Palm Beach Tan Prices 2022

In today’s world, looks matter a lot and having the healthy and beautiful tan is necessary for a confident self-image. With over two decades of accomplishment, the Palm Beach Tan has successfully marked a benchmark in the world of tanning salon and satisfy their largest base of customers with world class tan services at affordable Palm Beach Tan Prices. The creators of Palm Beach Tan have established a notion of tanning superstores, salons at largest retail spaces and positioned in A Grade shopping centers with over 20 tanning beds. Keeping this as their motive, the Palm Beach Tan has successfully established sophisticated, clean and hygiene store settings offering wide range of technologically advanced tan and sun bed tanning services at affordable Prices.

Palm Beach Tan Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 12 January 2022



Sunless Premier Membership$60.99
Sunless Premier Membership–One per month$25.99


Diamond & Sunless Members
Glow / Light and Levels 1 & 2Included
Medium and Level 3Included
Anti-Aging moisturizer$5.99
Walk- in
Glow / Light and Levels 1 & 2$36.99
Medium and Level 3$40.99
Anti-Aging Moisturizer$5.99
Premier Member (Excludes Diamond)
Glow / Light and Levels 1 & 2$25.49
Medium and Level 3$30.49
Anti-Aging Moisturizer$5.99


Walk- in
Glow,Light and Levels 1 & 2$90.99
Medium and Level 3$105.99
Premier Member Excludes Diamond
Glow, Light and Levels 1 & 2$60.99
Medium and Level 3$75.99


Walk- in
Triple bronze boost$6.99
Hypertan , Accelerator$7.99
Desert Bloom Coconut Lime Tropical Paradise Scent$2.99
Premier Member Silver Platinum
Triple Bronzeboost$4.99
Hypertan, Accelerator$6.99
Desert Bloom Coconut Lime Tropical Paradise Scent$1.99
Diamond & Sunless Members
Triple Bronzeboost$4.99
Hypertan, Accelerator$6.99
Desert Bloom Coconut Lime Tropical Paradise Scent$1.99
Mystic EFT-Dark$7.99
VersaSpa EFT-Dark$5.99


Level one$30 a month
Upgared to level two$+10
Upgarde to level three$+14
Upgarde to level four$+20
Upgarde to sunless membership startin at$25.99
Flex$50 a month


Level two$50 a month
Upgrade to Lever three$+12
Upgrade to level four$+20
Upgrade to Sunless Membership starting at$25.49
Flex$65 a month


Level three$70 a month
Upgrade to level four$+10
Upgrade to sunless membership Starting at$25.49
Flex$85 a month


Level one$60 a month


Level one$60 a month
Flex$115 a month

Palm Beach Tan Opening Hours

Monday 7AM–10PM
Tuesday 7AM–10PM
Wednesday 7AM–10PM
Thursday 7AM–10PM
Friday 7AM–10PM
Saturday 8AM–8PM
Sunday 9AM–9PM

Palm Beach Tan Customer Support

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Palm Beach Tan Headquarter Address & Number

Palm Beach Tan, Inc. 633 E. State Hwy 121, Suite 500, Coppell, TX 75019
(972) 248-1504

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The Specialization of Palm Beach Tan

Palm Beach Tan specializes in three different types of tanning services and all can be availed at affordable Prices of Palm Beach Tan. The first signature style tanning offered at the salon include the Sunbed Tanning services that offers you that “Just off the boardwalk” look and healthy tan and glow. Palm Beach Tan salons are equipped with modern day indoor tanning equipments and system and hold the comprehensive range of sun beds that range from 20-minute beds to quick 10-minute beds.

Customers can also avail the specialized shoulder tanners, facial tanners and more. The amenities and décor of the salons are captivating and equipped with cooling fans, aromatherapy, music, air-conditioned beds and more. Sunless spray tanning is offered and its results are unbeatable that leads to well balanced skin tone. The signature style tanning offered at the salons of Palm Beach Tan is Cocktail Tan that combines two tanning procedures together. Red Light Tanning is offered which is a complete tactic to aesthetic and exercise. The Red Light Tanning is the ultimate blend of exercise and tanning which includes skincare formulas to help tone muscles, skin and make it firmer. The interesting thing about Palm Beach Tan is that the Prices of Palm Beach Tan Services are very nominal compared to all its competitors. Besides, the customers who opt for the Palm Beach Tan membership can avail discount up to 20% or $10 for each tanning services. The Sunless membership allows the customers to avail different levels of spray tanning with very nominal pricing. The salons also specializes in offering discounts, bonuses and offers to members in a bid to save money on tanning services.

About Palm Beach Tan

Palm Beach Tan is the renowned and respectable chain of beauty salons that specializes in offering a comprehensive range of tanning services at a Palm Beach Tan Price that everyone can afford. Today, the salon has expanded their chain and operating in over 31 states across the nation. So, whether you simply want to get the amazing and captivating look for the night party or looking to get nice base tan before boarding off for a holiday season, Palm Beach Tan is your one stop shop for all your tanning needs.

Palm Beach Tan is known across the nation for its clean, sophisticated and hygienic store environments that offer multi level of technologically advanced sun bed tanning services and world class tanning products at very affordable Palm Beach Tan Prices. So, pay a visit to this salon to reveal your natural beauty and enhance your base tan for night party or for a vacation.

History of Palm Beach Tan

The first franchise of Palm Beach Tan was established in the year 2003 by the former president and CEO of Zales Jewelers, Donald Zale. The prime motto of Palm Beach Tan is to enhance the aesthetic value and natural beauty of the customers with their world class tanning equipments and products and all at affordable Palm Beach Tan Prices. This aim and motive of the company has helped them to lead the tanning industry and successful become an $8 billion franchise.

Today, the salons of Palm Beach Tan focus on consulting with and accommodating the needs of all their esteemed clients. They also focus on keeping all their salon locations superiorly clean and all are equipped with world class tanning equipments and more. So, pay a visit to this leading tan salon and enjoy the best in class tanning services at affordable Palm Beach Tan Prices.