Nandos Prices 2022

If chicken is what you live for, then you must try going to Nandos restaurants for at least once. These restaurants are famous for their grilled-chicken cooked in peri-peri sauce. But, beware because you might end up buying the chain just like founders of this famous chain. A lot of thought and hard work goes into cooking of this chicken. First of all, it’s kept marinated for several hours, then it’s grilled in Portuguese style and later it is cooked in the spicy peri-peri sauce which brings out the richness of the chicken. You would not stop licking your fingers while you devour on it. So, if you call yourself a food enthusiast and have extreme passion for delectable chicken, then you should experience this delicacy which is availed at very affordable Nandos prices.

Nandos Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices at Nandos Restaurants better, refer to the table given below.

Last Updated: 15 January 2022



3 Chicken Wings£3.49
Houmous with PERi-PERi Drizzle£3.99
Red Pepper Dip£3.99
Spicy Mixed Olives£3.99
PERi-PERi Nuts£3.49
Garlic Bread£2.49
All Together Now (To Share)£9.49
Wing Roulette£9.49


Chicken Livers and Portuguese Roll (On Its Own)£6.49
Chicken Livers and Portuguese Roll (+2 Reg Sides)£9.49

PERi-PERi Chicken

1/4 Chicken (On Its Own)£4.99
1/4 Chicken (+2 Reg Sides)£7.99
1/2 Chicken (On Its Own)£7.49
1/2 Chicken (+2 Reg Sides)£10.49
5 Chicken Wings (On Its Own)£5.49
5 Chicken Wings (+2 Reg Sides)£8.99
10 Chicken (On Its Own)£9.99
Wing Roulette (On Its Own)£9.99
Whole Chicken£12.99
Chicken Thighs (On Its Own)£7.99
Chicken Thighs (+2 Reg Sides)£10.99
Chicken Butterfly (On Its Own)£7.99
Chicken Butterfly (+2 Reg Sides)£10.99

Sharing Platters

No Bones (about it) Platter£20.99
Wing Platter (10 Chicken Platter)£17.49
Full Platter (Whole Chicken)£19.49
Meal Platter (Whole Chicken)£19.49
Jumbo Platter (2 Whole Chickens)£43.49

Try Something New?

Churrasco Thigh Burger (On Its Own)£7.99
Churrasco Thigh Burger (+2 Reg Sides)£10.99
Quinoa Salad (On Its Own)£6.49

Burgers, Pittas, Wraps


Churrasco Thigh Burger (On Its Own)£7.99
Churrasco Thigh Burger (+1 Reg Side)£8.49
Churrasco Thigh Burger (+2 Reg Sides)£10.49
Butterfly Burger (On Its Own)£8.49
Butterfly Burger (+1 Reg Side)£10.99
Butterfly Burger (+2 Reg Sides)£11.99


Burger or Pita (On Its Own)£5.49
(+1 Reg Side)£7.99
(+2 Reg Sides)£8.49
(On Its Own)£6.49
(+1 Reg Side)£8.99
(+2 Reg Sides)£9.49


Burger or Pita (On Its Own)£9.99
Burger or Pita (+1 Reg Side)£10.99
Burger or Pita (+2 Reg Sides)£12.99
Wrap (On Its Own)£10.99
Wrap (+1 Reg Side)£11.99
Wrap (+2 Reg Sides)£13.99

Veg Peridise


Burger or Pitta (On Its Own)£5.49
Burger or Pitta (+1 Reg Side)£7.99
Burger or Pitta (+2 Reg Sides)£8.99
Wrap (On Its Own)£6.99
Wrap (+1 Reg Side)£8.99
Wrap (+2 Reg Sides)£9.99


Burger or Pitta (On Its Own)£6.99
Burger or Pitta (+1 Reg Side)£7.99
Burger or Pitta (+2 Reg Sides)£9.99
Wrap (On Its Own)£7.49
Wrap (+1 Reg Side)£8.99
Wrap (+2 Reg Sides)£10.99


(On Its Own)£6.99
Burger or Pitta (+1 Reg Side)£7.49
Burger or Pitta (+2 Reg Sides)£9.99
Burger or Pitta (On Its Own)£7.99
(+1 Reg Side)£8.49
(+2 Reg Sides)£10.99


Cheddar Cheese / Pineapple / 1/4 Avocado / Chili Jam£0.60 (each)
Grilled Halloumi Cheese Portobello Mushroom£1.10 (each)

Beef Gatecrasher!

Prego Steak Roll (On Its Own)£8.49
Prego Steak Roll (+1 Reg Side)£10.99
Prego Steak Roll (+2 Reg Sides)£11.49


Spicy (Regular)£2.99
Spicy (Large)£4.99
Coleslaw (Regular)£2.99
Coleslaw (Large)£4.49
Garlic Bread (s)(Regular)£2.99
Garlic Bread (s) (Large)£4.49
Corn on the Cob (s)(Regular)£2.49
Corn on the Cob (s)(Large)£4.49
Creamy Mash (Regular)£2.49
Creamy Mash (Large)£4.49
Chips (Regular)£2.49
Chips (Large)£4.49
PERi-Salted Chips (Regular)£2.99
PERi-Salted Chips (Large)£4.49
Mixed Leaf Salad (Regular)£2.49
Mixed Leaf Salad (Large)£4.49
Macho Pass (Regular)£2.49
Macho Pass (Large)£4.49


