Orange Theory Fitness Prices 2022

Orange theory Fitness is one of the most hailed fitness training franchise which taps into the body’s ability to use more oxygen after specific exercises, resulting in more calorie burnout. They have termed this breakthrough technology as EPOC(excess post exercise oxygen consumption) and endorse the very first personal “Group” exercise regimen. Orange theory Fitness prices fall in the budget of most of the folks out there and with their live monitoring systems; it all seems a value for money thing.

Orange Theory Fitness Prices and Service Menu 2022

You might want to look into this pricing table to know what prices Orange Theory Fitness offers.

Last Updated: 3 January 2022




Initiation Fee$0.00
Monthly Fee (8-Sessions)$109.49
Monthly Fee (Unlimited Sessions)$169.49
Cancellation Fee$0.00


Initiation Fee$0.00
Monthly Fee (8-Sessions) - Additional Family Member $99.99$209.49
Monthly Fee (Unlimited Sessions) - Additional Family Member $149.99$319.49
Cancellation Fee$0.00



Initiation Fee$0.00
Annual Fee (8-Sessions)$1308.49
Annual Fee (Unlimited Sessions)$2039.49
Cancellation Fee$0.00


Initiation Fee$0.00
Annual Fee (8-Sessions)$2519.49
Annual Fee (Unlimited Sessions)$3839.49
Cancellation Fee$0.00

Orange Theory Fitness Opening Hours

In case you need to look up for the hours of operations of Orange theory fitness, we have the working hours listed below.

Monday 5.30AM–8PM
Tuesday 5.30AM–8PM
Wednesday 5.30AM–8PM
Thursday 5.30AM–8PM
Friday 5.30AM–8PM
Saturday 7.30AM–1PM
Sunday 7.30AM–1PM

Specializations of Orange Theory Fitness

Each OTF session lasts for about an hour but there are even 45 minute classes available so if you want to challenge your body and wring it even more to burn out those calories, then you may join these intense workout sessions as well. Each OTF member receives a kit with heart rate monitor so that they know what they are doing during these classes and that OTF is no crass. Well, for those who want to slack off, this might be a bummer but the heart monitor quickly shows you that your heart is still working fine and you can still push yourself on that trade mill. The prices of Orange Theory Fitness classes say the same, because each workout session is so intense that you can feel your body changing and adapting.

There are multiple sessions in a single workout class with an average interval lasting for about 12 minutes. There are three courses of exercise included in one rep including trade mill exercise, rowing and weight lifting. After each class finishes, there are live results sent out to everybody through emails to keep a track of their workout. It’s oddly satisfying to have the stats in your hands as a proof of all the sweat you put into workout. Given all the results and facilities provided by this franchise, the prices for Orange Theory Fitness classes do not seem to be overwhelming at all.

About Orange Theory Fitness

Orange Theory fitness is leveraged by the science behind physiological working process of the human body and proudly touts its “Group workouts” than can incite up to 36 hours of calorie burnout during resting phase of the body, a phenomena called EPOC. In other words, after finishing the work out, the body is still in workout mode for another 36 hours. Prices of Orange theory fitness seem very viable with this respect. Founded by David Longman and developed by Ellen Latham, Orange Theory fitness has franchise outlets in 45 states in US alone, and has franchise chains in over 10 countries. More than 625 studios exist within US alone.

History of Orange Theory Fitness

Orange theory fitness prices might astound and confuse you for its quality, but one look at the history and the process of its development and all the doubts vanish into the thin air. It is the brainchild of Ellen Latham who is an acclaimed physiologist, the daughter of Arthur Calandrelli, one of the most renowned physical therapist coaches of the nation. Ellen worked as TV fitness expert for a time period of six years and even served the prestigious Bonaventure Spa. Her tenure as fitness editor with Women’s Fitness Magazine led her to develop Pilates studio in Fort Lauderdale and eventually she developed “The ultimate workout” which became the foundation of Orange theory fitness. Orange Theory fitness is co-owned by David Longman who is the founder and managing director if Orange theory fitness.

Phone Number For Customer Support

In case you feel dissatisfied, you may call customer support number mentioned below.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-954-530-6903

Headquarter Address

Here is the headquarter address of Orange Theory Fitness.

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Review of Orange Theory Fitness

You might be a bit jittery about joining a new fitness club, that too the very famous Orange fitness club with its popularity for high intensity workouts. Okay then, let us give you a short summary of what good’s and bad’s you might face over there once you go for a membership of Orange Theory Fitness prices. These are real insights that will help you in making your decision and will also give you a motivational kick start to get going.

What you will like about Orange Theory-

  • The heart monitors- they keep a real time check on your heartbeats as you sweat out through various phases of the workout. They are kind of a reality check. It is especially useful for beginners who fret excessive workouts on day one thinking that it might affect their heart adversely.
  • You see ACTUAL progress– Yup, this is the best thing about orange theory fitness classes that you can actually feel the difference in your stamina and shape between workouts. You might fear working out initially in the group thinking that you might fall behind too much or stand out too much for not being able to do things properly. But as you progress through the classes, you will see a satisfactory difference in your performance as you will start catching up with things without being noticed negatively.
  • They send a performance summary to your email – Since everything is tracked live at any of the orange theory fitness classes, as soon as you complete your class you are given a track of what you did, broken down into charts and numbers so you can clearly see what you did in the classroom.

Things you won’t like about Orange Theory Fitness-

  • Expensive for regular enrollment- As much as we hate to admit it, prices of Orange theory fitness classes are a clad too expensive for regular workout schedules. Of course there are packages available where you can pay for a given bundle of classes. On a brighter side, it still sits cheaper than hiring a personal trainer.
  • You get very little attention- While this might sound enticing to many of the introverts or people who are not so confident with their bodies, this can actually prove to be a downfall and even dangerous in some cases, especially if you are a beginner. Trainers do shout out the specifics and visit each person from time to time, but there is no regular monitoring and this might mean having a wrong form for a long time during your workouts which can cause many orthopedic problems.

No beginner level classes- It is great for those who already have a knack for working out, but for beginners, this might seem like being thrown into a gauntlet of intimidating work out freaks. The form buildup is very often wrong as well so that is a downside too.