Nuffield Gym Prices 2022

Ever longed for a place where all your health worries can be unraveled under the same roof and you don’t have to do the rounds of separate institutes for your body building, nutrition and lifestyle issues? Cheer up, for this is the very purpose that Nuffield gyms serve to their customers and are continuously striving to make the working out process to be something worthy to rave about. Not only this, even the Nuffield Gym prices are so attractive that you will definitely end up being awestruck by this wonderful place. Nuffield gyms have successfully catered the needs of their customers and have helped them in maintaining a thorough lifestyle that is full of health and rejuvenation.

Nuffield Gym Prices and Service Menu 2022

If you are searching for pricing list for Nuffield Gyms then this section will help you a lot with the same. You will find a complete overview of prices of Nuffield gyms in this section here so go on and read it before you pay at any Nuffield center.

Last Updated: 10 January 2022

Service Cost

Membership prices are based on a 12 month membership

Fitnessfrom £49/month
Wellbeingfrom £58/month

Nuffield Gym Opening Hours

Want to know whether the working hours of Nuffield gyms match your schedule? Read this time table for Nuffield gyms to know more.

Monday 6.15AM–10PM
Tuesday 6.15AM–10PM
Wednesday 6.15AM–10PM
Thursday 6.15AM–10PM
Friday 6.15AM–10PM
Saturday 8AM–8PM
Sunday 8AM–8PM

Specializations of Nuffield Gyms and Health Clubs

Nuffield gyms and health clubs have scaled the gym activities and health services up by a notch. Nuffield gyms shine alone in the deluge of gym and health services not just because of the prices of Nuffield gym but also because of the impeccable services they offer. The personals at Nuffield gym support the notion of holistic health and believe that nutrition, stress free lifestyle and proper understanding of the physiology of human body is as importance as sweating out the extra calories in gym. Just spending umpteen numbers of hours in the gym alone, straining your muscles in wake of getting a healthy and well built body would do no good. Instead, there has to be a careful examination of what the body needs before deciding on any exercise regime.

Nuffield gym is very well equipped with state of the art equipments, latest exercise machines and a careful and friendly stock of staff and trainers. There is an extensive selection of swimming pools, group exercise classes and even saunas and Jacuzzis. Anything you need is exclusively covered up by Nuffield gym for you. There are around 111 gyms in UK with Nuffield franchise and are on the go choice of many citizens. Nuffield gives it members, access to any of the gym across the country so it is quite hassle free for individuals who need to change their profession a lot or move quite often from one city to another. Given the prices of Nuffield gym, this doesn’t seem to be a bad deal for most of the people. Every gym centre has access to physiotherapists as well who are ready to help the users anytime in case of any injury or complications. Besides this, as a unique feature of Nuffield gym, there are regular health checkups provided to their members, which is known as Nuffield health MOTs. These checkups are done every 3 months to ensure a sound health of its customers.

Do you get worried about your kids while working out? Do you feel as if you would be at peace if something could keep them busy while you are sweating those extra calories off your body? Well, do not hesitate. Nuffield’s got your back this time as well. Nuffield gyms have programs like Nuffy bear day nursery and N stars Children’s Crèche and junior programs where you can leave your kids to the professionals and calmly breathe out all your worries as you relax. Nuffield gym also provides you with one on one training sessions, healthy weight management program, assessing your body’s physiology, nutritional therapy, private swimming lessons besides the “open for all” swimming pool, sports massage facility and provide access to squash courts as well.

About Nuffield Gym

Nuffield gyms are a part of Nuffield health services which claims to be UK’s largest healthcare organization which is also a not for profit organization and strives to create a healthier and better nation through its services. They believe in building trust and putting out the truth, so the primary focus remains on clinical importance rather than economical importance. This is the reason why prices of Nuffield gym are so affordable. Their policies include providing access to healthcare services to people from all the possible social backgrounds, not limiting health to a handful of rich or upper middle class people. They proudly endorse over 200 corporate fitness and wellbeing gyms along with 100 fitness and wellbeing centers apart from other health and medical care centers set up by Nuffield health services.

History of Nuffield Gym

Nuffield health began functioning as a Nursing home trust in 1957 and then metamorphosed themselves into a chain of privately operating hospitals where people had the freedom to choose. It wasn’t until five decades later that Nuffield Health took a bold step ahead of expanding their canopy of services to a more holistic treatment ways where they combined their hospitals, health clubs, fitness clubs and gyms into one big chain of wellbeing services. Despite of the amazingly viable Nuffield gym prices, the fact stands firm that Nuffield health is a not for profit organization and it reinvests all its profit into its staff and technological expertise.

Nuffield Gym Customer Support

In case you have any issues with the services provided by Nuffield gym, you can contact them on the below mentioned customer support number to get your issue resolved quickly.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 0370 218 4275

Nuffield Gym Headquarter Address & Number

You can contact Nuffield gym and clubs using the address below.

2 Ashley Ave, Epsom KT18 5AL, UK
+44 1372 426000

Nuffield Gym Near Me

You can search for the nearest Nuffield gym and fitness centers by using the map below.

Review of Nuffield Gyms

If you are planning to attend Nuffield gyms and could not find anything more than Nuffield gym prices over the internet, then we are here to give you an actual insight about being a member of its gym and fitness centers. Every place has its own pros and cons with Nuffield health being no exception. We have carefully listed down all the factors you need to consider so that you can make an informed choice.

The pros-

A very friendly and helping staff

Good aerobic exercise regime

Clean and sparsely crowded swimming pools

Neat and clean shower and changing rooms

Great group exercise regime

Great cardio programs


Less number of morning classes

More or less shambolic working process

Hot tubs and saunas often reported to be broken down

Group exercise regimes not modified for people over 60 years of age

Lockers not available with built in locks