Pizza Express Prices 2022

If you only love to eat authentic Italian pizzas and don’t believe in making compromise, then Pizza Express restaurants were established for people like you. The pizzas served at these restaurants will make you feel like you’re dining in Italy. The Italian décor and ambiance further hype the aura. In addition to all this, you will find these pizzas very low in calories, thus you can enjoy your favorite pizzas without worrying about anything. The staffs appointed at these restaurants are very impeccable with their services. They will never disappoint you and will attend to your queries with efficiency. You can experience all this at very affordable Pizza Express prices.

Pizza Express Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices at Pizza Express restaurants, refer to the table given below.

Last Updated: 14 January 2022


Meal Deals

Piccolo - Meal Deal£5.49


Margherita - Classic or Gluten Free£9.49
Margherita - Romana£10.49
American - Classic or Gluten Free£10.99
American - Romana£12.99
American Hot - Classic or Gluten Free£11.99
American Hot - Romana£13.99
Diavolo - Classic or Gluten Free£12.99
Diavolo - Romana£14.49
Fiorentina - Classic or Gluten Free£10.99
Fiorentina - Romana£12.49
Giardiniera - Classic or Gluten Free£11.99
Giardiniera - Romana£13.99
La Reine - Classic or Gluten Free£10.49
La Reine - Romana£12.49
Padana - Classic or Gluten Free£11.99
Padana - Romana£13.99
Pollo ad Astra - Classic or Gluten Free£11.49
Pollo ad Astra - Romana£13.49
Sloppy Giuseppe - Classic or Gluten Free£11.49
Sloppy Giuseppe - Romana£13.99
Veneziana - Classic or Gluten Free£9.99
Veneziana - Romana£11.49
Pollo Forza - Classic or Gluten Free£11.99
Pollo Forza - Romana£13.99
Pianta - Classic or Gluten Free£10.99
Pianta - Romana£11.99
Melanzane - Classic or Gluten Free£11.49
Melanzane - Romana£13.99
Nicoise - Classic or Gluten Free£12.99
Nicoise - Romana£14.99
Calabrese - Rectangular£14.99
Hawaiian 'PizzaExpress' - Classic or Gluten Free£11.99
Hawaiian 'PizzaExpress' - Romana£13.99
Barbacoa - Classic or Gluten Free£12.99
Barbacoa - Romana£14.99

Add Pizza Ingredients

Beef Barbacoa£1.99
Calabrese Sausage£1.99
Chipotle Sauce£1.99
Goats Cheese£1.99
Grilled Aubergine£1.99
Hot Green Peppers£1.99
Italian Ham£1.99
Mushroom Cups£1.99
N Duja£1.99
Pine Kernals£1.99
Red Chilli£1.99
Red Onions£1.99
Red Pepper£1.99
Roasted Tomatoes£1.99
Rocket Leaves£1.99
Roquito Peppers£1.49
Vine Tomatoes£1.49

Al Forno

Lasagna Classica£11.99
Leggera Pollo Arrabbiata£11.99
Pollo Pesto£11.99
Pennette Bolognese£11.99


Grand Chicken Caesar£8.49
Superfood Salad£9.99


Coleslaw 'PizzaExpress'£3.99
Dough Balls 'PizzaExpress'£4.99
Gluten Free Dough Balls£4.99
Doppio Dough Balls£7.99
Dough Balls Formaggi£4.99
Garlic Bread£4.99
Garlic Bread with Mozzarella£5.49
Buffalo Mozzarella & Tomato Salad£5.49
Bruschetta Originale 'PizzaExpress'£5.99
Mixed Salad£3.99
Polenta Chips£4.99
Potato Nocciola£3.99
Superboost Side£4.99
Prosciutto e Melone£4.99


Chocolate Fudge Cake£4.99
Vanilla Cheesecake£4.99
Eton Mess Cheesecake£5.99
Honeycomb Cream Slice£5.99


Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite or Fanta£2.99
Belvoir Ginger Beer£3.99
San Pellegrino Limonata£2.99
Bottlegreen Raspberry Lemonade Presse£3.99

Pizza Express Opening Hours

Use the table given below and look for the hours of operations at Pizza Express restaurants.

