Movie Tavern Menu Prices 2022

You’re welcome to a Movie Tavern only if you’re a movie enthusiast or a food enthusiast or maybe both. It is a platform that offers the two favorite activities of human kind at one place. No, when we say food, it doesn’t simply means a bag of popcorn with choice salty or cheesy and some soft drinks. At movie tavern you’ll be provided with a full-fledged menu offering different cuisines. Still unimpressed? It’s because you didn’t yet know about the dessert menu offered at Movie Tavern, overhead that you’ll get a separate drinks’ menu which includes more than just the soft drinks. You can choose from premium beers, the casual cocktails and the margaritas: yes, yeswines too. All these are made available at not-so-pocket-burning Movie Tavern menu prices.

Movie Tavern Menu Prices and Service Menu 2022

Go through the tables given below to know the prices at Movie Tavern.

Last Updated: 10 January 2022



Classic Bucket of Popcorn$7.99
Single Serving of Popcorn$5.99
+ Odell's Real Butter$0.95
Wing Wing$11.45
Nacho Deluxe$10.45
Spicy Mac and Cheese Delight$9.45
Spicy Fried Pickles$7.99
Side Salad$4.45
Chicken Quesadilla$10.45
Spinach and Artichoke Dip$8.99
Deep Dried Artichoke Hearts$10.45
Chips and Dip$7.99
Simple Sliders$11.95
Deviled Nosh$6.99


Build Your Own$11.45
Classic Pepperoni$11.45
Margarita Flatbread$9.99
Hawaiian Flatbread$10.45


House Salad$10.45
Sriracha Steak Salad$14.45
Chicken Caesar$12.45
Tossed Cobb$13.95


Cuban Dip$13.99
Bang Bang Fish and Chips$13.99
Garlic Fried Shrimp$14.95
House Chicken Tender Basket$11.95


Brick Seared Chicken Sandwich$11.99
Crispy Chipotle Sliders$10.99
Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich$12.45
Chicago Style Foot Long Dog$10.45
Thanksgiving Refrigerator Sandwich$12.45
Game Day Platter$16.99


Balsamic Bleu Burger$12.99
Bacong Burger Paradise$12.99
Classic Tavern Burger$11.45
Mojo Burger$12.45
Portobello Mushroom Burger$12.99


Brownie Bottom Pie$6.99
Freshly-Baked Cookie of the Day$1.45
Carrot Cake$7.45
Red Velvet Cake$7.95
Theater Candy$4.95


Top Shelf Tavernrita$10.45
The Blue Thing Margarita$8.95
Frozen Flavored Margaritas$8.95
Frozen Sangria Swirl Margarita$8.95


Caribbean Rum Punch$9.95
Titanic Tea$10.45
Orange Dreamsicle$9.45
Arnold Calmer$9.45
Soul Surfer$9.95
Grown Up Root Beer Float$10.95
Blueberry Pie Lemonade$9.45
HazelChata Martini$9.95
Green Apple Mule$9.45
Peachy Keen Tea$9.45
Angry Captain$10.95
Blue Fire Sangria$9.45
Sriracha Rimmed Strawberry Rita$10.45




La Terre (Cabernet Sauvignon)$7.99
Cupcake (Pinot Noir)$8.45
VINO (Rose)$9.45
The Velvet Devil (Merlot)$10.45
Ravage (Cabernet Sauvignon)$10.45


La Terre (Chardonnay)$7.95
Cupcake (Pinot Grigio)$8.45
Woodbridge (Moscato)$8.45
Monkey Bay (Sauvignon Blanc)$8.45
Chloe (Pinot Grigio)$10.45
Eve (Chardonnay)$11.45
Cupcake (Prosecco Sparkling)$9.45


Soft Drinks$4.49
Fresh Frozen Lemonade$4.99
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea$4.49
Bottled Water (20oz)$4.99
Icee (regular)$5.99

Movie Tavern Menu Opening Hours

Avoid any sort of inconvenience, when you know the hours of operations at the movie Tavern. Look at the table below in regards to the same.

