Pure Barre Prices 2022

If you are struggling to get yourself fit and fine yet all your efforts seem to be hitting a wall and yield no results, then Pure Barre is the place for you to go. The trainers make it a point to tone your thighs and abs, and burn off all that stubborn fat swiftly. If you are willing to participate with them and join their family – then you don’t have to know any kind of dance form. All you need to know is how to hold the ballet barre. The Pure Barre prices are quite affordable and anyone can easily afford to learn Pure Barre. The exercises at the Pure Barre are fun and interesting and they always push your body to break through its imaginary limits. This workout platform not only teaches you how to maintain a sultry, finely carved body, but also helps you in tending to your mind and makes you a youthful person. Their techniques are pretty much conceeded till the time people actually walk in and join them in their exercise regime. The trained trainer works as a guide and mentor for all individuals and brings the best out of the candidates who are in for the classes.

Pure Barre Prices and Service Menu 2022

The Pure Barre prices differ as per the workout courses. Different courses provide different facilities and advantages. You can enroll in the classes anytime. No fixed time is there for the joining formalities.

Last Updated: 9 January 2022




1 Month From First Use (new client special)$195.99
First Class$10.49
3 Months Unlimited (No Contract)$475.49
6 Months Unlimited (No Contract)$850.49
Baby on Board - 3 Months Unlimited (No Contract)$375.49
Brides: Commit to Fit$375.49
Intensive Class - Without Current Package$25.49
Mommy Bounce Back - 3 Months Unlimited$375.49
New Client Special$99.49
One Year Unlimited$1,500.00
Pure Barre 5 Classes$95.99
Pure Barre 10 Classes$180.00
Pure Barre 15 Classes$255.49
Pure Barre 20 Classes$320.49
Pure Barre 40 Classes$580.49
Pure Barre Passport - 1 Week Unlimited$55.49
Pure Barre Passport - 3 Class Pack$45.49
Pure Barre Single Class$20.49

Pure Barre Opening Hours

The Pure Barre classes can be scheduled according to your convenience. The class duration is around 55 minutes’. There are different batches in which you can prefer according to your preference. Usually is open all the days of a week.

Specializations of Pure Barre

The swift motions of the Pure Barre classes make you feel light on toes and help you in emulating the workout effectively. This gym class continues for about 55 minutes and that is enough to bring forth the dancing ballerina hidden inside you. Want to check what they do? Just visit them and enroll yourself. Visits the classes a bit early and follow the instructions. One must not forget that prices of Pure Barre are affordable, as mentioned before- but again it boils down to the fact that early birds always win the race. Every category is designed in such a way that the individual gets an effective level of experience and fitness.

Some of the specializations of Pure Barre are as follows:

  • Intensive Abs: The intensive abs workout is lasts for about 75 minutes’. This type of workout offers full body treatment. The exercise would help in building your abs and also burn away the fat in the abdominal area. The regular exercise would leave you sculpted and toned with fabulous prominent abs.
  • Intensive Lifted seat: Again a 75 minutes’ workout. This involves many exercises which enable tightening of your seat. The intensive work lifts off the seat would help you tone your seat by the completion of the class.
  • Intensive Outer Thighs: This is 75 minutes’ workout which would enable with some additional intense seat work. This seat work would taper and tone your outer thigh area. This outer thigh area is the stubborn part which takes thetime to get toned. After the completion of the classes, you can well find the difference.
  • Intensive Inner Thighs: This helps to reduce and tone your inner thigh muscles. It also helps to reduce the fat contents in that area. These Pure Barre classes promise to shape the inner thigh by the end of their session.

All these are the prominent workouts that Pure Barre focuses on. The music and moves are often altered rapidly – so that the students feel fresh and composite. One must not forget the cost that these specialty classes offer.

About Pure Barre

Being the brainchild of Carrie Rezabek Dorr, Pure Barre now owns 375 studios all across the country. Pure Barre – an intensive workout zone – works in a holistic approach of toning and tightening the body parts with a smooth exercise and musical method. One must not forget the fact that these classes are meant for making one fit and fine – both mentally and physically – thus these must be taken seriously. For dedicated workouts, you should not only do the classes, but also focus on your diets and overall lifestyle. Barre classes do not emphasize on strengths but also about fitness. The Pure Barre prices are the concern that newcomers often ask- well again it is a pocket pinch.

History of Pure Barre

Pure Barre is the most established franchise to date. It was founded by a dancer, Carrie Rezabek Dorr who was also a fitness guru. He opened the first studio in his office’s basement in Birmingham, MI in 2001. He had no clients and staffs. The basement did not even have a bathroom service. Pure Barre slowly grew as people saw what wonders this workout can do. Initially, the Pure Barre Prices were very low, but as clients increased, the price saw a hint of inflation as well. The concept left the clients amazed by the results of the workout. By the year 2009, Pure barre had become an established franchise, which had an enormous number of affiliated studios all over the country.

Pure Barre Customer Support

You can anytime contact the customer support for your timing issues. You can also consult our experts about which course you should take. You can tell us about any difficulty with some training or queries.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 864-764-1372

Pure Barre Headquarter Address & Number

The postal address in mentioned on our website. You can anytime check our site and come over to our place.

100 Dunbar Street, Spartanburg, SC 29306, United States

Pure Barre Near Me

  • We are registered with the Google maps. You can search for the Pure Barre class near you with Google Maps.

Review of Pure Barre

The Pure Barre classes have raved about by people everywhere. People like this stress free method of keeping their body fit and toned. But as it is said, Satan always tags along with the Angel. Pure Barre is no exception to this and has its own pros and cons. Some of them are mentioned below:


The music played in the class are updated and upbeat. They play rock music to keep you energized throughout the workout.

They say it’s interesting. The vibe of the studio works for them. They prefer a studio over a gym.

They also say it works for many people. They feel their triceps, butt muscles, inner thighs and outer thighs.

They say you don’t get soaked in sweat. They feel very light after the workouts.


Some of them claim that Pure Barre prices are very much expensive. Even if they take a package of 10 classes, they do not get a reduced fee.

Clients claim there is no exercise and workout for a pregnant woman to be fit. They say the whole class focuses on abs development, which would be very difficult for a person having pregnant belly.