Monday 10.30AM–11PM
Tuesday 10.30AM–11PM
Wednesday 10.30AM–11PM
Thursday 10.30AM–11PM
Friday 10.30AM–12AM
Saturday 10.30AM–12AM
Sunday 10.30AM–11PM

Specializations of PIZZA EXPRESS

Just like every famous restaurant, the specialty of Pizza Express lies in their menu and ambiance. The ambiance as mentioned is set very classic and casual. The Italian décor creates the vibrant aura of Italy, so that you can truly enjoy the Italian pizzas. Talking about the menus, you can choose from the salads like Pollo salad, Caesar salad with chicken, super-food salad, Nicoise salad, etc. The pizza section includes Margherita pizza, sloppy Giuseppe pizza, La Reine pizza, Classic American Pizza, Calabrese pizza, Barbacoa pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, Padana pizza, Diavolo pizza, Nicoise pizza, Pollo Forza pizza, etc. The dough used in these pizzas is the signature one. You are bound to appreciate the culinary skills of the chefs. To these pizzas, you can choose to add various ingredients like Mozzarella, Anchovy, Red chili, chicken, tuna, olives, goat cheese, artichokes, red pepper, vine tomatoes, jalapenos, red onions, spinach, etc. The side dish section includes Garlic bread, calamari, Coleslaw, polenta chips, dough balls, Bruschetta, etc. The dessert section includes Tiramisu, chocolate fudge cake, honeycomb slice, vanilla cheesecake, etc.

All the above dishes are available in their gluten-free variant as well. Almost all the dishes are low in calories. This is because the aim of these restaurants is to serve healthy as well as tasty. The professional chefs are appointed so that there is no compromise made with the authentic flavors of Italy. Moreover, the staff appointed at these restaurants is so efficient and hospitable that they will just make your day. They will always be attentive to all your needs. All your queries will be addressed skillfully and you will never be disappointed. All this is availed at very budget-friendly prices of Pizza Express.


It’s been almost five decades that Pizza Express restaurants are thriving hard to serve the customers with delicious pizzas. Besides pizzas, you can choose from the wide varieties of pastas, salads, risottos, etc. The special thing about their food items is that despite being delectable, they are very low in calories. In addition to this, the gluten-free pizzas are also available for all the health and diet conscious people and of course the gluten sensitive people. Thus, dine healthy at these restaurants in very laid-back settings. The environment in these restaurants is maintained very comfortable and casual. Therefore, you can choose to hang-out with your friends or family, or have an amazing pizza date with your significant other. You can experience all this at very considerate price of Pizza Express.


Pizza Express restaurants were established in the year 1965. The founder was Peter Boizot. The first restaurant of the chain was established in Wardour Street located in London. The main motive behind the establishment of these restaurants was to serve the best Italian pizzas with authentic Italian flavors. Peter was adamant to pull this off in London. He didn’t want to serve the customers with copy-cat pizzas copied from Italy, that’s why he bought Italian ovens. These ovens were especially designed for pizzas. Then he appointed professional chefs from the Italian island called Sicily. This genuine authenticity in the kitchen of Pizza Express attracted a lot of customers. Within a very short duration, the restaurants prospered because of their classic and simple concept. In the current scenario, the company owns more than 400 restaurants in United Kingdom. On international basis, there are around 40 restaurants located in India, Hong Kong, Europe, and the Middle East. The headquarters of the company are Uxbridge, London. You will absolutely love the handmade pizzas which are rich in flavors and low in calories. The dining environment is set very laid-back and cozy. Peter paid a meticulous attention to the décor and ambiance of Pizza Express. He took help of Enzo Apicella, a famous cartoonist, and an Italian restaurant designer to design the décor of these restaurants. You can choose to dine in these lovely settings at very reasonable Pizza Express prices.

Pizza Express Customer Support

You can reach us on the following numbers, in case of any query.

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Pizza Express Headquarter Address & Number

You can also contact us at the address provided below.

PizzaExpress Restaurants Ltd, Hunton House, Highbridge Estate, Oxford Road, Uxbridge, UB8 1LX
020 3798 9090

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A customer is entitled to all the necessary information that could enhance their dining experience at these restaurants. Thus, in order to know more about the Pizza Express price and the genuine settings of the restaurants, you can read the pros and cons written as follows.


Pizza express avails the authentic Italian pizzas. These pizzas are cooked in a way that you will consume the minimum possible calories.

There is nothing better than a pizza that is delicious and healthy. At Pizza express restaurants, you will be served with scrumptious pizzas that are low in calories. Thus, eat your favorite pizza without feeling guilty about it.

The gluten-free pizzas are also available in various varieties.


There is no separate menu provided for the kids at Pizza Express restaurants. This means there would be no mac & cheese availed for your little one.