Fino Coleslaw£2.49
Sweet Potato Mash£2.49
Sweet Potato Wedges£2.49


PERinaise£0.50 (each)
PERi-PERi Drizzle£0.50 (each)


Quinoa Salad (new)£6.49
Avocado and Green Bean Salad£6.49
Mediterranean Salad£5.49
Caesar Salad£6.99
Mixed Leaf Salad£4.49


Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet +£2.99
1/2 Avocado / Grilled Halloumi Cheese£1.10 (each)

Soft Drinks

Go Bottomless (Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite)£2.50 (per person)
Pressed Apple Juice£2.99
Mango Quencher£2.99
Orange Juice£2.99
Cloudy Lemonade£2.99
Mineral Water£2.99
Organic Water£1.99

Desserts & Coffee

Naughty Natas£1.99
Selection of Cakes£4.20 (each)
Bottomless Frozen Yogurt£2.49

Nandos Opening Hours

You can know about the hours of operations at Nandos Restaurants using the following table.

Monday 11AM–9PM
Tuesday 11AM–9PM
Wednesday 11AM–9PM
Thursday 11AM–9PM
Friday 11AM–9.30PM
Saturday 11AM–9.30PM
Sunday 11AM–9PM

Specializations of NANDOS

The specialty of the Nandos restaurants is known worldwide. You will love to dine in the casual settings of the restaurants. The ambiance and décor is setup very warm and comfortable, so that you can carry out all sorts of dinner plans at these restaurants. Talking intricately about the menu, you can choose from the appetizers like, chicken livers, chicken wings, peri soup, spicy olives, etc. You can order the famous peri-peri chicken as 1/4th of the chicken, 5 chicken wings, ½ of the chicken along with 2 side dishes, the whole chicken with some sides, etc. The other ways to eat the Nandos chicken includes Espetada, Grilled chicken Cataplana, chicken butterfly along with 2 side dishes, chicken tenders, etc. The most ordered dishes of Nandos restaurants include Chicken Trinchado; Espetada carnival; Jumbo patter which is packed with 2 full chickens along with five different types of side dishes; etc. You can also choose from varieties of burgers stuffed with peri-peri chicken. For example Chicken Pita, Chicken breast burger, chicken Caesar wrap along with side dishes, and Nandoca’s choice roll. The burger stuffed with other types of meat includes steak burger, etc. You can also order the basic veggie burger along with side dishes. The salad section includes Caesar salad, Mediterranean salad, Portuguese salad, etc.

The Nandos restaurants also come with the separate section for kids. The dishes in this section include chicken tenders, chicken wings, and chicken burger. Kids can choose to combine this with side dishes and a soft drink. The side section includes coleslaw, grilled veg reg, spicy rice large, corn on the bob, garlic bread, etc. The designer drinks section includes Rosa Fresca, Citra, Poncha Zurra Blanco, Madeira Red., etc. All this is availed at very pocket-fitting prices of Nandos.


The chain of Nandos restaurants has a simple, yet quirky history which has introduced the whole world to the rich flavors of chicken. A long meticulous process is employed for cooking the delectable chicken dishes. The refrigerated ingredients aren’t used because it may spoil the quality of chicken. Therefore, it’s made sure that the chicken is used in its freshest state. As soon as you take the very first bite, you’re bound to fall in love with the spicy flavors of the chicken. This is the reason that today, the company owns approximately 1000 restaurants which are corporally operated or franchised. The décor of these restaurants is kept very simple and casual, so that you can peacefully devour on your meal. The staff appointed here are very hospitable and efficient with their services. You can experience all this at very considerate price of Nandos.

History of NANDOS

Nandos restaurants were established in the year 1987. The founders were Robert Brozin and Fernando Duarte. The first restaurant of the chain was opened in Johannesburg, South Africa. The inspiration behind the establishment of the chain came when Fernando took out Robert for a delectable meal. They tried the chicken which was cooked in peri-peri sauce and ended up buying the restaurant. The name of the restaurant was changed to Nandos which is inspired from Fernando. Since then, the Nandos restaurants are known for chicken grilled in Portuguese style after keeping it marinated for almost 24 hours. This marinated chicken is then cooked in Peri-Peri sauce to bring out the true flavors of the chicken. The other delectable meals availed at these restaurants are a part of Portuguese cuisine. You can experience all this at very moderate Nandos Prices. In the current scenario, the company owns more than 1,000 outlets in almost 30 countries across the world. The headquarters of the company are positioned in London, United Kingdom.

Nandos Customer Support

If you need any support or have any query, contact us on the following given numbers.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 0843 208 1753

Nandos Headquarter Address & Number

You can also contact us on the following mentioned address.

Erico House, 93-99 Upper Richmond Road Putney SW15 2TG
0844 248 2695

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Review of NANDOS

The customer is entitled to full and genuine information. Thus, you can know and learn more about the Nandos prices by going through the pros and cons mentioned below.


The gluten-free dishes are availed at Nandos restaurants.

The Nandos restaurants want everyone to have a great time, thus they avail gluten-free dishes for the gluten-tolerant people so that they can also relish the rich flavors of delectable food items availed here.

A separate menu is availed for the kids at the Nandos restaurants.

Most of these restaurants don’t take the burden of adding a separate section just for kids; clearly Nandos Restaurants aren’t one of those. They have a separate section in the menu for the little ones, so that they too can have great time while dining at these restaurants.


During rush hours at Nandos restaurants the staff services can turn out to be inefficient.

It’s very usual for the staff to go inefficient during the peak hours. This can cause a little inconvenience to the customers.