Rave Cinemas Prices 2022

If you call yourself as a movie enthusiast then there is no chance that you must have not heard about Rave cinemas. Though, there are very less number of cinemas that operates under this brand name, yet the service and facilities provided under the Rave Cinemas prices is very impressive. So browse for the nearby Rave cinemas, give it a look and add another fantastic experience to your list of best movie experiencing.

Rave Cinemas Prices and Service Menu 2022

Refer to the table given below, if you’ve any queries regarding the prices.

Last Updated: 9 January 2022



Children (<12 years)$7.00 - $9.49
Adult$10.00 - $12.99
Senior (60+)$7.00 - $9.49
Military Discount (with valid ID)*0% - 20%
Student Discount (with valid ID)*0% - 20%


Children (<12 years)$7.00 - $8.99
Adult$7.50 - $9.99
Senior (60+)$7.00 - $8.49


Children (<12 years)$10.00 - $13.49
Adult$13.00 - $15.99
Senior (60+)$10.50 - $12.99


Children (<12 years)$10.00 - $12.99
Adult$11.00 - $13.49
Senior (60+)$10.50 - $12.49


Children (<12 years)$12.00 - $13.99
Adult$16.50 - $18.99
Senior (60+)$12.00 - $13.99


Children (<12 years)$12.00 - $13.99
Adult$15.50 - $17.49
Senior (60+)$12.00 - $13.99


Children (<12 years)$14.00 - $15.99
Adult$17.00 - $19.99
Senior (60+)$14.00 - $15.99


Children (<12 years)$13.00 - $14.99
Adult$11.00 - $12.99
Senior (60+)$13.00 - $14.99


Children (<12 years)$8.00 - $9.99
Adult$12.00 - $14.99
Senior (60+)$8.00 - $9.99


Children (<12 years)$8.00 - $9.99
Adult$8.00 - $9.99
Senior (60+)$8.00 - $9.99


Children (<12 years)$11.00 - $12.99
Adult$14.00 - $17.99
Senior (60+)$11.00 - $12.99


Children (<12 years)$11.00 - $12.99
Adult$11.00 - $12.99
Senior (60+)$11.00 - $12.99

Rave Cinemas Opening Hours

To know about the hours of operations at the Rave theatres, you can refer to the table given below.

Specializations of RAVE CINEMAS

Though the brand Rave Cinemas has suffered a lot of lashes of the time and its competitors and only the handful of Rave Cinemas remains, yet there are people who continue to come at Rave theatres for the facilities it provide. Every single Rave theatre in the current scenario has DTS sound system which provides the excellent surrounding effect producing clear and crisp sound. The projectors used at the cinemas are DLP projectors which produce images of high resolution giving them the life-like ambiance. The seats at the Rave cinemas are stadium styled which gives the viewer the best view of the big screen. Also, there are reclining seats and ultra-luxurious reclining seats. With the reclining back, you can adjust your seats and set the angles accordingly so that you get the best view without the expense of comfort. For people who deal in more comfort, there are ultra-luxurious reclining couches which would give you a dream like feel providing you the immersive movie effect. The armrest of the seats is movable and they can hold your food at the maximum capacity. This is so that you can have a comfortable seating with your significant other where the armrest wouldn’t disrupt, plus these armrest can hold your food, so that you can eat more. The legroom provided by the Rave Cinemas is much more than provided by the traditional theatres. There is a difference of approximately 48 inches. The theatres are equipped with RealD 3D technology and some of the theaters also have IMAX screens.

This is not all; there are facilities with differently abled people too. Like many theatres have elevators and two-floor exists for the better convenience. There are arcades games for the kids and adults to pass their time before the start of the movie. There are screens installed separately for the information and trailers of movies which are or would be trending. Plus, you don’t have to wait in line, there are many concession stands to avoid the problem. All of this, every single facility is made available to you at very cost-effective prices of Rave Cinemas.


Rave cinemas have a very short history but the effect of these theatres is still persistent. The effect can be seen on the movie experiencing. If you’re a movie enthusiast then Rave is one of the best options for you, because of the very affordable price of Rave cinemas.Though, Rave cinemas are branded under the names like Carmike, Cinemark and AMC, yet you can still find some of the cinemas which continue to work under the same brand name.


Rave cinemas history lies in the end of 20th century. It was founded by Thomas W. Stevenson in the year 1999. It was originally known by the name Rave Motion Pictures, which was retained for ten years and changed in 2009. The advent of 21st century was very flourishing for the Rave Cinemas. For a decade the Rave Cinemasexpanded its empire by acquiring many properties and authorities. In the year 2009 the company’s name was rebranded from Rave Motion Pictures to the rave Cinemas. The purchasing of cinemas and expansion of theatrical chains continued for a while till the year 2012 when the company sold its 16 theatres to Carmike Cinemas which was soon followed by the selling of 32 theatres to the same. This began the downfall of the Rave Cinemas. In the same year 2012, 4 theaters were sold to the AMC theatre, which was followed by selling of six more. Seeing the downfall of Rave Brand, every competitor participated in breaking down the brand further more. Many of the competitors in the subsequent years purchased more theatres under the Rave Cinemas, these theatres chains were, Starplex Cinemas and Carmike Theatres. In the current scenario, the Rave cinemas are majorly owned by Cinemark Theaters only a countable number still has the Rave Branding. The cinemas which still operate under the rave brand are very docile and considerate when it comes to the Rave Cinemas.

Rave Cinemas Customer Support

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Rave Cinemas Headquarter Address & Number

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3333 Welborn Street Suite 100 Dallas, TX 75219

Rave Cinemas Near Me

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In order to make a fair choice and good decisions, go through the following pros and cons that will help you to understand the Rave Cinemas Prices better.


Reclining seats with the footrests are so wonderful

With seats fully reclined still each row has enough space to walk, the recliners with the footsteps are such a comfort and it takes the movie experiencing to another level.

The theatre has temperature settings.

You wouldn’t feel too cold or too hot, the temperature in the auditorium is just set right. Because nothing should spoil the fun of the movie experiencing,

Despite a handful of the Rave Cinemas, many of them still manages to have IMAX screens and the experience is just commendable

When the word IMAX is mentioned, you know that the movie will be amazing, Rave theatres never fail to serve their customers expectations.


Rave Cinemas are not available at a lot of places, which seems like quite of an inconvenience when it comes to looking for one on the Google Maps.