Qdoba Catering Prices 2022

To save you from the utter confusion of where to have a delightfully healthy Mexican cuisine, Qdoba Prices has committed to be your knight in Mexican Cuisine armor! The thought of a Mexican meal shots up a well planned slideshow images of fired up taste buds, burning throat, tear filled eyes and a handful of spicy flavors just exhilarating your food palate. But at the back of our mind, the question of nutrition and health issues always lingers. The scenario at Prices of Qdoba is quite different. This fast food joint is extremely famous for serving piping hot Mexican food to its customers with no compromise in the flavor or nutrition, whatsoever.

Qdoba Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices at Qdoba, refer to the table given below.



Qdoba Hot Bars

Hot Taco Bar (10 minimum)$10.00/person
Hot Taco Bar without Dessert (10 minimum)$9.50/person
Hot Nacho Bar (20 minimum)$10.00/person
Hot Nacho Bar without Dessert (20 minimum)$9.50/person
Hot Naked Burrito Bar (20 minimum)$10.00/person
Hot Naked Burrito Bar without Dessert (20 minimum)$9.50/person

Hot Bar Add-Ons

3-Cheese Queso (20 servings)$25.00/box
Fajita Veggies (20 servings)$20.00/box
Cilantro-Lime Rice or Seasoned Brown Rice (20 servings)$20.00/box
Black or Pinto Beans (20 servings)$20.00/box
Hand-Smashed Guacamole (4-6 servings)$7.00/box
Salsa (4-6 servings)$4.00/box

Box Lunches

Adobo-Marinated Grilled Chicken$8.50/person
Adobo-Marinated Grilled Steak$8.50/person
Fire Grilled Veggies$8.50/person

Handmade Tortilla Chips & Salsa

Handmade Tortilla Chips & Salsa (serves 10)$18.00/box
Handmade Tortilla Chips & Salsa (serves 20)$34.00/box


Bulk Iced Tea5
Bulk Lemonade5
Bottled Coke Products1.99

Extra Fees

Delivery Fee25

Last Updated: 3 January 2022

Established just in the mid 90’s, this food joint has emerged out to be one of the toughest players of all times in the dominion of Latin cuisine. The most popular food on the menu are enlisted as the Crafts 2 Meal, Surf & turf burrito bowls with choice of meat, Grilled Chicken Queso Burrito, Tropical Shrimp Taco and Fire-Roasted Shrimp Salad. The cherry on top is the choice of salsas which ranges from mild Pico de Gello and Roasted Chile Corn to slightly feisty Fiery Habanero to the mafia of all-Salsa Roja & Salsa Verde.

Contact Info:

To express your gratification or for an attempt to fish out a secret recipe, reach the customer service portal of Prices of Qdoba by logging on to their official website and leave your invaluable feedback.

Facebook Twitter

CUSTOMER SERVICE: (608) 531-9138

Any grievances or suggestions could reach them through a call or mail, which could be fetched out from the franchise website.

Headquarters Info:

The franchise opened its first outlet in 1995 in Colorado and slowly it turned into one of the most visited Mexican food joint of the neighborhood, ultimately fanning out throughout the country. The joint was initially christened as Zuma Fresh Mexican Grill until it acquired its Qdoba title in 1999. The Qdoba Corporate office Headquarters is situated in San Diego, California, US.

4865 Ward Road, Wheat Ridge, Colorado, United States

The company manages its domestic business and oversees its outlets in Canada through Qdoba Headquarters.

To find out more about this humble abode, just visit their official website and fish out the headquarters information.

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About Prices of Qdoba:

Prices of Qdoba has earned its meritorious identity in Mexican cuisine world by putting in hours of hard work and by committing to serve the Mexican cuisine of highest endeavors with no compromise in nutrition or flavor and their deed is handsomely rewarded by the overwhelming crowds they attend to every day of the year. Their motto translates “to live the flavor.” Despite facing a head on collision with its contemporary rivals in the food industry, Qdoba Prices diligently continues on its course to take the customers on a relishing journey to the most exotic flavors they have ever experienced.

When the food industry is on its heels to inculcate anything novel and approachable when it comes to flavor, Prices of Qdoba decided to take a road less taken and keep the health and flavor a top-priority in its food items. While other offer those deep fried, calorie loaded meals, this food chain adapted to the use of low trans-fat oil, choice of wheat products over flour ones, gluten free, minimum preservative, freshly selected ingredients to prepare the customer’s food of choice in a plain view sight.


When the standards have been set so high, it is not an easy task to grade the A’s and E’s. Qdoba Prices certainly makes a great choice in terms of appetizing and pocket friendly food, without casting aside the importance of calorie maintained diet. Let’s come to the pros and cons:


Food price & Customer service at par with food quality

Free guacamole and queso replenishment

Free refills on student ID

Reward food through reward card or Qdoba app


Aesthetics of some food items could be worked upon

To know more log on to their official website https://www.qdoba.com/