O’Charley’s Prices 2022

If you are looking for a marvelous family restaurants, where you can take your family out very often, then consider dining at O’Charley’s restaurants. You will love these restaurants for their warm and cordial atmosphere. The staff appointed here are very polite and friendly. They are always attentive to all your queries. Plus, they are full of expertise, so you can address all your confusions regarding the menu or prices. Most of the dishes served here are inspired form the Southern cuisine and have a traditional flavor along with contemporary style. The menus are filled with an extensive range of dishes for you to choose from, for example pastas, burgers, seafood, sandwiches, steak, etc. All this is availed at very pocket-fitting O’Charley’s prices.

O’Charley’s Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices of the O’Charley’s restaurants, you can refer to the following table

Last Updated: 15 January 2022


Shareable Starters

O'Charley's Famous Chicken Tenders$7.49
Fried Green Tomatoes$5.49
Tater Tot Fondue$7.49
Chili Cheese Nacho$7.49
Overloaded Potato Skins$7.49
Spicy Jack Cheese Wedges$6.49
Twisted Chips & Spicy White Queso$5.49
Southern Style Crispy Pickle Chips$6.99
Spinach & Artichoke Dip$6.49
Top Shelf Combo Appetizer$10.49

Chicken & Pasta

O'Charley's Famous Chicken Tenders Dinner$10.49
Bruschetta Chicken$10.99
Shrimp Scampi Pasta$11.99
New Orleans Cajun Chicken Pasta$10.99
Prime Rib Pasta$13.99

Classic Combos

Steak & Garlic Shrimp (6-oz sirloin)$16.99
Steak & Garlic Shrimp (9-oz sirloin)$18.99
Steak & Grilled Atlantic Salmon (6-oz sirloin)$17.99
Steak & Grilled Atlantic Salmon (9-oz sirloin)$19.99
Steak & Panko-Crusted Shrimp (6-oz sirloin)$15.49
Steak & Panko-Crusted Shrimp (9-oz sirloin)$17.49
Steak & Shrimp Scampi (6-oz sirloin)$15.99
Steak & Shrimp Scampi (9-oz sirloin)$17.99
Steak & Savannah Crab Cake (6-oz sirloin)$17.49
Steak & Savannah Crab Cake (9-oz sirloin)$19.49
Steak & Half-Rack Baby Back Ribs (6-oz sirloin)$16.49
Steak & Half-Rack Baby Back Ribs (9-oz sirloin)$18.49
Steak & Chicken Tenders (6-oz sirloin)$13,49
Steak & Chicken Tenders (9-oz sirloin)$15.49
Panko-Crusted Shrimp & Hand-Battered Fish$13.99

Coastal Favorites

Fresh Cedar-Planked Salmon$15.99
Savannah Crab Cake Dinner$15.49
Hand-Breaded Catfish Dinner$11.49
Panko-Crusted Shrimp Dinner$13.99
Fresh Grilled Atlantic Salmon (6-oz)$12.99
Fresh Grilled Atlantic Salmon (9-oz)$14.49
Hand-Battered Fish & Shrimp$11.99

Fresh Salads & Soups

The Classic Cobb$10.49
California Chicken Salad$10.99
Southern Pecan Chicken Tender Salad$9.49
Southern Fried Chicken Salad$9.49
Chicken Caesar Salad$9.49
Southwest Chicken Wedge$9.49
O'Charley's Overloaded Potato Soup$4.99
Soup of the Day$4.99

Steaks & Ribs

Filet Mignon with Garlic Butter$18.49
Cowboy Sirloin$11.49
Bacon & Bourbon Glazed Filet Mignon$18.49
Louisiana Sirloin$17.99
Slow-Roasted Prime Rib (Half Pound Cut)$14.49
Slow-Roasted Prime Rib (Full Pound Cut)$20.49
Rib-Eye Steak$19.49
Grilled Top Sirloin$16.99
O'Charley's Baby Back Ribs (Half Rack)$13.49
O'Charley's Baby Back Ribs (Full Rack)$17.49

Burgers & Sandwiches

Better Cheddar Bacon Burger$8.49
Classic Cheeseburger$7.49
Wild West Burger$9.49
Pretzel Burger$9.49
Southwest Black Bean Burger$9.99
Triple Decker Club$9.99
Classic French Dip-O'Charley's Style$10.49
Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich$9.49

$9.99ER Menu

Farmhouse Chopped Steak$9.49
O'Charley's Famous Chicken Tenders & Twisted Chips$9.49
Chicken Fried Steak$9.49
Homestyle Chicken Pot Pie$9.49
Santa Fe Tilapia$9.49
Caroline Chicken$9.49
Bayou Shrimp Pasta$9.49
Honey-Drizzled Southern Fried Chicken$9.49
Tuscan Chicken$9.49


Mint Brownie Blast$3.49
Lemon Supreme Pie$3.49
Southern Pecan Pie$3.49
French Silk Pie$3.49
Ooey Gooey Caramel Pie$3.49
Double-Crust Peach Pie$3.99
Country Apple Pie$3.99
Brownie Lover's Brownie$5.49

Kids Menu

Kids Burger$3.49
Chicken Tenders$3.49
Mini Corn Dogs$3.99
Mac & Cheese$3.99
Bite Size Shrimp$4.99
Grilled Chicken Breast$4.49
Kids Steak$6.49
Grilled Cheese Sandwich$3.49

Sunday Brunch

Classic Eggs Benedict$10.99
Country Sausage Scramble$10.99
Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs$10.49
Ultimate Omelet$8.49
California Omelet$8.49
Egg White Veggie Omelet & Yogurt Parfait Combo$9.49
Overloaded Brunch Platter$13.49
Slow-Roasted Prime Rib (Half-Pound Cut)$14.49
Slow-Roasted Prime Rib (Full-Pound Cut)$20.49
Strawberry Waffle Combo$9.99
Southern Pecan Waffle Combo$9.49
Bacon-in-the-Waffle Combo$9.49
Belgian Waffle Combo$8.49
Chicken & Waffle Combo$10.99
Yogurt Parfait$3.99

O’Charley’s Opening Hours

In order to know about the hours of operations at O’Charley’s restaurants refer below.

