Redbox Prices 2022

If you’re the 90s’ kid of USA, you would be well acquainted with the Redbox, through its kiosks. The Redbox is a rental company which rents Blu-ray and DVD on rents. In short it is the savior for all the video-games and movie maniacs who were broke or believed in minimalism. When the Redbox prices are mentioned, all the adjectives like cheap, reasonable, considerate, pocket-fitting, affordable, etc. tag along.

Redbox Prices and Service Menu 2022

In order to have an insight about the prices, refer to the table below.

Last Updated: 9 January 2022



Per Day$1.99


Per Day$2.99


Per Day$3.99

Redbox Opening Hours

You can know the number of operations at Redbox by using the following table.

Specializations of REDBOX

The philosophy behind Redbox itself makes the Redbox stand out unique. The idea of not paying for the full price of DVD, instead paying 10% of it attracted customers in tremendous forms. It was not only because of the satisfactory prices of Redbox that appealed to the people, but also the policy of return. According to the return policy, the DVDs can be returned to any kiosk station, not just to the one brought from. In case you’re too broke to pay a penny to watch movie, then worry not because Redbox is still there for you. The Redbox comes with play-pass for its broke customers. Pay Pass is the kind of loyalty program of Redbox under which you get different rewardson the basis of the points you earn. For example, one gets 10 points for renting one DVD. These points are recorded in the Redbox’s play pass card. When you’ve accumulated 100 points, you can rent a video game or movie DVD, without paying a single penny. Redbox tends to take care of all his loyal customers by giving them one DVD on rent for free on their birthday night. When you complete one year with Redbox, you’ll again get one rental DVD for free for one night to celebrate your anniversary with Redbox. While you use and accumulate your points you should only keep one thing in mind that these points expire after 1 month.


If you are in USA and were searching for the largest rental DVD and video game company, just look around and you’d see a Redbox kiosk near you. Redbox Company offers more than half of the population of USA, disc rental kiosks which are like 5 minutes to 10 minutes’ drive away. In the world full of online streaming, the company continues to exist due to the very low price of Redbox. At Redbox you don’t have to pay the price of full DVD, if you’re just planning to watch it once and stack it up somewhere in the corner. Instead, you can serve your needs by paying approximately 10% of the price and return it at any of the nearby Redbox kiosks.

History of REDBOX

Redbox was established in the year 2002. In today’s scenario, Redbox is the leading video game and Blu-ray company, who also gives out DVDs on rent. The credit behind the successful establishment and running till today goes to the McDonald’s corporation. Early in 2003, McDonald’s put an end to the use of kiosks which were used to run by Ticktok easy Shop. Gregg Kaplan, the founder of the Redbox who used to work for McDonald’s corporation during 2003, made a decision to use DVD rentals instead. Initially the prices of rents were high, but later Redbox prices were scaled down to appear favorable to everyone. Since, then Redbox continues to exist. The Redbox kiosks became very popular due to two facts, one because of the renting of both movies and video games, second because of the return policy at any kiosk. The company didn’t restrict its popularity to just selling of movies and video games, instead it also started selling milk, sandwiches and eggs, which were removed very soon due to lack of interests of the customers. Since, 2005 the company converged its business to the rental DVDs only, thus made many competitors like Netflix and Blockbuster. The major accomplishments made by the company were renting of Blu-ray discs in the year 2010 and purchase of Blockbuster Company in 2012. In the very current scenario of online streaming, the Redbox owns 40,000 kiosks on the estimate across the whole United States.

Redbox Customer Support

Call us on the following mentioned numbers in case of any query or support.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1.866.733.2693

Redbox Headquarter Address & Number

You can also reach us at the following address.

1 Tower Ln Ste 900, Oakbrook Terrace, IL

Redbox Near Me

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Review of REDBOX

In order to have a balanced review about the Redbox prices, go through the pros and cons mentioned below.


The kiosks of Redbox never run out of the DVD.

You would never return empty handed from a Redbox’s kiosk unless you don’t have some money or the reward points. This is because of the fact that each Redbox’s kiosk has approximately 700 DVDs of trending video games and movies in its unit.

Redbox kiosks in United States are very easy to find, some are even in reach of five minutes.

Being the one of the largest rental Video Game and Movie Company in the United States, you would never face difficulty in finding a Redbox’s kiosk. There are more than 35, 000 locations of the Redbox’s kiosk in the United States.

The prices are so low and attractive.

Since it’s a rental based company, you’ll always find the prices of Redbox appealing to your pockets. Despite the fact that online streaming is replacing video game and movie kiosks, the Redbox still occupies the market in substantial percentages. It is only because of the extremely low prices of the Redbox’s DVDs.

The loyalty program offered by Redbox is the icing on the cake.

With such low prices, Redbox still maintains its own loyalty programs which avails you with several offers and rewards points.


There is no receipt given at the time of return

At times due to machinery failure, the kiosk may overcharge you and you won’t have a receipt to remember where you dropped off the DVD.

Sometimes, the DVDs turn out to be unplayable.