and babies can have some extra facilities and help is also given for people with disabilities.

The sound system as well as the screen quality is one of the best in the whole UAE.


Crowd management during fresh releases cannot be made with utmost efficiency.

They need more competent man power to improve some of their services and to serve on a large scale.

The speakers available within the halls for independent sound experience are not maintained on a daily basis.