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Engaging yourself in a fitness regime is the best way to keep common ailments at a distance. Exercise not only helps you to boost your metabolism but also helps in rendering both mental and physical fitness. Exercise can help in boosting the immunity for your body so that you can fight diseases. Various forms of exercise or workout routines are followed these days and you can easily choose the one that will be aptly suited for your body. In some cases, people with particular ailments can consult the expert exercise professionals in order to acquire knowledge on those particular workouts that will help one to heal his own body. Either you can join a gym or other group workout sessions or you can take help from the internet where you can find thousands of exercises that can be done in home without any help. One such exercise is the P90x which has different levels of workout sessions and you can start right away whether you are a struggling rookie or a seasoned pro. P90x prices are very affordable as well.

P90x Prices and Service Menu 2022

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Last Updated: 10 January 2022



3 Payments$39.49
1 Payment$119.49


3 Payments$79.90
1 Payment$239.99


3 Payments$109.99
1 Payment$329.99

P90x Opening Hours

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Specialization of P90x

P90x workout is available in DVDs as well as in different online videos. You can take help from any one of these to start with the fitness routine. It is based on the intense workout plan made especially for those who want to maintain a good physic and healthy body but have no time to hit the gym. The convenience of following this routine is making people more inclined towards this workout rather than going to the gym where you may need to pay a whopping amount for using the equipment and for getting help from the trainers. But with P90x, every exercise is just so well-organized that you can follow them whenever you anywhere, anytime and anyplace. This workout plan also encourages the users to attain their goal of getting fit in just a time period of 90 days, if you follow it scrupulously. But it is not for those slackers who do not want to be involved regularly in a fitness routine. This workout regime motivates the people to follow their workout plans for the whole week which means at least for 6 days a week. Even better result can be achieved if you can rigorously follow it at a same time and for 7 days a week. Prices of P90x can be really cheap if you download the videos direct from the internet. Now if you want to buy the DVDs for the same, you can check various online shopping portals to get the exact P90x prices and can order accordingly.

About P90x

The exercises prescribed in P90x are so rigorous in nature that anybody who wants to have this, needs to pass the fitness test before taking up the challenge. Prices of P90x are kept affordable and hence it is better for those who cannot afford expensive gym sessions. There are a set of some DVDs and a fitness guide book along with the plan for your daily food intake and a calendar that will help you to track the progress. Among the various fitness equipment, you will just need some basic things that are required throughout the fitness routine. A basic exercise mat along with dumbbells, a pull-up bar as well as a resistant band is all that you should arrange before start the exercises. The company that sold this brand also offers a money back guarantee for the product in case you fail to achieve the desired result. Hence when you pay the P90x prices you do not have to worry about its importance. But you need to consider the fact that you have to give in your 100% in order to achieve your goal.

History of P90x

Tony Hortonis the creator of P90x fitness routine. He was one of the renowned personal trainers who helped a number of celebrities to be in shape. The actual name for the product is Power 90 Extreme which is actually the successor of the regime Power 90 developed before. P90x prices are better in comparison to other workout regimes and this has indeed helped many to get back in shape.

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Review of P90x

P90x has been one of those highly acclaimed fitness plans that has benefited not only the celebrities but also the common people. If you follow the plan with accuracy, your body is bound to react to this routine and you can feel the energy and confidence flowing within yourself. After a few days of the challenge you will feel improvement in stamina and immunity within your body. Fatigue or tiredness will be eradicated from the root with this amazing fitness product.

The regime has different levels of workout and you should follow each and every level before you jump to the higher part of the routine. If you start right away from the higher level, your body may not support the workout and there is a chance that your body might break down and you may start feeling weak. Hence it is recommended that you just go on with the flow as it is shown in the guideline without skipping the lower levels which are important to make your body strong enough for higher and rigorous exercises.

The P90x includes both yoga and strength training followed by relaxation of the body. There are some pros as well as cons of this fitness regime. First of all, this will help you to maintain a strict routine and discipline. Though the plans may seem a little strenuous but it is absolutely suitable for those who want to be in shape and get a well-structured physic. For the athletes, the program is extremely beneficial as the nutritional plans are considered as the part and parcel of this routine. Within the program schedule, you will get various points that will make you realize how to use the product efficiently.

There are some cons of using the product as well. As it is based on extreme fitness goals, it may be a little harder for the average people to follow and for those who are absolutely new in the field of extreme exercise. This product is not suitable for aged people and is not advisable for those who have suffered some sort of ailments in the past. Moreover, the routine requires extreme commitment and courage with proper lifestyle planning. For those who are not into body-building, may face the regime to be very exhausting as it requires a lot of stamina and changes in schedule to put up with the guidelines.