Monday 11AM–10PM
Tuesday 11AM–10PM
Wednesday 11AM–10PM
Thursday 11AM–10PM
Friday 11AM–11PM
Saturday 11AM–11PM
Sunday 10.30AM–9PM

Specializations of O’CHARLEY’S

O’Charley’s restaurants are majorly known for two things. One is their southern style cuisine and second is the hospitable ambiance of their restaurants. Ever since the establishment, these restaurants have believed in serving their customers in friendly ways. Each customer is treated like a family member and is addressed with warm regards. The décor and environment of these restaurants are maintained very causal and comfortable. The staff appointed here is very courteous and always attends to you in generous ways. All this is availed at very considerate prices of O’Charley’s.

Talking elaborately about the menus, you can choose from starters like cheese nachos, Tater tot fondue, potato sins, spinach & artichoke, pickle chips, spicy white Queso. Chicken tenders, etc. The salads and soups section includes chicken salad, overloaded potato soup, tomato basil soup, chicken tender salad, Cobb salad, tortilla soup, etc. The most ordered dishes at O’Charley’s are Tuscan chicken, chopped steak, Hand-battered fish and chips, chicken pot pie, shrimp pasta, southern-fried chicken, etc. The burger and sandwiches section includes Classic cheeseburger, Nashville chicken sandwich, bacon cheddar burger, Cajun Burger, Triple club sandwich, etc. The pasta section includes prime rib pasta, Cajun Chicken pasta, garlic shrimp pasta, etc. The dessert section consists of Southern pecan pie, apple pie, brownies, cherry pie, caramel pie, etc. All these pies are award-wining and extremely delectable. You can taste a slice of these at very budget-friendly prices of O’Charley’s.


O’Charley’s started out as a small family business, but today the chain is one of the leading casual dining chains in the United States. You will love dining at these restaurants for their delectable dishes which carry the tint of old-age tradition. The ambiance and décor is maintained very warm and casual. The environment is always set-family oriented, thus you can carry out any family plan at these restaurants. The cool, hospitable atmosphere will make you feel home-like and comfortable, and you will love taking your family out on dinner on frequent basis. The staff appointed at these restaurants is very humble and courteous. They will cordially welcome you and serve you in the most efficient ways. You can experience all this at very moderate price of O’Charley’s.

History of O’CHARLEY’S

O’Charley’s was established in the year 1971. The founder was Charley Watkins. The first restaurant of the chain was opened in Nashville, Tennessee. The main motive behind the establishment of O’Charley’s restaurant was to serve delectable food items, made from personal recipes, in the friendly conditions of restaurants. When this restaurant was started, Watkins and his wife used to serve dishes which were made out of personal recipes of Mrs. Watkins. Their only aim was to have a warm cozy place where they could treat all their customers like their own relatives. With the passing years, the restaurants sustained incredibly fine because of their unique philosophy. In the year 1984, the business of O’Charley’s restaurants was acquired by David Wachtel. The small business took a takeoff towards becoming a large successful chain of restaurants under David. Ever since then, the business expanded and a lot of restaurants were opened in different parts of United States. In the current scenario, the company owns more than 230 locations across United States, out of which 200 locations are corporally owned by the company and the rest are franchised, or run under partnership as a joint venture. The headquarters of the company are positioned in Nashville, Tennessee. The company has seen so many changes over the period of time since its establishment, but it hasn’t got diverted from its old-age philosophy. Even today, as soon as you will walk inside one of the O’Charley’s restaurants you will experience the warm, hospitable atmosphere. You can experience all this at very cost-effective O’Charley’s prices.

O’Charley’s Customer Support

In case you need any support or have any query, you can contact us at the below mentioned numbers.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: +1-615-256-8500

O’Charley’s Headquarter Address & Number

3038 Sidco Dr. Nashville, TN 37204

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Review of O’CHARLEY’S

It is the right of every customer to have all the information. Thus, in order to learn more about the O’Charley’s prices and the environment inside these restaurants, you can refer to the pros and cons written below.


At O’Charley’s restaurants the gluten-free dishes are available.

Gluten-tolerant people also love dining at O’Charley’s restaurants because of the wide range of gluten-free menu.

O’Charley’s restaurants avails its customers with all the nutritional information regarding each and every food item on the menu along with some additional nutritional facts.

Clearly, O’Charley’s restaurants are completely devoted to their customers. Thus, they aspire for their good health. In regards to this, O’Charley’s restaurants avails the customers with all the information regarding the nutritional content of the food items. This can be very helpful to all the diet and health conscious people.


The rush hours at O’Charley’s restaurants on the weekends can turn out to be very hectic. This can be very problematic for people who wish to have a peaceful time.