Ra Sushi Prices 2022

If you love trying different cuisines, then consider dining at Ra Sushi restaurants to relish the delicious flavors of Japanese cuisine. These restaurants have the perfect décor for all sorts of dining occasions. You can come with family, friends, or even fly solo at these restaurants. All your needs will be catered efficiently. The décor and the ambiance are set subtly-vibrant. During the peak hours, you wouldn’t find the environment chaotic at all; instead you will like the lively crowd which adds to the vibrancy of these restaurants. The staff members offer exceptional services. During the weekends too, you will not find any delays in your order or any sort of inconvenience. In addition to all this, the staff members have a very docile nature and polite attitude. Thus, you will not face any hesitation while interacting with them. All this can be enjoyed at very budget-friendly Ra Sushi Prices.

Ra Sushi Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices at Ra Sushi restaurants, refer to the table given below.

Last Updated: 9 January 2022



Seared Tuna$7.49
Cripsy Onion Albacore$7.99
Pineapple Cheese Wontons$8.99
Lobster Spring Rolls$11.49
Salmon Carpaccio$8.99
Scallop Dynamite$9.99
Garlic Edamame$5.49
Edamame Dip$5.99
Agedashi Tofu$7.99
Crispy Spicy Tuna$10.99
Tuna Tataki$11.99
Chicken Yakitori$8.99
Garlic Citrus Yellowtail$7.99
Edamame Wonton$7.99
Chili Ponzu Yellowtail$13.99


Sweet Potato (2 pc.)$5.99
Asparagus (2 pc.)$5.99
Green Bean (2 pc.)$5.99
Japanese Eggplant (2 pc.)$5.99
Combination (2 pc.)$5.99
Pork Gyoza$6.99
RACkin' Shrimp$11.99
Hot Mess$14.99


Miso Soup$4.99
Miso Hot! Soup$6.99


Asian Chicken Salad$11.99
Pineapple Grilled Shrimp Salad$12.99
Cucumber Sunomono$4.99
Seaweed Salad$5.99
Tuna Salad$10.99
Nutty Grilled Chicken Salad$10.99
Uchi No Salad$5.99
Sashimi Salad$13.99


Green Tea Ice Cream$3.99
Chocolate Gelato$3.99
Cinnamon Tempura Gelato$6.99
Banana Split Maki$6.99
Sweet Mochi Trio$7.99
Coconut Creme Brulee$5.99

Lunch (11:00 am - 3:00 pm)


Sashimi Salad$13.99
Pineapple Grilled Shrimp Salad$12.99
Asian Chicken Salad$11.99
Nutty Grilled Chicken Salad$10.99


Vegetable Tempura$7.99
Shrimp Tempura$8.49
Chicken Teriyaki$8.49
Chicken Katsu$8.99
Salmon Teriyaki$9.99
Beef Teriyaki$9.99


Chicken Teriyaki Bowl$8.99
Beef Teriyaki Bowl$9.99
Spicy Salmon Bowl$9.99
Spicy Tuna Bowl$13.99
Bara Chirashi Bowl$12.99


Sashimi Combination$11.99
Lunch Sushi Assortment$11.99
Lunch Sashimi Assortment$12.99


Chicken Katsu$14.99
Chicken Yakisoba$13.99
Black Pepper Sirloin Steak$17.99
Bara Chirashi Bowl$12.99
Spicy Chicken Teriyaki Udon$14.99
Teriyaki (Chicken)$16.99
Teriyaki (Beef)$17.99
Dinner Sushi Assortment$17.99
Dinner Sashimi Assortment$19.99
Clam Udon$13.99


Steamed Rice$3.99
Steamed Vegetables$3.99
Seasoned Grilled Vegetables$3.99

Nigiri (2 pc.)

Shrimp "EBI"$5.99
Stripped Bass "Suzuki"$5.99
Tuna "Maguro"$5.99
Smoked Salmon "Smoked Sake"$5.99
Quail Egg "Uzura"$2.99
Sweet Egg "Tamago"$4.99
Mackarel "Saba"$4.99
Smelt Roe "Masago"$4.49
Flying Fish "Tobiko"$4.99
Salmon Roe "Ikura"$5.99
Scallop "Hotategai"$5.99
Octopus "Tako"$5.49
Albacore "Bincho Maguro"$5.99
Halibut "Hirame"$5.99
Yellowtail "Hamachi"$5.99
Salmon "Sake"$5.99
Snow Crab "Zuwai Kani"$6.49
Fresh Water Eel "Unagi"$6.99
Sea Urchin "Uni"$7.99
Sweet Shrimp w/Head$7.99
King Crab "Taraba Kani"$9.99
Toro (Tuna Belly)MKT

Hand Rolls

Spicy Tuna Hand Roll$5.99
Chili Ponzu Yellowtail Hand Roll$5.99
Shrimp Tempura Hand Roll$5.99
Spicy Salmon Hand Roll$5.99


Mackerel "Saba" $8.99
Octopus "Tako"$8.99
Striped Bass "Suzuki"$9.99
Scallop "Hotate"$10.49
Salmon "Sake"$10.99
Halibut "Hirame"$10.99
Tuna "Maguro"$11.99
Yellowtail "Hamachi"$11.99
Sea Urchin "Uni"$13.49
Toro (Tuna Belly)MKT

Maki Sushi

California Roll$6.99
Vegetarian Roll$6.99
Philadelphia Roll$6.99
Avocado Roll$5.49
Tuna Roll$5.99
Cucumber Roll$4.99
Eel Cucumber Roll$7.99
Spicy Tuna Roll$7.99
Spicy Yellowtail Roll$7.99
Spicy Salmon Roll$7.99
Spicy Shrimp Roll$7.99
Shrimp Tempura Roll$9.99
Rainbow Roll$11.49
Caterpillar Roll$12.49
Soft Shell Crab Roll With Soy Peper$12.49
Dragon Roll$12.99