Specializations of MOVIE TAVERN MENU

The specialties offered by Movie tavern are as special and unique as its name. Splitting the name we get movie and tavern, that’s what exactly you’ll experience here, the tavern as well as the theatre. Talking about the movie experiencing, Movie tavern theatre makes sure that your experience is a premium one. The theatres are equipped with all the latest technology developed in the world of digital motion pictures. The screens are realD 3D, the sound system provides deep bass and makes your favorite movie even more favorite to you. Now talking about the Tavern component, at Movie tavern theatres you’ll be able to enjoy the in-seat dining service which is two tiered and gourmet. It’s like enjoying movie at some restaurant, but with a menu for drinks available, it’s like enjoying a movie on realD 3D screens at some restaurant and bar. In case you were having the doubts about the dinnerware, then you puff out the air, because the dinnerware used doesn’t have any plastic component, instead cutlery and flatware are used. Entrees and drinks are chef customized, providing you the classic feel of Tavern. Despite all these stuffs, Movie taverns theatre hasn’t said no to the movie fasteners, popcorn and soft drinks.

The tavern feel offered at Movie tavern theatres is offered at two levels, the premier service and counter service. In counter service, you can go traditionally at the counter like in bars, place your food orders and enjoy later at the seats while watching movie. In premier service, all you need to do is go settle comfortably in your recliners and enjoy the in-seat order placing. Your food will be brought to your seats, no need to lift a foot. Of course, you can always choose to eat first at the bar and then watch a movie, or enjoy your movie and then watch the food coming to you in bar. In case you were wondering all of this, every single thing is made available to you at very affordable prices of Movie Tavern Menu. In addition to that, Movie tavern offers several packages that will provide you with swooning discounts, for example the Breakfast and a flick package, under this package you’ll get to see contemporary movies along with full-fledged breakfast.


In the current scenario, the Movie Tavern theatre owns 22 theatres which have approximately 200 screens. It is the part of the leading circuit called Southern Theatre, which is the sixth largest chain of theatres across whole USA. Movie tavern is a small chain of theatres, yet it is widely popular for its theatrical movie Tavern. Currently, it has laid many plans to expand its little empire in new locations, so that everyone can be avail with the luxuries at very reasonable price of Movie Tavern menu.


Movie tavern can be called one of the youngest born chains of theatres, as it has history lying in the 21st century itself. Movie Tavern was found in in the year 2001 and in 2013 it was bought by the Southern theatres, the most surprising fact is that Southern theatre is the sixth largest chain of theatre in USA, yet it is even younger than Movie Tavern as it was founded in the year 2003. Though, these theatres have a very short and precise history, nonetheless it’s very impressive. What make them more impressive are the Movie Tavern menu prices, which are so mind-bogglingly affordable.

Movie Tavern Menu Customer Support

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Movie Tavern Menu Headquarter Address & Number

You can also reach us on the address mentioned below.

12400 Coit Rd, Dallas, TX 75251
+1 214-751-8277

Movie Tavern Menu Near Me

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You can read the pros and cons mentioned below to have a clear insight on the Movie Tavern Menu prices and theatrical experience.


The perks of membership are the best.

Yes, you can become a member of Movie Tavern theatres and make yourself avail with many exciting discount offers and packages. Did you know that this membership unlike at other theatres is provided for absolutely free, Under this membership the one gets, free popcorn bag when they sign in, a movie ticket for free on their birthday, plus all those invitations for screening etc., that are for VIPs.

Retro Cinema package is so good.

You can gift your parents or friends with a retro cinema package, under which they will be invited to the screening events of some of the classic movies.

Tavern art is so different.

Besides being a theatre and a tavern, the movie tavern is also an exhibitor of arts, concerts and operas.

The staff is so good

Providing a nice tavern experience, the one need to make sure that the staff is very friendly and polite. Movie tavern makes sure of that, here the staff summons are easy, they will always be attentive to you, there would be no usage of crude language and you’ll be served in best possible ways.


So little empire,

Though the services of the Movie Tavern may be excellent, yet these services aren’t available everywhere because of the small size of the empire that Movie Tavern holds.

Sometimes the in-seating service is often inconvenience for other.

The in-seating serving sounds so impressive; nonetheless it is sometimes more of an inconvenience to others who are just there for movies. The frequent summoning of the staff for service obstructs the sight for many other individual sitting beside, since the seating style is not segmented, it’s stadium-styled.