MJR Ticket Prices 2022

MJR is a Michigan Company which is been in the market since 1980. It is the company which has been serving the all the entertainment needs of Michigan’s people for more a period of 36 years. It is a small chain of theatres but have future plans of expanding itself, like a new theatre will be soon opened in the Warren Michigan. If you live in Michigan and around, then serve your entertainment quest at the very inexpensive MJR Ticket prices.

MJR Ticket Prices and Service Menu 2022

Be sure of the prices by referring to the table given below.

Last Updated: 10 January 2022



Children (ages 2-12)$7.50 - $8.49
Adults (ages 13 & up)$9.50 - $11.49
Seniors (ages 55+)$7.50 - $8.49
Student (with valid ID)$7.50 - $8.99


Children (ages 2-12)$6.00 - $7.49
Adults (ages 13 & up)$6.00 - $7.49
Seniors (ages 55+)$6.00 - $7.49
Student (with valid ID)$6.00 - $7.49


Children (ages 2-12)$5.00 - $6.49
Adults (ages 13 & up)$5.00 - $6.49
Seniors (ages 55+)$5.00 - $6.49
Student (with valid ID)$5.00 - $6.49



3D Movies$2.95
MJR Epic Experience Presentation$2.99
MJR 3-D Epic Experience Presentation$3.99

MJR Theatres Opening Hours

Don’t miss a movie at MJR theatres by referring to the table of hours of operation given below.

Monday 9.30AM–11PM
Tuesday 9.30AM–11PM
Wednesday 9.30AM–11PM
Thursday 9.30AM–11PM
Friday 9.30AM–11PM
Saturday 9.30AM–8PM
Sunday 9.30AM–8PM

Specializations of MJR TICKET

The specialties of MJR theatres have a lot in stored in for the customers because as their slogan goes, ‘It’s more fun at MJR’. The studio bar and lounge is the best thing offered by MJR theatres. It is full bar service which is only offered to adults. Forget the soft drinks, now you can enjoy cocktails while you watch your movie, you can always choose to sit and drink at the bar and then head for the movie, or come at the bar after you’re done with your movie, or just take the drinks along with you to the auditorium; the choice is all yours. At the bar, you can also enjoy the ball game instead of just watching your movie and go and at the lounge you can just rest and relax for a while. All these facilities are available only to 21 and above.

At very lucrative prices of MJR tickets, you will get to sit on the big massive leather chairs that are super comfy, and watch your favorite movie on ultra HD massive screens with superb sound quality from Dolby Atmos sound system which has a surrounding effect producing echo-free sound. The projectors used by MJR Theatres are of 4K quality which projects such pristine image that would make you want to touch them. But, these things are available at many other theatres as well, something that are not made available by every theatre areCaptioning device, Fidelio audio system. At MJR Theatres every seat is attached with a closed captioning device that converts the dialogue of a movie into small readable sentences on the screen attached to the device. This facility is available at very few locations for the few requested movies. The other unique facility offered by the MJR is the Fidelio audio system that is a blessing for the visually impaired or hearing impaired people. The device generates the descriptive narration for the people with impaired vision and the device also produces the amplified sound for the people who have impaired thinking.

If you’re all about luxurious movie experience, MJR theatres strive to provide you that. With the reserved seating system, the MJR theatres have put end to coming hours before the movie in order to get a good seat. Plus, you can get yourself to sit on the recliners which are made with premium leathers so that as you are immersed in your seat, you can get an immersive experience of the movie.


With headquarters in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, MJR theatrical chains serve the Metro Detroit area. In the current scenario, the MJR theatre owns nine theatres with around 150 screens. The company also runs some mini theatres which are meant to show the second-run movies, such theatre owned by the company is the Allen Park Digital Cinemas. It is a five-screen movie theatre. With several unique facilities available at MJR theatres like, captioning device and Fidelio audio system, the price of the MJR ticket is still kept reasonable.

History of MJR TICKET

MJR Theaters were started in the year 1980 and the first theatre that was acquired in the chain was Main Art Theatre which was located at Royal Oak in Michigan. The name MJR is inspired and abbreviated form of the slogan “Movie Just Right”, which is currently changed to the slogan, “It’s More Fun at MJR.” Ever since 1980, the company had been walking down the path of progress, where it built a lot of multiplex cinemas on the expense of some existing old cinemas. A lot of multiplex cinemas were built by MJR theatres in the area, Southgate, Waterford, Chesterfield Township, etc. The company started upgrading their theatres with bar and lounges facilities. MJR theatres also created their Premium Large-Screen Format under the name Epic Experience. At Troy, the epic experience has the largest screen with dimensions 43 foot tall and 80 foot in width, along with Dolby Atmos sound system and 4K projection system. All this is made available under the sincere MJR Ticket Prices.

MJR Theatres Customer Support

If you need any support or help, you can contact us on the following mentioned numbers.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: +1 248-548-8282

MJR Theatres Headquarter Address & Number

You can also contact us at our headquarters at the address given below.

41000 Woodward Ave #135E, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
+1 248-548-8282

MJR Theatres Near Me

  • Refer to the map given below to find a MJR theatre near to your place.

Review of MJR Theatres

Keep a fair perspective in regard to the MJR ticket prices by going through the pros and cons sections given below.


MJR premier rewards are the best

With the decade old loyalty program being rolled back, the members can still earn points under the MJR premier rewards. These rewards are very much similar to those of the loyalty program of Carmike theatres, where for every $1 spent on any valuable purchases the member will earn 1point, later on these points can be added up and used to get concessions on the movie Ticket Prices as well as food items.

Studio bar and lounge services are so good.

The studio bar and lounge at MJR cinemas offers such extensive menus of the drinks that you may even confuse yourself when it comes to choosing the cocktails. The best part is that the choice is yours that whether you want to take the drinks and food along to the theatre and enjoy it while you watch your favorite movues, or you want to enjoy a the bar and then head for the same.

Such pleasing staff

The staff at MJR would never give you a chance to complain about the services being provided;instead you would want to come back again at MJR because the staff is so friendly and polite. You can get all your queries solved by them and relax.


Not all the MJR cinemas have the captioning device and some those which have they are just too slow.