Pure Gym Prices 2022

Are you a fitness freak or an athlete? This is the one-stop place where you can find solutions to all your fitness problems. All necessary fitness related problems, including diet and supplements are all handled here judiciously. This place offers a lot of services that would perfectly fit the solutions for all. One has to pay pure gym prices to avail the amenities offered. People have to pay charges according to their membership policies. If someone is not getting enough time to be fit due to work pressure, then they can opt for weekly memberships. Pure Gym is a one stop solution for all gym and fitness issues. They offer fitness to weight loss solution all under one roof. Moreover, Pure Gym is equipped with all the latest technologies that one can avail. This place is perfect for all, be it a student or working professionals.

Pure Gym Prices and Service Menu 2022

Pricing policy of this gym depends on the services you are willing to take. As there are some programs available one, have to pay Prices for Pure Gym accordingly. After taking the membership, one can avail the facilities consequently. The pricing policy is quite feasible and affordable for all individuals.

Last Updated: 9 January 2022

Pure Gym Opening Hours

The gym is always open throughout the year. Once you have paid the pure gym price for the membership, you can enjoy their services 24/7. The gym is open even on National holidays and other offs too isn’t applicable. It is open on Sundays and Saturdays too. Well, they recommend the freaks come and gym early in the morning just to make sure the fitness process is appropriate – though evening and noon is also open for fitness and workouts.

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

Specialization of Pure Gym

This gym possesses latest facilities with high profile trainers. Thus, the best is delivered by them to the joinees. If a student or an elderly are paying pure gym prices, then they can avail some awesome discounts. Apart from fitness they also provide nutritional help and weight loss therapies. The gym has different membership plans for everyone, that is to say, if someone opts for fitness program, they have to pay a price for Pure Gym programs offered by them.

The membership process is more secure as everyone is not entertained. This means if the company wants they can reject an application. An important aspect of this gym is that one can get a free gym session if they want to check the gym. Another important feature of this is that they are open 24/7. There is no contract tenure of the members who are to join. This is due to the flexibility that they provide to all – irrespective of the age. The consultation is high-end and undoubtedly good. Many have benefitted from this gym till date – the trainer’s help in association with the supplements as well for the clients who join and continue for long term.

The online process is much simpler – just log on to the website and do the needful. Apart from this, they have got some great security systems, as well as they’ve got some personal lockers for each and every member of the gym. They also have personal changing rooms for members. The pure gym is now fully air-conditioned. Moreover, they got separate sections for cardio and free weights.

Everyone is encouraged to do regular exercises, and this is the reason why the weight loss program of this gym is highly recommended. All the programs which are undertaken here are specially designed for everyone. This place also offers a scheme where one has to pay charges for the whole family. If someone is under the age of 13, then they must have their parent’s permission to join the gym. The members all would get innumerable benefits including the diet charts and much more.

About Pure Gym

With over 200 latest equipments, this place is the heaven for all fitness freaks. The management of this gym supports and encourages the fact that all must well be fit and fine and maintains a highly healthy life. Pure gym prices are cheap and easy to afford so that anybody can join. Whether you are a professional body builder or new to fitness, pure gym offers something for everyone. The trainers at this gym are very polite and enthusiastic about fitness, and one will definitely feel safe while they gym here. You will get a 100% satisfaction once you have joined a program here.

History of Pure Gym

Gym commenced its journey long before and took the time to get a good number of candidates to join. This is due to the competitive market. People are now paying Pure gym prices– that is affordable enough to join this gym. The management did procure very high-end gym equipment that isn’t available to others – this is what attracted customers to join in.

Pure Gym Customer Support

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 03444 770 005

Pure Gym Headquarter Address & Number

The postal address of this gym can locate from the map below.

4th Floor, Town Centre House, Merrion Centre, Leeds, LS2 8LY
01444 449162

Pure Gym Near Me

  • The PureGym is located much near you, and you can find it yourself on the map below by just going online and turning the GPS on your mobile on.

Review of Pure Gym

The gym is getting widely popular day by day; the numbers of members are also increasing.. The reviews on this gym have both Pros and


The pure gym offers outstanding facilities.

They have got great equipment.

Timings are great in this gym as you get full 24/7 timings all over the year.

Free membership for a family is also a great feature in this gym.

The location is another important factor, because one can easily find the gym from anywhere.

The gym is very secure with a personal locker for every member.

There are wide ranges of programs to choose between.

Online registration is another important factor

Different sections for cardio and weights.

The atmosphere here is too good that anyone would love to join this gym_

They have separate shower rooms for each and every member of the gym.

With all the pros the gyms have got some Cons too.

The negative reviews about the gym can be stated as follows:


The gym is immensely overcrowded.

The pricing is quite a bit higher for a first time membership.

There is some problem regarding membership renewal process.

Some members complain about the pure gym prices as they are not getting the services up to the mark, according to the price that they are paying. Well, one must not only abide by the comments – one must visit the place and then do the needful accordingly.