Specialty Rolls

Viva Las Vegas Roll$13.99
Lobster Shrimp Roll$13.99
King Crab Roll$17.99
Gojira Roll$13.49
Vegetable Tempura Roll$8.99
Tootsy Maki$8.99
Crunchy Calamari Roll$8.99
Shrimp Calamari Tempura Roll$9.99
Zonie Roll$9.99
Chili Shrimp Roll$12.99
Lobster Salmon Roll$13.49
RA Llipop$15.49
RACkin' Roll$13.49
Ultimate Shrimp Tempura Roll$12.99
Crazy Monkey Roll$10.49
Seared Dill Salmon Roll$11.99
Spicy Lobster Roll With Soy Pepper$10.99
Crunchy Shrimp Tempura Roll$10.99
Mango Lobster Roll$11.99
Pineapple Shrimp Roll$11.99
Chili Ponzu Yellowtail Roll$12.99
Scallop Dynamite Roll$13.99

Ra Sushi Opening Hours

Use the table given below and look for the hours of operations at Ra Sushi restaurants.

Monday 11AM–12AM
Tuesday 11AM–12AM
Wednesday 11AM–12AM
Thursday 11AM–12AM
Friday 11AM–01AM
Saturday 11AM–01AM
Sunday 11AM–12AM

Specializations of RA SUSHI

As the name of Ra Sushi restaurants suggests, the specialty lies in their amazing sushi. These sushi are not just simple classic sushi, instead a lot of innovation and thoughtful ideas goes into the making of these sushi. The menu is so extensive that you would want to try each and every dish but will be full in one or two. Thus, the best recommended way to dine at Ra Sushi restaurants is to order variety of food items and share them with your folks or friends. You will love the hipster atmosphere of these restaurants. Gone are the days, when people used to like peaceful dining settings, now the people look forward for exquisite vibrant settings. Thus the ambiance is kept very contemporary and it is inspired from the Asian culture. The environment is set to relax and have fun.

Talking about the food menu, you can pick from appetizers like Tunacado, Seared Tuna, Edamame Wontons, spring rolls, Teriyaki wings, Garlic Edamame, short ribs, Pork Gyoza, garlic wings, shrimp tempura, cheese wontons, seared tuna, calamari tempura, chili ponzu wings, Chicken Yakitori, chips & salsa, etc. The salad section includes Tuna salad, sashimi salad, Asian chicken salad, shrimp salad topped with pineapple, seaweed salad, etc. The sushi section consists of sweet egg sushi, flying fish sushi, octopus sushi, smoke salmon sushi, sea urchin sushi, Stripped bass sushi, Halibut sushi, snow crab sushi, etc. The roll section includes Tuna roll, California roll, shrimp roll, caterpillar roll, Philadelphia roll, eel cucumber roll, shrimp tempura roll, Dragon roll, Rainbow roll, avocado roll, vegetarian roll, salmon roll, crab roll, etc. The specialty rolls section includes Crunchy rolls, Vegas rolls, mango lobster roll, scallop dynamite roll, seared salmon roll, King Crab roll, vegetable tempura roll, etc. The entrees section includes Clam Udon, Chicken Katsu, sushi assortment, sirloin steak, chicken Yakisoba, chicken teriyaki, etc. The side section includes Asian Cole, Steamed rice, seasoned vegetables, etc. The bowl section includes Garlic chicken bowl, Tuna bowl, Pineapple chicken bowl, salmon bowl, Teriyaki beef bowl, etc. The dessert section includes Coconut crème, green tea special ice cream, banana split, chocolate gelato, etc. All this is made available at very inexpensive prices of Ra Sushi.


All the Ra Sushi restaurants boost of having a vibrant atmosphere, the innovative cocktails and of course the world-class sushi. You will find these restaurants very different from the other restaurants. The reason is their unique Japanese cuisine, which is served in very hospitable ways. You are bound to appreciate the services availed by the members of the staff. They are very courteous and friendly. In case you encounter any confusion in regards to the food items on the menu, the staff members will be there to help you out. They have extensive knowledge about each and every dish on the menu. They will share it with you and will also let you know about the various exciting offers and deals available. All this has been availed to the customers since many years. You can choose to experience this at very considerate price of Ra Sushi.

History of RA SUSHI

Ra Sushi is a chain of Japanese restaurants. The parent company of the chain is Benihana Inc. Benihana is a Japanese word which means Safflower. The parent company is itself an American food-serving company, but it holds the franchise of several Japanese restaurants, for example Haru restaurants, etc. The founder of the company was Hiroaki Aoki. In the current scenario, the company owns more than 116 franchise restaurants. The headquarters of the company are in Aventura, Florida. The roots of the company lie in the year 1964. You will love dining at Ra Sushi restaurants for their exquisite dining settings and the menu full of delicious Japanese dishes. All this is made available at very affordable Ra Sushi Prices.

Ra Sushi Customer Support

You can reach us on the following numbers, in case of any query.

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Ra Sushi Headquarter Address & Number

You can also contact us at the address provided below.

1390 Lancaster St, Baltimore, MD 21231

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Review of RA SUSHI

The customer is entitled to complete information about the Ra Sushi price and the boastful environment of these restaurants. Thus to know more, have a perusal through the pros and cons given below.


The Hook Up program of Ra Sushi restaurants is the best.

Under the hook up program you get various lucrative gifts and discount certificates. You can also avail yourself to various offers and deals during your Half Birthday month. You can be the part of this program by simply signing with your email address on the official sites of Ra Sushi restaurants.


There is no separate menu curated for the kids. This can be very problematic at times.