Phenix Salon Suite Prices 2022

Phenix Salon Suite Logo To bring the change in salon industry Phenix Salon Suite was established and this hairstyling salon takes the pride for its leadership status and repute in the salon industry. They are game changers in the salon industry and the pioneer in the “Boutique Salon Suites Concept” that offers the customers with spacious and luxurious salon suites for franchisees including the independent salon professionals. With over 85 years of experience in the industry, Phenix Salon Suite has the first-hand understanding of the industry and it is not a company owned by people that have business idea, instead it is a family that has been in the industry for over several decades. Owing to its salon suite concept, individuals can have the enviable opportunity to own and operate their own salons due to their affordable Phenix Salon Suite prices.

Phenix Salon Suite Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 14 January 2022



Women Cut & Blow Dry$50.99
Style Out$30.99 and up


Accent High or Lowlight$40.00 and up
Partial High or Light Lights$65.00 and up
Partial Caramelized$70.00 and up
Full Color$65.00 and up
Full High or Low Light$90.00 and up
Full Caramelized$100.00 and up
Balayage$100.00 and up
Ombre$100.00 and up
Pinwheel$100.00 and up


Deep Conditioning Treatment$20.49
Keratin Complex Treatment$250.49 and up

Phenix Salon Suite Opening Hours

Monday 9AM–4PM
Tuesday 9AM–7PM
Wednesday 9AM–7PM
Thursday 9AM–7PM
Friday 9AM–7PM
Saturday 9AM–4PM
Sunday Closed

Phenix Salon Suite Customer Support

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Phenix Salon Suite Headquarter Address & Number

1084 N El Camino Real, Suite B #427, Encinitas, CA 92024

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Specialty of Phenix Salon Suite

Phenix Salon Suite is the pioneer in their signature style “Boutique Salon Suite Concept” which is designed with the aim to offer its clients luxurious and relaxing salon suites for franchisees including the independent salon professionals. All the franchises specialize in offering basic and advanced haircuts; hair coloring services, hair straightening services and more and the prices of Phenix Salon Suite services are affordable to make hairstyling approachable for all.

Apart from hairstyling services, Phenix Salon Suite also specializes in nail art and manicures. The individual services are also offered at the salons for the convenience of the customers and to meet their individual needs. Customers can also avail the Phenix Salon Suite products from any locations of the salon and also from its official website. Customers are assured to get paraben free and animal cruelty free products that are qualities essential for health of the users and environment.

A vintage volume lifter called Ash by Phenix is the best treatment for your tresses that can add volume into limp and dry hair. Souffle Salt Scrubs is the pure vitamin body scrub designed to remove dead skin cells and letting younger skin glow. Glove is the specialized formula by Phenix Salon Suite that provides silky smooth skin after application. Rise by Phenix Salon Suite is another great product that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines with proper and regular applications. Rise Serum can be used to defy the aging effects and lift the skin and make it tighter and firmer. Timeless Eyes by Phenix Salon Suite is a concentrated anti-wrinkle cream that can be applied in the skin around your eye-region to remove dark circles, and improve the appearance of your skin.

All the products come with affordable prices and the services are also very affordable to avail at any salon location. The products of Phenix Salon Suite can be used by general population. Professionals in the industry can chose the “Boutique” business for intimate salon experience or they can opt for the “Spa” business model for upscale and relaxing setting. Phenix Salon Suite offers the structure and framework of salon business and all at great Phenix Salon Suite prices.

About Phenix Salon Suite

Phenix Salon Suite Phenix Salon Suite was established to bring a change in the salon industry. It is a family of salon professionals that have over 85 years of experience in the salon industry. Phenix Salon Suite takes the pride for being the pioneer in providing salon suite concepts across America. Today the business owns and operates over dozens of salon locations across the country and equipped with several trained and experienced salon professionals. Phenix Salon Suite is not just a company that was founded with a business idea, but it is a family that has been within the salon industry over decades offering wonderful services and products at much affordable Phenix Salon Suite prices.

History of Phenix Salon Suite

Over 85 years ago Phenix Salon Suite first established their salon suite and business by a family of salon professional having decades of experience in the field. During its 85 years of history and counting, the business has dedicated on fulfilling the exacting demands of its customers from all walks of life. Since 2012, the company has been planning for expansion and opened over 26 locations in the same year across 30 new locations.

So, you must pay a visit to the salon locations of Phenix Salon Suite and get pampered by experts in the field, all at reasonable Phenix Salon Suite prices.