Nails For U Prices 2022

It is really very difficult for people to make out time in between their hectic busy life. This is why Nails For U always endeavors to bring the best in service for its esteemed clients that worth their golden time. Nails For U is the professional grade nail salon and spa that comprises of modern equipments to render its clients with latest in nail services and spa services including facials and waxing services, all at affordable Nails For U Prices. A comprehensive range nail models are available within the salon locations including thousands of nail art, styles, colors and more to suit every customer’s needs and demands. The salon locations ensure its customers to have the right pampering services in the midst of relaxing, clean, hygiene, airy and beautiful settings.

Nails For U Prices and Service Menu 2022

Last Updated: 12 January 2022



Classic Pedicure$25.49
French Pedicure$30.49
Deluxe Pedicure$40.49
Nu Skin Deluxe Spa Pedicure$45.49
Shellac Pedicure$35.99
Shellac Pedicure French$40.99
Shellac Gel Polish Change on Feet$20.99


Classic Manicure$15.99
French Manicure$20.99
Deluxe Manicure$25.99
Shellac Manicure$25.49
Shellac Manicure French$30.49
Shellac Gel Polish Change on Hand$20.49

Nails For U Opening Hours

Monday 9AM–8PM
Tuesday 9AM–8PM
Wednesday 9AM–8PM
Thursday 9AM–8PM
Friday 9AM–8PM
Saturday 9AM–6PM
Sunday Closed

Nails For U Customer Support

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Nails For U Headquarter Address & Number

8, Oakland Ave, North York, ON M9M 2H8
(703) 536-5999

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Specialty of Nails For U

Nails For U is not merely a nail art salon, instead it has expanded its horizons by including a variety of other beauty services like salon and spa services, bridal showers, ladies’ night, birthday parties and other events. Remember, the Prices of Nails For U services vary from location to location and it depends on the services you have opted for. Almost all the services in nails care and spa industry are offered by the salon locations of Nails For U. from dressing up your nails with thousands of colors and stylish nail models to spa and massaging services, Nails For U salon can easily take care of your body with their comprehensive range of services.

The signature service of Nails For U is the Shellac Pedicure which is the bestseller at all the salon locations. The service includes trimming and shaping the natural toe nails and buffing and grooming of the cuticles and followed by a feet massage with lotion and application of polish gel of your choice. Classic pedicure services are also offer that includes the basic pedicure services and grooming of the toe nails.

Nails For U also specializes in French Manicure which include trimming and shaping of the natural finger nails followed by a buffing and grooming of the nails and ended with a massage of hands with Nails For U’s hand lotion and French gel polish is applied based on customer’s preferences.

Another signature style manicure service offered is Deluxe Manicure. The service includes trimming, shaping, buffing and grooming of the finger nails and cuticles, followed by a sugar scrub to exfoliate the dead cells and restore the skin health to ultimate radiation. A hot towel massage is also offered.

Waxing, facial, hair services and nail enhancement and additional combo services are also offered at the salon locations of Nails For U. The best part is that the Prices of Nails For U services are kept nominal to make their services and offers approachable for all.

About Nails For U

Nails For U is the premier grade nail care and spa salon that has emerged to be an industry leader with their dedication, hard work and best in class services. The salon focuses on offering world class nail care services, nail enhancement services, waxing, facial and hair services in the midst of relaxing and beautiful environments. With the use of industry-grade equipments and cleanliness, the nail technicians offer services at all the salon locations and the Prices of Nails For U vary from salon locations to locations and hence you need to clear the rates while seeking appointments.

History of Nails For U

The first nail salon and spa was established in the year 2006 with the aim to offer affordable nail care and spa services to people that worth their golden time. Gradually, the salon expanded their horizon of services and include different other beauty services into their list and became the leading nail care and spa salon that is featured in publications like Vogue, Maxima, Sabado magazines. It has also expanded its wings and opened many of its franchises across USA and Spain. It has become a brand of repute within the nail art and spa industry with services that are best in class and low in Prices.

So, pay a visit to one of its salon location to enjoy the professional grade nail care and spa services, all at affordable Nails For U Prices.